HEY Y’ALL HEY. It’s time for Friday Favorites!  

| Pitch Perfect 2 Trailer |

You’ll never guess who showed me this trailer. Oh wait, yes you will. It’s the man who loves Pitch Perfect more than any movie in the entire world, my husband. I think he admitted to watching the trailer about 83 times and y’all – each time he was positively glowing.

| Betches Love This |

Lindsay got me following Betches on Instagram last week, then I wandered over to the blog, then I wandered into the store.

It’s an empire of Betches and I love it all.

| Tinder Guys Unknowingly Answer Carrie’s Questions from Sex & The City |

Found on Buzzfeed (duh), this girl sent epic Carrie Bradshaw lines to her Tinder matches and the responses were hysterical. If you’re a Sex & The City fan, you will die.

| Charts for People Obsessed with Serial |

I’m still just as obsessed with Serial as ever. That’s a lie. I’m way more obsessed now than ever before, and find myself crawling down into the Reddit theory rabbit hole more often than I’d like to admit. But once you’re down there you REALLY CAN’T GET OUT. I am convinced that I will solve this murder. But last night Carter tweeted me this link of Charts for People Obsessed with Serial and I almost passed out from all the excitement. If you love Serial, you will love this.

| Emily’s WEDDING |

She got engaged this spring, we partied our asses off last month, and now the big day is finally here!

I’m slipping out of work early this morning to meet up with this sweet girl and the other bridesmaids for a day of mimosas and excitement and she gets ready to walk down the aisle tonight! CAN.NOT.WAIT.

| Annual Best Friends Day |

Allison is in town, and ABFD is THIS SUNDAY.

There will shopping and brunching and shopping and lunching and shopping and drinking and shopping and in a surprising plot twist – MOCKINGJAY.

I can’t freaking wait.






I feel like it’s time for a little life update. Pull up a chair, pour yourself a glass of wine – WAIT WHAT. What time is it? If it’s before noon in your time zone, you may want to sub wine for coffee. Unless you’re not working. Then, eh - what the hell? Go for the wine. This is a safe place. A judgment-free zone.

Tuesday evening, I skillfully bribed Lindsay to come see me, with the promise of a $5 bottle of pinot grigio. Everybody knows that girl is a sucker for free booze, so she navigated through the crazy traffic and landed on my doorstep. With cookies. I KNOW.

We popped the cork, ordered a pizza, and then planted ourselves in front of the TV and balked at the television conundrum that is MasterChef Junior. Did everybody else know this show existed?! It was mind-blowing. Where did that 8 year old learn how to brown ground beef?! Because I’m STILL working on that. And, oh shit. Now he’s cutting onions. With a knife. AND HIS EYES AREN’T EVEN WATERING. And , I’m sorry – did she just say she’s making a curry shepherds pie?


This might be funny if it wasn’t actually REAL. That happened. She really was frantically searching for truffle butter. YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP PEOPLE.

Basically all these kids are brilliant and articulate and I don’t get it so somebody please explain it to me. Will there one day be a restaurant run by all children chefs? What will that world look like?! OH MY GOD THE CHILDREN REALLY ARE OUR FUTURE. Teach them well and let them make lemon basil cupcakes.

Meanwhile, I’ll be over here. Chillin’ in my sweatpants, eating pepperonis one by one.

In other news, I got to see this girl yesterday. You remember her – she’s the one who abandoned me in July and left me all alone without an office soulmate. It’s fine. I’m over it. Or at least I pretended to be when she invited me to her hibachi birthday lunch. Because hibachi.

I even bought her cupcakes. And I only ate one. That’s what I call a salted caramel sacrifice.

In other other news, this guy is just a couple of weeks away from his graduation.

Little update, for those of you who are new here. As long as I’ve known Taylor, his dream job has been to become a firefighter. Well, that dream finally came true at the beginning of this year, when he was accepted into the Fort Worth Fire Department’s training academy. He started the academy on April 21, and we got married on April 25. We took a long nap on April 26, and we moved him in with me on April 27. And he was back in training on Monday, April 28. And that’s what life has looked like for the last 8 months.

The fact of the matter is, our marriage doesn’t know any different. What does life even looks like without fire academy in it? Free time? Hold on, we’re confused. What do we do with this? And what am I supposed to do when Taylor is away working for 24 hours, and then gets to sit around at home for 48 hours afterwards?

