Happy freaking Friday friends! If you’re reading this in real time, just think – you’re only a few sweet hours away from the weekend. Just a few hours! You can do it. I have faith. I BELIEVE IN YOU. And in coffee. I believe in coffee. 

I could ramble on about my love of caffeine for all of eternity, but we’ve got Friday Favorites to get to! (However if you’d prefer to discuss the many ways in which coffee has enhanced the livelihood of humanity as a whole, please feel free to email me because that sounds like a really good time.)

1 / Dark Chocolate Himalayan Salted Almonds

Holy sweet and salty Batman! These are my new favorite treat. I made the wise/unwise/yet to be determined decision to bring them to work instead of hoarding them in my nightstand. So not only am I munching on them all day long, I’ve got my coworkers addicted too. 

almondsPINIMAGE2 / Favorite Links from Around the Web

LinksFrom The WebPINIMAGE

3 / Max’s Slumber

Who would’ve thought a time would come where I would be posting videos of my SLEEPING DOG ON THE INTERNET. Really. Really. This little lovebug has been extra cuddly this week and it’s unlikely that my heart can handle any more precious.

(I’d also like to give an advanced apology for the creepy smile at the end but that’s just the way my face is OK.) 




Processed with VSCOcam with b1 presetPINIMAGE

4/ Bluebonnets EVERWHERE

After some serious rain this past Monday, we’ve had a crazy beautiful weather week in Texas! Everywhere I turn I see bluebonnets and rays of sunshine and REALLY SPRING IS THE BEST.

Bluebonnets in SpringPINIMAGE

5/ Cancun Countdown!

People. PEOPLE. After almost a year of waiting, in seven days I will be on a plane headed to Cancun! If you need me I’ll be right here sipping umbrella drinks and working on my tan so DO NOT DISTURB.


What are your Friday favorites?!



  • SO excited for your trip to Cancun!! You deserve it, MRS! And sweet, sweet Max. Bless him!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      OH you are so sweet! And yes he is my FAVORITE.ReplyCancel

  • I am LOVING your Friday Favorites. That picture of Cancun looks absolutely amazing.

    My Friday favorites are the fact that I can watch Game of Thrones Season 2 tonight and sleep in tomorrow before I get all beau-tified for a wedding 4 hours away. Mini vacay to the Gulf Coast.

    And found out yesterday that I am currently going to be in Perdido Key, Florida for two weekends in a row after my birthday weekend in Nola. May is going to be a pretty fantastic month. :)ReplyCancel

  • 7 days!!! That is amazing- I hope that you have everything mentally packed and ready to go :) And thanks for the obligatory dog updates- my Grinch sized heart is growing exponentially!ReplyCancel

  • YOUR HONEYMOON IS SO SO SO SO CLOSE!!!!!! I love Max so much I can feel my heart swelling with love. That’s totally a thing that happens, right?ReplyCancel

The Jist: Come one, come all. Confess your sins, your quirks, and your embarrassing anecdotes in a safe, judgment-free zone. I’M KIDDING. You will most definitely be judged. But in a sweet, loving, comical way. You’ll like it. 

The Humpday Confessional | Never Serious BlogPINIMAGE

I feel superbly proud any time I manage to shave both my legs and my armpits on the same day. It’s a rarity, which means I also announce it to almost anyone I come in contact with. And they’re usually like

proud of you ron swansonPINIMAGE

Nothing gives me more anxiety than someone standing too close to me in line.

youhave a problemPINIMAGE

There are 6 photos on my phone that I just can’t bring myself to delete and here they are for your viewing pleasure. 

favesPINIMAGE1/ Because I love him and I love my kimono. 2/ Because he’s perfect. 3/ Because he’s also perfect.
4/ Because she’s hilarious. 5/ Because MY LITTLE FAMILY. 6/ Because I want this tat.


Back in December I bought a giant box of tampons at Costco and I STILL HAVEN’T RUN OUT. It’s like the Mary Poppins bag. Of tampons. Oh I’m sorry is that more than you ever cared to know?

tmi mileyPINIMAGEPeople who think they are whispering when they are actually yelling. I can’t. I mean I just. I just don’t. Understand. 


