It’s Friday!

Annnnd time for Friday Favorites. Let’s DO THIS.


It is safe to say that I’m still basking in the glow of Tuesday’s return. This could last awhile. Especially now that season 3 of New Girl is on Netflix. That deserves a big fat HELL YEAH.

Old Navy Finds

I told you Tuesday about the crazy Old Navy sale and if you didn’t jump on that then I feel imminently sorry for you because who passes up 30% off with free shipping?! Oh that’s right, people who are good with their money. NOT ME. The favorites that robbed me of my paycheck are as follows:

Pixie Pants in Wine / Terry Raglan Tee in Heather Oatmeal / Denim Jacket

( The Polka Dot Dressy Tee was on clearance and I couldn’t find it online but I snagged it in store for $10 so #bragger)

Annnd the Quited Zip Front Vest. God, I’m SO Oregon.

The 30% off sale may be over, but the pixie pants are still just $25 and you need them. You need them now.  They’re nice enough to be dress pants, but casual fit enough to wear on the weekend, and they’re SO comfy. Like SO SO comfy. They’re a snug fit and a stretchy material, so I recommend sizing up. They have tall, regular and petite. I’m 5’1 and bought a 4 regular and they fit me like a glove. Seriously, buy them. And no, I don’t make any money when you click and buy a pair of pixie pants, I just love you and want us all to have matching pants, OKAY?!

Weekly Buzzfeed Find: If Nick Miller Quotes Were Motivation Posters

Sydney sent this to me Tuesday before the season 3 premier and it was the PERFECT pre-game sesh. Check them out. You’ll laugh hard, and it’ll be the perfect start to your Friday. You can thank Sydney later.


I’m aware that just talked shit about those people that were prematurely excited for fall, but Christmas is a whole ‘nother ball game. Christmas is wonderful because twinkling trees and peppermint chocolate speak to me in a very unique way. I love Christmas. My mom was emailing me Christmas decorations the other day during work (we have exceptional work ethic) and I’m SO SO EXCITED TO DECORATE! I just bought this, because adorable.

Noel Marquee Wooden Sign

And I’m hoping by Christmas the entire place will look like this.

What?! Too much? Nah.

And lastly – this week’s post where I interviewed Taylor.

You people really like him. I have no idea why. If you missed it, you can catch up HERE.

Speaking of Taylor, tonight he and I are doing big fat NOTHING and I can’t wait. Sunday we are having both of our families over to our tiny ass apartment to cook dinner for my mom. There will be excessive amounts of wine and it will be INTERESTING. Come back Monday to relive that chaos.




  • How does Taylor handle your Christmas decorating? I’ve already been warned that I’m marrying the grinch, who is allergic to real Christmas trees and is opposed to me spending any money on “pointless decorations”….obviously I’m going to any way.ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Haha! Well, I’m not sure, we’ll see! He’s pretty go with the flow! I’ll just have to be careful not to overspend, because THAT will create a monster.ReplyCancel

  • OK WE HAVE TO TALK ABOUT THOSE PIXIE PANTS. I bought them a couple of weeks ago (in black because I’m boring) and I was in between the 10 and 12, like right smack in between them, and they seemed super stretchy so I bought the 12. Well, the first day I wore them they got stretched out and like all I was doing was sitting at my desk and occasionally getting up to pee and stuff. And they got stretched out in weird places… like the knees. The knees of my pixie pants are all baggy. THE KNEES. Have yours gotten baggy in any weird places? I should probably take them back but I washed them to try and shrink them and I DID shrink them, but only in the way that makes them shorter. So that’s great. And I’m finishing this now because you probably fell asleep reading this bye.ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      OH NO. I’ve only had mine acouple of days and I haven’t washed them yet (because I’m gross) but YIKES. Now I’m scared.ReplyCancel

  • So glad that you understand how important New Girl is. And I want all of the clothes you bought at Old Navy!

  • Ashley

    I went a tad bit crazy on the Old navy sale the other day! None of my stuff even qualified for the 30% off but I still just kept justifying adding more to my cart because it would be free shipping :) Thank god I got paid that day! I still want to get the Pixie pants, but was nervous about ordering a size online since I vary sizes so much so I’ll wait until I can try them on :) And I finally watched Mindy last night since I had to DVR it (still haven’t gotten to New Girl since I had to keep my 10PM bed time ha) but I’m so glad it’s back in my life!!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Morgan was HILARIOUS in Mindy. Loved every second. And New Girl didn’t disappoint either ;) So glad you hit up that sale!ReplyCancel