It’s all so strange.

He’s doing his clinical rotations right now, so he’s working really oddball shifts. Some of them are overnight, some start early in the morning, and have him waking up at 3am. It’s just really weird right now. We’re not on a schedule, so life one day looks completely different from life the next. And it’s throwing me one hell of a curveball. Examples:

1 – Every day we’ve been married, he’s left the house at 5am. Sometimes even earlier, if the had a big test. But the past couple of weeks, there have been nights he’s kept himself up late in order to prepare for an overnight shift the next evening. So I’m waking up, sneaking out of bed, getting ready quietly, and leaving for work while he’s still tucked in our bed. NO. DISAPPROVE. How dare you sleep without me.

2 – He’s now got free days. Which means he can meet me for lunch, or run to the bank, or put up Christmas lights, OR do all of the above. On random Tuesdays.

3 – He can now save my life. Or your life. Or anyone’s life really. Not only can he rescue cats from trees, he can yank you out of a fire and administer CPR like a pro. He’s also become very effective at checking pulses. I know this because he checks mine like 43 times a day. #practicemakesperfect

4 – After graduation, his schedule is SET. Forever. Like, forever. Which means we already know strange things like if he’ll be working on my 47th birthday. It’s kinda nice, and lets both of us and our families know what to expect for the holidays and special occasions and we can plan around that. But it also means that I’ll be spending my first married Christmas and New Years Eve alone. I mean, not totally alone, I’m obviously going to find a replacement husband. But he won’t be the same as the original.

So life is crazy right now. But the good kind of crazy. Stay tuned. Because it is bound to get even crazier.




  • Congrats to Taylor! What an exciting time.

    My husband works in finance soooooo he is basically gone from 5am to 8pm every day. I don’t know how he does it! Weekends are magical. I would love it if he could stay home during week days!ReplyCancel

  • Ashley

    You are just so lovely and entertaining and I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog! Craziness is what keeps life entertaining and keeps you on your toes :) I’m in my own bout of craziness, just got engaged 3 weeks ago, just applied to grad school and am house hunting. It’s madness, but at least you’re never bored. Congrats to your husband and best wishes as you get through this crazy time! Thanks for writing this fab blog :) ReplyCancel

  • daaang that sounds like a crazy schedule for when you all (or y’all for you texans) when you got married up until now! also, what are you planning for your 47th birthday? i hope it’s extravagant!

    love the picture of you and lindsay-only slightly jealous of cookies and wine and pepperoni (i have a carrot, water and a piece of bread booo).

    hope the crazy chills out soon!ReplyCancel

  • This sounds kind of like my life. I feel like Cameron and I are always getting dressed in the dark to not wake each other up. Some days he gets up at 4:45am to teach class and other days he gets to sleep in past 8am. Sometimes I’ll finally see myself in full-lighting after getting ready in the dark and realize I WAY over-did the make up.ReplyCancel

1. Nobody owes you anything. 

And that feeling of entitlement will destroy you. If you want something, you’re going to have to earn it with some good old fashioned hard work. But news flash – the world is full of hard working people. Most of whom have experienced a lot worse than you. So be prepared for some pretty stiff competition.

2. Open the damn blinds.

If I had a nickel for every time my mom came home, yanked back the curtains, and screamed, “PEOPLE. There’s a giant FREE light bulb out there, and it’s called THE SUN.” My God, I’d be a rich woman.

3. Always use your ring finger when touching your eyes. 

I can’t remember the first time my mom told me this simple little tip, but it stuck. The idea is to use your weakest finger around your eyes, so that you’re not tugging on already wrinkle-prone areas. Glowing youthful skin #forthewin.

4. There are very few problems in life that can’t be solved with a box of Oreo’s and a glass of cold milk.

Alright, maybe the magical cookies and milk combo doesn’t exactly solve problems, but it does a damn good job of putting them at bay for awhile. Nothing says “perspective” like a woman who has just ingested a few thousand calories. Right?

5. “Yes Sir”, “No Ma’am”, “Please”, and “Thank you.” 

Until you’re considered a peer, Sir, Ma’am, Mr., and Mrs. should be the words coming out of your mouth.  It’s not formal, it’s just respectful. And at the very least it showcases that typical southern charm.