When I’m really stressed or anxious I scratch my scalp. A lot. Like until it flakes and bleeds. I KNOW.


Sometimes when Max falls asleep on me I feel like I’ve finally found my purpose in life and it’s to be his pillow. #blessed

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE

Your turn! Confess something. STAT.



  • One: I just started watching Game of Thrones and it’s all I think about. I even screen-shotted a picture of one of the characters that I too do not want to delete off my phone.
    Two: I am jealous of Kendall Jenner, mostly just the way she is built as I eat more carbs. Not a proud moment, but whoop there it is.
    Three: I have a wedding this weekend where I will see an ex with his new girlfriend AND MY FACE HAS THREE HUGE ZITS.ReplyCancel

  • /I think about my cat an obscene amount of times throughout the day. I like to think about what he’s up to. The weather has just started to get nice so I’ve been leaving him outside while I’m at work so I worry about something happening to him or him running away. Basically I’m just jealous because he gets to ch-at around all day.
    /I’ve been obsessed with iced chai lattes lately. I mean that is my go to drink but my work just got kcups of chai latte so it hasn’t helped my obsession.
    /I wish I was rich enough to have a cleaning service and cook.ReplyCancel

  • Bryn

    I haven’t brushed my hair in at least a month. There might be something living in there. It depresses me to lose so much hair at once so I just kinda put it in a bun or let it air dry out of the shower and try not to think about it.ReplyCancel

  • LOOK AT THAT SLEEPING FACE! He is smushed and adorable and SO TIRED. I hope you’re like a newborn mom and watch him while sleeping to make sure he is alive. Too far? Probably so. Creepy? That’s rude.ReplyCancel

  • I love watching you transition into Crazy Dog Lady. lol

    Confession: I’m head over heels in love with my foster dog and it’s gonna shatter my heart when I have to give her up.ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Haha yes, it’s happening very quickly! Also, Ican’t even imagine! I don’t know if I’d have the strength to do it!ReplyCancel

  • Gosh I love a good .gif hahaha DYING.ReplyCancel

  • I love this post ALMOST as much as I love Maximus. Hey, what’s the countdown to Mexico now? Are you leaving next week?ReplyCancel

  • […] in case somehow you’re not reading Natalie’s blog, see where I stole this post idea here. Love you […]ReplyCancel

  • Bahaha being a dog pillow is for SURE the best purpose in life to have. It could be a full time occupation.ReplyCancel

Ah, ’tis the season for love. Couples are getting engaged right and left, and it seems like everyone around me is in major wedding planning mode. I remember it well, because it was just a year ago that I was counting down to my own wedding.

Even though there are literally thousands of articles filled with cost-saving tips, I still get emails asking how I managed to plan a wedding without breaking the bank. So just for you, dear reader, I decided to compile a list of 7 ways I found to save money on my dream wedding.

7 Ways to Save Money on your Dream Wedding | Never Serious BlogPINIMAGE

Dress Smart

These days, it’s SO hard not to get sucked up in the “Say yes to the dress” mentality. After we got engaged, I couldn’t wait to go dress shopping. But when I called around to a few local bridal stores, I found out that my max budget didn’t even come close to most of their starting pointsTalk about depressing. But since I found out that information beforehand, I saved myself the heartache of falling in love with a dress I would never be able to afford. I considered buying a used dress online (which works out great for some people), but I really had no idea what style I wanted, and I didn’t want to miss out on the experience of trying dresses on in store. After doing a little digging, I was fortunate enough to find this bridal salon (which at the time was based in the owners home!) where I snagged my dress and veil for under $500.

Dress Smart (7)PINIMAGE Dress Smart (8)PINIMAGE

I know some people might say I got lucky with such a reasonably priced dress, but I really think it can be done! What was key for me was not putting myself in a situation where I would be disappointed. I knew going into those higher end bridal salons and falling in love with an expensive dress would only result in tears. So I decided to not even step foot in one. And hey, it worked for me. 

Dress Smart (3)PINIMAGE

Also, don’t forget to consider your bridesmaids. I let mine choose their own dresses, and it worked out great! Some spent $10, some spent $100, but at the end of the day, everyone was able to choose both the style and the budget they were comfortable with. 

Mismatched Blush Bridesmaid Dresses (1)PINIMAGE

Mismatched Blush Bridesmaid Dresses (1)PINIMAGE

DIY Invitations

There are TONS of ways to cut costs on invitations! Have a friend who is good at design? Enlist their help! Or if you’ve got a little time, try experimenting with invitation design yourself. You’d be surprised at what you can create (hell, I’ve even seen people make wedding invites on PicMonkey!), and how much money can be saved by printing through an online service. And if you’re leery of trying your hand at design, Etsy is a great resource for custom or template wedding invitations at reasonable prices.

DIY Wedding Invitations PINIMAGE

In addition to having my best friend design our invites, another way we were able to save money on postage was by creating postcards for RSVPs, instead of the typical envelope size inserts. And some couples swear by online RSVPs. But whatever you decide on, just remember – at the end of the day, invitations just get chunked in the trash, so don’t spend too much energy worrying about them.

Simplify Decor

I loved that our venue was pretty enough that it didn’t need a TON of extra decorating, and that’s one of the reasons I chose it. I kept decorations super simple, and super cheap by spray painting old wine bottles, grabbing vases at my local Goodwill for less than a dollar a piece, and borrowing mismatched lace pieces from friends. 

Simple Wedding DecorPINIMAGE

Simple Wedding Decor HydrangeasPINIMAGE

We were also able to save quite a bit by going the unconventional route for our cakes and toppers. We used a coupon at a local bakery for my cake, and bought sheet cakes at Costco (YUM) for the groom’s cake. Taylor found his “dream” topper on Ebay, and I snagged this Lisa Leonard topper  for less than $25 with a coupon.

zambreski0723-3265104417-OPINIMAGE zambreski0720-3265100637-OPINIMAGE

I’ve talked a little about Pinterest and wedding planning before, but I feel like it can’t be said enough. Pinterest is a great resource for inspiration. But I found that the more time I spent online, the more I felt my wedding would never be good enough. So I got off of Pinterest. And I loved my wedding.

Simple Wedding Decor | Sweetheart TablePINIMAGE

Skip the Florist

Obviously, if you have a very specific idea of what you want your flowers to look like, this won’t work for you. But luckily, I didn’t. I was going for light and airy and easy. I browsed Sam’s Club online and found hydrangeas and light pink roses for a great price, so I went ahead and ordered them. They arrived on my doorstep two days before the wedding, and all I did (with the help of a couple bridesmaids) was unwrap them, trim stems, and put them in water. We were able to assemble bouquets in about an hour, and then just threw the rest in vases for decor. There were no “arrangements” and there was no real method, but in the end it worked out just fine. 

DIY Wedding Bouquet PINIMAGE

Simple Wedding Decor Hydrangeas 1PINIMAGE

Rethink Rehearsal Dinner

When trying to plan for our wedding rehearsal, we knew dinner was going to be tricky. Since we were married on a Friday, our rehearsal was held on Thursday at 8pm. Which gave our wedding party plenty of time to get to the venue, but also limited our restaurant options for rehearsal dinner. So when Taylor’s parents offered to host it at their house, and I could not have been more relieved. Taylor’s dad cooked out, and everything just felt so laid back and cozy. No one was in a rush to make a reservation time or clear out of a restaurant, and the whole thing just felt so relaxed.

Rehearsal Dinner at Home (2)PINIMAGE Rehearsal Dinner at Home (2)PINIMAGE

Rehearsal Dinner at Home (1)PINIMAGE

Be Smart About Booze

If at all possible, make your booze self-serve. Our venue was outside city limits, which meant we didn’t have to pay for security or bartender. That literally saved us thousands of dollars. Even though we had the option of doing a full bar for cheaper than most, we opted for just beer and wine. We purchased two buck chuck from Trader Joe’s and three kegs of beer and we were set. Originally I was worried that kegs might look and feel a little tacky, but Taylor and I are lucky to have such a chill group of friends who were way too busy dancing to notice the kegs in the corner.


Skip the Favors

I might get some flack on this one, but I think wedding favors are on the way out. Really. Rack your brain and think of a wedding you’ve been to recently. What were the wedding favors? Can you remember? I couldn’t. So we skipped them. Dinner and beer and one HUGE dance party felt like plenty. 