6. Take a freaking chill pill. 

Oh, life isn’t working out according to your picture perfect plan? Join the club. Over the past 24 years, my mom has taught me (mostly through poking shameless fun at my type A ways) not to take anything too seriously. There’s going to be a lot in life that you can’t change, so sit back enjoy the ride, and embrace the chaos.

7. It’s okay to say no, but it’s also okay to say yes. 

There’s this huge fad right now of finding the power to say “No.” The whole point is to value your time, your sanity, and to keep from spreading yourself too thin. Sure my mom said “no,” but she said “yes” a whole lot more. She realized that life is too short to miss out on all the fun just for the sake of “keeping your sanity.” Psshh.

8. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Okay, that wasn’t my mom so much as it was Jesus. Jesus said it. But she reiterated it. You are no better anyone. Every single person you come in contact with deserves your respect. Treat them the way you want to be treated.  And that’s solid parenting.

I love you Mom. Thanks for teaching me everything I know. I hope one day I’ll be as cool as you are.



  • This post is the sweetest – but those pictures are on point.

    I remember calling my mom one day hysterically crying while at Southern Miss because I didn’t make a high enough grade on one test. She was like “Cassie, get it together. It’s one test. It’s not that big of a deal.”
    Oh mothers. :) ReplyCancel

    • Lisa

      Can I just say that I’m a Southern Miss grad too? :) #SMTTT (hahaha)

      Also – Natalie, new reader – love this sweet post and your blog as a whole cracks me up. Keep it up!ReplyCancel

  • This is charming! I can definitely relate to the blinds point as I was one of those sleep-all-day, up-all-night teenagers.

    Fun fact. I bought two boxes of joe-joe’s (Trader Joe’s version of Oreo’s) to make a cheesecake for a family member’s birthday – thinking that the recipe called for two whole freaking boxes. Nope. I used about HALF a box. Now I have around 45 cookies sitting in my cabinet…calling me. How many cookies is too many cookies?

    Love this post so much. I may have to steal the idea for a post in the future :) ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      UM. You may send the cookies to me.ReplyCancel

  • Awww I love this! Your mom sounds awesome, and I think you’re pretty okay so she must have done a good job with all the mom-ing. Also let’s please always hang out again forever and ever.ReplyCancel

  • I love this post! As someone who is really close with my mom (lol, my blog is about running with her!), your points reminded me of all the things I’ve learned from my mom over the years and how she’s helped shape the person I am today.
    Thanks for sharing this!ReplyCancel

  • Awww, I love this and I agree with all of it! Your mom is a smart cookie.ReplyCancel

  • This is great! Don’t moms teach us such important life lessons?ReplyCancel

  • Never would have known about touching your eye with your ring finger. Thanks Natalie’s mom!ReplyCancel

Introductory paragraphs are overrated. It’s Monday, so I’m going to talk about running. Please put on your surprised face.

You are way too enthusiastic for a Monday, baby.

Monday | Rest, etc. – CHECK.

Since I did my long run on Sunday last week, and Taylor and I were having dinner with his parents on Monday, I swapped some days out on the training schedule to make it work. And then instead of burning calories, I drank them.

But I also did two quick segments of yoga for runners, which I won’t count as a workout, but they were great for stretching and recovery.

Tuesday | 6 miles – CHECK.


I LOVE these cold weather runs.  40-ish degrees is my ideal running temperature, and it looks like this weather is here to stay.

I ran the first three miles of Tuesday’s run with one of my sweet coworkers, and then finished up the last three on my own. It was a total blast, and I finished the run feeling strong and energized. Splits were 9:17, 8:49, 8:39, 8:38,8: 28, and 7:54.

Wednesday | 6 miles – OOOPS.

LISTEN. I was tired. And cold. And my default running buddy had to cancel. And I wanted a Dr. Pepper. Those are my excuses and I’m standing by them. I did do another yoga video that morning though, doesn’t that count for something? Say yes.

Thursday | 6 miles – CHECK.

I met Karen at the trails after work Thursday for an easy six miles. I love running with her, because we spend the entire time talking each other’s ears off, which really makes the time fly. Running with friends is the best kind of therapy.

Splits were 9:22, 9:09, 9:06, 9:07, 8:42, and 8:42. Also – tell me how much you love my snowman rug. Tell me.

Friday | Rest – CHECK.