Let it GO.

Your wedding is going to be great. Really, it is. I’m sure I’m not the first one to tell you that. So when the day finally comes, let all the worry and the wedding planning frenzy go, and enjoy the heck out of it. 


What were some ways you found to save money on your dream wedding? 



  • Madysen Gosnell

    Will you please plan my wedding?? Please?ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      NOOOOOOOOO been there done that. But I will show up :)ReplyCancel

  • I think you are absolutely right on the wedding favors. The last two weddings I have been in there were no favors. Three weddings, actually.

    The only thing I remember taking from weddings and ACTUALLY using again is koozies for the drinks/beer. That is the one thing everyone loves at weddings/showers and they are consistently used for forever basically.

    I love this list. If a date ever ends in marriage for me, I’ll definitely remember all these things. I may even do fake flowers because all they do is die anyway. I’m such a romantic.ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Haha so true! I love coozies! We might have done those if we’d done cans or bottles of beer, but we didn’t so it didn’t make sense to have coozies people couldn’t even use at our wedding.

      I thought about fake flowers, but they’re actually kinda expensive! I’d definitely consider it if all I was doing were bouquets though. Because at least they can be reused!ReplyCancel

  • Mary Beth

    So helpful!! I just got engaged last weekend! Your tip about Pintrest is so true. I’m already feeling overwhelmed by all of the options!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      I feel like Pinterest can be the angel on your shoulder and the devil, it all depends on how you use it! I am personally just so easily influenced so I have to be honest with myself about when it’s time to log off and just be happy with what I’ve got.ReplyCancel

  • Such good tips- also beautiful photos! When we were planning ours, we just kept focusing on what was important. No I literally don’t care about cake or about appetizers- here is a cheese plate DEAL WITH IT! But you betcha there is going to be some awesome BBQ and music. And you are SO right on favors.ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Thank you thank you! And yes, totally agree, as long as you take care of what’s important you’ll be happy in the end. And we had BBQ too! :)ReplyCancel

  • All such great tips! Happy early anniversary!!ReplyCancel

  • Oh my gosh! Your wedding was gorgeous! These tips are awesome too!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Thanks Sheena! It was a wonderful day! :)ReplyCancel

  • Awesome tips! I’m going to have to keep these in mind for when I get married. :) Your wedding looks like it was absolutely beautiful and it’s great to hear that it can be done without going broke.ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      It can it can! I feel like prioritizing what was important was really key! But I am happy to say we had a fun “big” wedding without going broke and without going into debt!ReplyCancel

  • we lucked out and had a friend volunteer to be our DJ and our photographer was a friend that was just starting out and she did an awesome job. I also scored my dress for super cheap- it was under $500 because it wasn’t technically a bridal gown, but it was perfect. I agree pinterest can cause so much more stress and pressure when planning.ReplyCancel

  • Hannah

    looking at the pictures, our weddings (down to the bridesmaid dresses and our dresses) were so similar! I was able to save a ton of money on my wedding cake by having my aunt who owns a bakery do it, not an option for most but still! I also got my dress for $500, I waited until the boutiques were having sales and went in to try on dresses. I had a strict budget and instructed that they couldn’t bring me anything over it! Planning the wedding was fun but the honeymoon and life AFTER is the best!ReplyCancel

  • …ok can I please have all those things you used for your decorations? Because that’s what I want my wedding to look like. I’ll give you $8 for all the books and $12 for everything else. The only catch is you have to bring it to California in person. K? PLEASE?ReplyCancel

HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII. This is the part where we usually exchange (one-way) pleasantries about the weekend and the usual Monday misery. But it’s the beginning of the week and neither of us has the time nor the energy for that. So let’s just hop right into what I did this weekend. But before I begin YES there will be a lot of pictures of my dog sorry not sorry K.


Friday night after work I had the pleasure of meeting this lady for a seafood dinner where we indulged in the most amazing bacon wrapped scallops, shrimp tacos, and girly cocktails. I took pictures but the super sexy ambiance of The Blu Crab resulted in dark and grainy photos not at all worth sharing. So just take my word for it when I tell you it was a good time. 

Saturday morning Max had his very first vet appointment. Somehow he wound up riding shotgun with Taylor while I rode in the backseat LIKE A CHILD. 

Max goes to the vetPINIMAGE

I’ll be completely honest and say I was a total ball of nerves. I was convinced that Max would think we were taking him back to the shelter or that he would cry when the vet tried to examine him. I may have slightly overreacted, because the guy had no clue what was happening. He was his usual happy-go-lucky self, didn’t even flinch when she stuck the thermometer up his you-know-what, and ended up being rewarded for his laid-back demeanor with millions of treats. I actually think he may love the vet more than he loves me. JK that will happen NEVER.

Max goes to the VetPINIMAGE

Once we arrived back home, it was time to tackle a few house projects. For me, that meant phase 1 of the capsule wardrobe project – the great purge. 

Capsule Wardrobe Phase 1PINIMAGE

I’m VERY happy to say that the giant pile on the left was the chunk pile! I really tried to be honest with myself during the “How often do I really wear this?” questioning, and I was able to get rid of a TON. I took the giant pile over to Plato’s Closet and got about $40 back back for some of the newer pieces, and the rest is headed to my local Goodwill.  

In my running around town I stopped by Chick-fil-a for lunch, and was pleasantly surprised when they offered me their new frosted lemonade for FREE. Would I like a free beverage? Is that even a question? 

Free chick-fil-a frosted lemonadePINIMAGE

When I made it back home, I decided it was time to reward myself for all my morning efforts with a little relaxation. Reading (or rather, having the time to read) is a simple pleasure that I miss terribly. So this weekend I made it a priority to sit down and read. Luckily, the weather was nice enough on Saturday that I was able to spend some time in the backyard finishing Dismantled

Reading Outside PINIMAGE

Every day it seems like we have new flowers popping up in our yard. This weekend these crazy tye-dye looking roses began to bloom! Does anybody know what these are called?! 

Garden RosesPINIMAGE

Taylor’s been working quite a bit lately, which  means we’ve been short on quality time. So Saturday evening we planned for a stay-at-home date night. I picked up steaks at Central Market, and whipped us up a romantic dinner of filets, twice baked potatoes, garlic bacon green beans, french bread, and salad. Plus a glass of petite syrah for me and a beer for Taylor. And HOLY COW it was delicious. 

Stay at home date night | Never Serious BlogPINIMAGE

After the gluttony, we plopped ourselves down on the couch to watch Mockingjay with Max, which was just insanely romantic. For the two of them I mean. 

Max the BratPINIMAGE

Sunday morning I woke up with a giant to-do list in my head. But instead of immediately jumping up to tackle the day, I opted to stay in bed enjoying a cup of coffee (or nine) and planning out the week. And perhaps watching a little HGTV too. 

Never underestimate the power of thoughtPINIMAGE

Later that morning, I met a new friend (hi Jen!) for my first run in NINE weeks. I have no idea what our pace was, but we enjoyed 3 miles of good weather and good conversation and it felt so good to be back at it again! 

Back in the running gamePINIMAGE

After the normal Sunday afternoon chores, I was scrolling through Instagram when I noticed it was NATIONAL GRILLED CHEESE DAY. I make it a point to observe all food holidays, so I whipped up a buttery avocado bacon grilled cheese for dinner. And I’ll be working off those calories for the next 10 years. 

National Grilled Cheese DayPINIMAGE

This guy protested the fact that I didn’t share the bacon by stealing my seat. Rude, Max. RUDE.

Seat StealerPINIMAGE

And that’s it. This Monday isn’t beating me down quite as much as usual, because as of today we’re just ELEVEN days away from Cancun! And that, my friends, is one hell of a silver lining. 

Happy Monday! 