Saturday | 18 miles – CHECK. FREAKING, CHECK.

I woke up at 5, nommed on a bagel and layered up for 18 chilly miles. Don’t hate on bathroom snacking.

I ran the first 12 miles with the awesome people at Fort Worth Running Company. If anyone reading (and local to Fort Worth) is considering running the half or full at Cowtown (you ALL should), sign up to train with the folks at FW Run Co!  THEN WE CAN RUN TOGETHER AND IT WILL BE THE BEST.

One of the best parts about running with the training group was having a 12 mile route already mapped out for me. Because then all I had to do was tack on an extra six on my own.

The first 12 miles of the course was a good mix of uphill and downhill, which kept it interesting. Then once I was on my own I finished up in Trinity Park.

Even though the sun was out earlier that morning, it quickly disappeared during the last hour of my run. It was windy, and cold, and a little bit brutal. But still – WAY better than running in 100 degrees.

Splits were 9:06, 9:18, 9:02, 9:11, 9:36, 9:12, 9:05, 9:04, 9:21, 8:49, 8:47, 8:36, 9:01, 9:06, 9:02, 8:49, 8:32, 8:15. They’re anything but even, but they’re also a hell of a lot quicker than I’ve run in a long, long, long time. I’m not mad about it.

General Thoughts | HALLELUJAH FOR COLD WEATHER. The lower the temps get, the harder I feel like I’m able to push myself, which is something I desperately missed over the hot, hot summer. But I’m absolutely high on running right now. A training week without a single bad run is a damn good week. I’m still having trouble fitting in a fourth run. Mostly due to pure laziness. I might feel more guilty if I felt like my training was suffering because of it, but after a week like this one, I’m feeling really confident. And excited. Because Dallas Marathon is only FOUR WEEKS AWAY.

Holy hot damn. Here’s to another week of good runs! Fingers crossed.



  • YOU RAN 18 FREAKING MILES YOU ARE INCREDIBLE. Also….you and Karen can talk while you run? You’re not like, gasping ferocioisly for air and struggling to stay alive? No? Just me when I run, then? Cool. I CAN’T WAIT FOR TOMORROW NIGHT.ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      OH yes, FEROCIOUSLY gasping. We will drink ALL THE WINE AND EAT ALL THE PIZZA TONIGHT.ReplyCancel


    40 degrees is the best. Anything above or below is the worst. I ran in 26 degrees (+ windchill) last week and wanted to die.

    I think running 3 days a week is awesome. Anything more than that and I find it to be overkill. You should read Run Less, Run Faster. I haven’t read it yet but I plan to! It focuses on a 3 runs a week training program.ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      I’ve seen it a LOT, but I have yet to read it! It just really is hard lately to find a a week night where I’m willing to go to bed really late and lose time with Taylor or cooking dinner. Sometimes I just want a night of laziness!ReplyCancel


    seeeeeee youuuuu in threeeeee daaaaaaaayz!ReplyCancel

  • does wine have calories?

    …do they count?ReplyCancel

  • A. I eat breakfast in the bathroom when I’m getting ready. And drink coffee. No judgement here.
    B. I like how you talking and running is the pace of my sprint.
    C. I need to try out those yoga videos. I tried to do a you tube workout yesterday and the only people in my living room getting a work out we’re on the tv. I was in the kitchen eating 28 out of the 30 minutes.ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Hahahahahahahahaha. AWESOME. I really like those Adriene videos because they aren’t crazy long or complicated and she’s not overly wishy washy zen. Try one of them!ReplyCancel

  • Wow great job! I need to start doing shorter cool down yoga poses after a run. I really think that would be a good way to cool down. And yes I love your snowman rug!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      They were awesome! Even if nothing else, they gave me some great stretches to do after my runs!ReplyCancel

  • Brittany

    I am obsessed with that dog gif. I think I watched it like seven times. I need to figure out how to save it and send it to my boyfriend. That is all.ReplyCancel

  • I’m going to cheer for the Dallas marathon (can’t run since I’m doing RNRSA the weekend before), so I’ll watch for you, are you planning to race about 1 min/mile faster than your easy/training runs (so like 8ish?)?ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Awesome! And good luck at RNR! Honestly, I have no clue what I’ll run that day. It’ll depend on the weather and how I’m feeling. I’m hoping I’m able to start between 9-915, and hopefully feel strong and be able to pick it up a bit. Haven’t really made a plan yet though!ReplyCancel