  • Twice baked potatoes are my jam. My boyfriend works out of town a lot so I will make a big batch of these for him to eat at lunch or dinner while he’s on the road.
    My cat always wants to lay in Errol’s lap instead of mine. It makes me insanely jealous while they are all cute and cuddling and I’m over on the couch…alone.
    I hope you’re going to do a post on the capsule wardrobe you put together. It might inspire me but I won’t hold my breathe. The most I do is clean out my clothes before each season.
    Also, I have gotten good payouts from threadup. You should check them out. Each time I’ve sent a bag in, I’ve gotten $100 or more.ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      I think I secretly loved the twice baked potato even more than the steak! YAYYY for starch. I do plan on doing a capsule wardrobe post soon! I’m planning on doing a little shopping this week to beef it up with some high quality basics. I’ve heard good things about thredup! I just wondered if my clothes would be the right brands they were looking for, but I need to give them a try!ReplyCancel

  • That grilled cheese sando looks AMAZING!!!!! Come cook one for me?! ;)ReplyCancel

  • Ugh, I was the saddest that I didn’t celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day! And a bacon avacodo grilled cheese?!? That sounds like a little slice of heaven.
    Also, I’m loving all the Max photos. Keep ‘em coming! :)ReplyCancel

  • What a weekend! So many good foods and dog pictures :) Can’t wait how the wardrobe capsule works out. We are moving in a couple weeks (with no new home in sight… maybe I should try that. Do I dare?ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      YES! Now would be a great time to do it! I wish I’d done it before we moved it would have saved me a LOT of packing!ReplyCancel

  • Jealous of your food.
    Jealous of your dog.
    Jealous of you.

    I am trying to stay awake from watching the first season of Game of Thrones until almost midnight last night (only 6 episodes in). I am not ashamed to say I may be in love with it. I also got to watch a new to me criminal minds episode (not sure which season) on regular cable this weekend. I mean can my life be more awesome?!

    rhetorical question to the max. Not to your dog though; even though it sounded like it. Oh vey.ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Hehehe MAX. And are you jealous of the 47 pounds I gained this weekend?!ReplyCancel

  • All of the food/beverages in this post looks incredible and I’m only a little bit bitter that I didn’t get invited to share any of it. YAY YAY YAY HONEYMOON IN 11 DAYS!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      YAY YES OMG I KNOW. I can’t think about anything else!ReplyCancel

  • yay cancun is nearing!!! that’s super exciting.

    how amazing is that tie-dye flower!? what a fun thing to discover new flowers in your new home!

    glad you could be the third-wheel on the mocking jay date :)ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      I know aren’t those flowers crazy?!ReplyCancel

  • Brittany

    I did the capsule wardrobe thing last summer when I discovered Unfancy (www.un-fancy.com). I’m mostly bored with the blog these days–wearing only 30ish items doesn’t a fashion blog with longevity make but it was pretty inspirational to clear some space in my closet. I’ve definitely cut down on buying clothes but still could cut it back more–and should. Share details!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      I am a little nervous, but it’s already been good for me just because it forced me to do a major closet cleanse! Luckily summer in the south calls for pretty much the same uniform every day, so hopefully it isn’t too tough!ReplyCancel

  • sounds like a fun weekend! our pup was the same at his first vet visit – totally unfazed haha. and that grilled cheese looks so yummy!ReplyCancel

  • I can’t wait read about your capsule wardrobe. Also, we found a meth lab and/or hobo camp on a walk over the weekend so that was pretty much the highlight. Don’t worry we took pictures.ReplyCancel

  • Insanely jealous of those roses! I think they’re Candy Land roses! SO FUN.ReplyCancel

It’s Friday and I have mixed feelings about it…


I was super busy hanging out with my dog and watching Mindy reruns, so I spent ZERO time this week thinking about/preparing for your usual Friday Favorites. So instead of scrambling to compile a last minute list to fool you into thinking I’m on top of my blogging game, I’m just going to stick with what I know, my good friend word vomit. Ah, yes. I know him well.

This week my friend Katie (who is super cute and super talented and many other words that incite jealousy within me) posted something on Facebook about how she’s living with a capsule wardrobe for a year now and totally loves it. And I was like “Well I don’t have much going on in my life right now so probably I’ll do that too.” This may have been after a glass of pink wine. But I can’t say for sure.


K again.

So I plan on doing that this weekend. But naturally in preparation for the great closet purge I decided to impulsively order these new shoes with some money that’s been sitting in my pay pal account for God only knows how long. IT’S FINE OKAY. Nobody tell Taylor and we will all make it out of here alive.