  • Girl, marathons are no freakin joke. Marathons in cold weather and NO FREAKING JOKE. We did one in early summer last year before it was hot so there was no training in the cold… THANK THE GOOD LORD BECAUSE I WOULDN’T HAVE MADE IT. There’s something about the gloves and the earwarmers that just make me completely intolerant of anything over ten miles. Yep, I’m a wet blanket on a cold day. :) ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      See I’m the OPPOSITE. The heat just ZAPS me and makes me whiny and want to run people over with my car.ReplyCancel

  • Liz

    You’re a rockstar at training! Once the cold weather set in my training runs became fewer and fewer. I ran my first marathon Saturday – low of 21, high of 34. SO. COLD. I could have used some of your cold weather running superpowers!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Well it’s not nearly that cold here, but I do feel your pain in my own spoiled Texas winter way! :) ReplyCancel

  • I’ve said it before and I will say it again: YOU are my running inspiration. I would also like to look that cute at 5 am in the morning.

    P.s. I had to buy Garden State on Amazon because Netflix didn’t have it. Should watch this weekend and then I’ll have ONE more friend. :) ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Oh you are too nice to me. YES – Let me know what you think!ReplyCancel

  • Wow, those are great splits!! That is definitely one of the pluses to running in colder weather (possibly the only one) ;) and I love the dog doing yoga gif by the way, lol.ReplyCancel

    (I mean that in the best way possible)ReplyCancel

  • 1. Catching up on my NSB reading right now, which is the reason for multiple comments.
    2. Gimme the snowman rug!
    3. Love running in this weather also. It’s the best, and makes your runs so much easier.
    4. Wish I was closer to Ft. Worth to have a motivated running bud like you!!!
    5. How on earth does someone look so darn good at 5:00am on a saturday for an 18 mile run? How, just how?! Tell me your secret :) ReplyCancel

It’s Sunday. Which means tomorrow is Doomsday. And here I sit, desperately wishing it was Friday. Because if it was Friday, I’d be doing this again.

Chugging wine from my aloe-infused, white-gloved hands. While watching my favorite movie of all time.

Obviously, Fridays are for chillin’. Hard. And resting up for long runs.

Saturday morning I was up at the ass crack of dawn, piling on the layers, and getting ready for a really long cold run. Check out the sleepy eyes and also the half eaten bagel. Because sometimes I eat in the bathroom OK? I have a hard time believing I’m alone in that.

The run was really cold, but also really awesome. Because I.LOVE.THIS.CITY.

I’ll get into the nitty, gritty, unnecessary details in tomorrow’s Monday Runday recap, but this run was a good one. Only FOUR MORE WEEKS until Dallas Marathon.

Afterwards, I ran by Starbucks for a latte (HI. Are you surprised?) and then came home and crashed on the couch. All day. We’re talkin’ like six hours.

But the rest was totally necessary, because that evening, Taylor and I met up with some of our favorite people for for Jordan’s surprise 25th birthday party. Morgan had planned a super fun night that started out with dinner, drinks, and cigars at Silver Leaf Cigar Lounge.

We’re just so fancy.

Quite possibly my favorite guys in the entire world. I mean, possibly.

I’m still undecided about this one.

And everyone, please say hello to Jake. After 372 vodka Red Bulls, Jake proclaimed himself the #1 fan of Never Serious Blog. He was stoked at the possibility of his picture making it on the blog. I was just stoked to learn I have an audience that reaches beyond my mom and husband. #WINNING

I had every intention of sleeping in Sunday morning but my body likes to be up with the sun, so I hopped out of bed and turned on all the Christmas lights and did a little hangover yoga to get ready for the day.

Annnd then I watched the Fifty Shades trailer. I’m so well rounded.

Around 11, my mom came out to Fort Worth for some quality mother/daughter Christmas shopping. But first, brunch. Because girls gotta eat.

I took her to Winslow’s Wine Cafe for what might be my favorite brunch in all of Fort Worth.

She ordered the chorizo quiche and I ordered a giant omelet with jalapeno biscuits. I swear there were a crap ton of veggies in there, but they’re hiding beneath the cheesy eggs. Just trust me on this.

After brunch, we swung by Pottery Barn to drool over their Christmas displays.