Also of interest, I downloaded this book on my Kindle this week and like all Jennifer McMahon books it’s disturbing/amazing.  Dismantled by Jennifer McMahonPINIMAGE

I may have jinxed Max the Dog with all the incessant bragging, because on Thursday morning I awoke to a fresh pile of poop on my bathroom rug. I want to be mad but its like well at least he got the room right? And also how can I be mad when he LOOKS LIKE THIS.


Allison and I are mid-discussion RE: our annual best friends trip. We’re planning for sometime in the fall, and right now we are trying to decide between Vancouver and San Fran. They’re both equal distance from her, so she’s sort of left it up to me to decide. So any and all suggestions, pros/cons, and past experiences are welcome. Actually they’re more than welcome. They’re required. Because I can’t make this decision on my own HELP.

Vacation DebatePINIMAGE

Apparently we have rose bushes and many other forms of life in our backyard and they are all BLOOMING. It’s both wonderful and frightening because don’t flowers indicate a need for water and other forms of care? I just got a dog. I don’t know if I can care for myself, the dog, AND the roses. No. No. It’s too much.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE

How do you take your coffee? I am always curious. OK FINE I’ll tell you how I take mine. If I’m drinking coffee at home it’s either a latte or a french vanilla something from the Keurig with a dash of this creamer.


But if I drink coffee at work it’s usually Folgers so Ill add a splash of whatever flavored creamer suits my fancy. Right now it’s usually one of these. Also can someone please tell me WTF a macchiato is? PLZ.


You can thank me later for the way this knowledge has enriched your life.

I think that’s about all I’ve got to say today. I can’t wait for the feedback on this post. I’m sure it will be riveting. 




  • Margaret

    Jennifer McMahon!!!!!
    Be BEST ghostly-mystery-writer EVER!!!
    You’re welcome.ReplyCancel

  • LOL your writing cracks me up, I love it. Happy Friday! (love those Coffee Mates, p.s.)ReplyCancel

  • Is that TJ’s pink wine? Alcohol under 2 bucks… be still my beating heart.ReplyCancel

  • I thought about doing a capsule wardrobe for about 2.5 seconds and then realized I like clothes too much to do that.
    I love Jennifer McMahon books!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Haha, I’m sure it will be challenging, and I may have to modify it a bit to fit work and weekend clothes in there, but I think I’m going to attempt it!

      Yes! Jennifer McMahon is one of my favorite authors of all time. But now I’ve officially read everything which is SO SAD. I need more JM!ReplyCancel

  • VANCOUVER!!!!! Obvi, because mountains + ocean can’t be beat, and also I live there and I could take you to my favourite taco place and it would be the best trip ever. Mmk?ReplyCancel

  • Oh yeah, I keep forgetting to mention it but I made Taylor’s green beans the other night. So bad but SOOO good! I think next time I am going to add some red pepper flakes for some spice and maybe put on a baking rack. Mine came out really caramelized because of the brown sugar. Yours didn’t look quite that sticky. Plus it will give the bacon a nice crisp all around.
    Thanks for giving me a new regular rotation!ReplyCancel

    Because I live here, and it’s the best place in the world. Seriously, I promise you would love it here. Ocean, mountains, forests, WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT?ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      NOTHING ELSE EVER. So far that’s too votes for Vancouvey and none for San Fran… is it a sign?!ReplyCancel

  • Jamie

    I feel the need to bestow the knowledge of macchiatos on you. Mostly because I just learned this myself. A macchiato just means they float the espresso on top of milk and/or flavoring. Literally. That is all. So anti-climatic, I am aware.ReplyCancel

  • Erin

    VANCOUVER!!!! so beautiful. so so beautiful and amazing. seriously can’t say enough about it and it’s a unique trip. do it do it!!!! and the all-stars were not an impulse buy, they are an investment. I have worn mine seriously 5 days a week for the last 4 years. the only thing stopping me from a capsule wardrobe is me because well…shopping. you should try cold stone sweet cream coffee creamer and the cinnabon one. i’m obsessed.ReplyCancel

  • I’m thinking San Fran would be the easiest route. Also it would not be as cold :) And maybe not as expensive? However, I have always wanted to go to Oh Canada, and maybe this is your time!!!!!! Eh?ReplyCancel