After realizing that the only thing we can afford at Pottery Barn is a half a sniff of a candle, we headed over to The Container Store to oooh and ahhh over stocking stuffers and dream closets.

But eventually, we found ourselves at home sweet home, aka – TARGET.

After a full day of shopping, all I came home with were groceries and two new shirts. For myself. Some please teach me how to shop selflessly. It seems I have forgotten.

I ended the day with a sports massage (recovery lifesaver) and a double decker taco on the couch with Taylor. A double decker taco is not a sexual thing, by the way. It’s food. Taco Bell to be exact.

Just wanted to make that very, very clear.





  • shoulder shake laughing at double decker taco.

    also, i don’t know how many times i’m allowed to comment without it being stalk-y. but i’m pretty sure we’re best friends.ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      COMMENT EVERY DAY. It’s only stalky if you show up on my door step. Unless you come bearing food or booze, then I’d let you in.ReplyCancel

      • what about if i just show up wherever you’re running? maybe with marathon signs even if it’s just a weekend run. that’d be pretty stalk-y, but then it might also make you feel encouraged. lose/win?ReplyCancel

  • I’m dying. hahaha. double decker tacos. hahaha. shopping selflessly–what is that?!!?!?!? MISHEW SEE YOU THURSDAY!!ReplyCancel

  • Is it weird that I suddenly want brunch at 10:30pm on a Sunday night?ReplyCancel

    • natalie


  • I’m so glad that Im not the only one who has already decorated for Christmas! Also, whenever I go online to try to shop for gifts, I end up only finding stuff that I want.ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      I KNOW. Why do they have to have so many freakin’ sales?! I can’t stop myself.ReplyCancel

  • kimberly

    I’m starting a petition to make double decker taco a sexual thing.ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Well let me know what you come up with and I’ll hop on that bandwagon.ReplyCancel

  • Hangover yoga, love it! I’ve been known to do that, too ;-)

    Where did you buy your Texas home sweatshirt? I want one with Florida on it (b/c I don’t live in TX).

    Great job on your long run…the cold weather hits us today!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Hey Michelle! I got it at a local store, but they sell them online for all states. It is literally the comfiest, warmest sweatshirt I’ve ever owned. And they’ve got adorable tees too. It’s a little pricey, but Home T donates a portion of profits to MS research, so that’s how I justified it :) Here’s the link! http://www.thehomet.com/collections/hoodieReplyCancel

  • Double decker tacos are the BEST!

    One time I told my mother in law that I made Andrew hootenannies in bed. She got so embarrassed. Little did she know hootenannie is another name for German Pancakes. True story!ReplyCancel

  • amy

    I’ve seen you mention sports massages a few times – where do you go to get those?? I’m in the DFW area and would love to know :) ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Hey Amy! I actually met an awesome LMT through the training program at FW Running Company, and she massages out of her house. It’s great because she’s really close by, and her prices are low since she doesn’t work out of a spa. She’s great because she’s a major triathlete and she’s experienced those tweaks and pains that she works on, and has a lot of great advice to offer.

      Last year, before I met her, I used to go to Hand & Stone Massage. It’s sort of like a Massage Envy, but their prices are better and there’s no penalty for canceling your membership. They did great sports massages as well. I usually don’t get them all the time, just when I get into the higher mileage runs during training. They are AWESOME for recovery.ReplyCancel

      • amy

        Awesome, thanks Natalie! Good to know, appreciate all the info :) ReplyCancel

  • I take immeasurable comfort in knowing I am not the ONLY person that cannot sleep in. On Sunday (aka: rest day) I might make it to 6:30 and then I jump out of bed and can’t slow myself because I SLEPT UNTIL AFTER SIX. People tell me this’ll make me a good mom because early mornings it is… I say it makes me incredibly productive before the rest of the world is even beginning to awake.ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Hahaha, I feel ya. What’s WORSE is when we actually go out and make it until 1 or 2am (MIRACLE) and then I STILL wake up at the crack of dawn. But I have no problem taking naps or going to bed really really insanely early and I LOVE having mornings to myself.ReplyCancel

  • Now I can’t stop thinking about what sex move a double decker taco would even be hahahaha

    Also, you and your mom are the absolute cutest.ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      OK but once you figure it out please tell me what it would look like and maybe I’ll try it? KINKY.ReplyCancel