  • I bought the pants. Two pairs. Because, well, I really have been in the market for work pants and it was a deal I could not pass up. So we’ll see how this goes but even though I ordered them on WEDNESDAY they aren’t scheduled to arrive until TWO TUESDAYS FROM NOW. Are you kidding me?? Ridiculous. Get your Amazon Prime two day shipping act together, Old Navy. Speaking of though, Amazon Prime decided that the stuff I ordered last night isn’t coming until next Wednesday. So not 2 day shipping. Totally unacceptable. Now you know I have an online shopping problem and well, that my puppy may need to learn to pee outside between now and Wednesday when his pads arrive. Whoops. This whole thing was a mess of #firstworldproblems. What is wrong with me?ReplyCancel

  • I bought the pants. Two pairs. Because, well, I really have been in the market for work pants and it was a deal I could not pass up. So we’ll see how this goes but even though I ordered them on WEDNESDAY they aren’t scheduled to arrive until TWO TUESDAYS FROM NOW. Are you kidding me?? Ridiculous. Get your Amazon Prime two day shipping act together, Old Navy. Speaking of though, Amazon Prime decided that the stuff I ordered last night isn’t coming until next Wednesday. So not 2 day shipping. Totally unacceptable. Now you know I have an online shopping problem and well, that my puppy may need to learn to pee outside between now and Wednesday when his pads arrive. Whoops. This whole thing was a mess of #firstworldproblems. What is wrong with me? The comment isn’t posting. Try again. If this gets deleted I don’t know what I’ll do.ReplyCancel

  • And it just posted twice. Awkward. And now I’m spamming you with comments. Happy Friday afternoon!ReplyCancel

I need my honeymoon. And I need it NOW.

I’m not talking about the honeymoon phase. No, I guess I’m still in that. Or at least that’s what everyone keeps telling me. And sure, I agree.

Life is good with Taylor, it really is. He’s a good husband. And we already know I’m an exceptional wife (see previous posts RE: never letting him starve to death AKA the peanut butter and jelly incident).

But universe – I’m really ready for the honeymoon. And here’s why.

We got married on a Friday.

We napped on Saturday.

He moved in on Sunday.

We went back to work on Monday.

And the universe said, “Welcome to the real world, Mr & Mrs Zambreski!


And it’s been like that ever since. The real world makes me TIRED. I’m so very, very tired. And I need a drink. And I need a retreat that doesn’t involve answering emails and helping stupid people un-jam the copy machine. I’m exhausted. My brain is numb, and I want a freakin’ vacation.

Are you listening, Universe?


The last time Taylor and I went on a trip together was last June, before he proposed. It was a blast, but I suck at planning “vacations.” I can plan the hell out of a trip, but if it’s relaxation you’re seeking – you’ve got the wrong girl. You better come prepared to drag your ass out of bed at 5am every day and not get home until midnight because if I’m paying $400 for a plane ticket out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area WE MUST SEE ALL THE THINGS.

But the honeymoon? They honeymoon will be different. Oh, so different.

Picture it.

Sandy beaches. Unlimited drinks with tiny umbrellas. Me in a teeny tiny bikini (because I’m assuming at this point in the future I WILL be rockin’ a pretty serious 6 pack) working on my tan and chipping away at the NY Times Bestseller list.

That’s not me. But with enough sit-ups, it COULD be.

Taylor will be somewhere nearby, most likely setting up camp at the buffet. But that’s unimportant. Don’t concern yourself with what he’s doing. Stay focused. And let’s talk about where I want to go because it gives me something to look forward to beyond Friday.

In my research to find a Caribbean utopia, I’m finding that I’m very attracted to expensive. Are we surprised? No, not at all.

I like this one.

And this one.

And also this one.

And now I’m just depressed and whiney. So basically I need your pity for this severe first world problem and I also need you all to suggest honeymoon destinations. And if you could pitch in like fifty bucks a piece that would be super helpful. THANKS. You’re the best.

Tune in tomorrow morning for Friday favorites where I discuss outrageous Old Navy sales, Nick Miller quotes, and how Christmas is just right around the corner.

It’ll be riveting, y’all.





  • Um, totally can’t wait for tomorrow’s post. So cool we live in the same-ish area!!! But so not cool it costs a jillion dollars to fly anywhere. You want to fly 45 minutes to Houston? Fork out $836 please.
    P.S. I hope you get your trip! Maybe if you get donations your followers can donate to the poor college chick commenting on your post too?? ;) ReplyCancel

  • Hannah

    Check out – we ALWAYS book through there. Our honeymoon is 10 days. All inclusive. Round trip airfare. AND EXCURSIONS. $3300.ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Ooooooooh yes! I’ll check it out!ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie

    Hmmm. Well my sis-in-law and her husband went on cruise and LOVED IT! Got to eat all day if you wanted… ie 24/7 soft serve in like 5 flavors… really delish dinners. Did I mention drinks with umbrellas, spa, pool deck, and excursions or beach time? They had a good time and relaxed but had the option to do things. But you gotta be ok on a boat lol.

    My coworker found an amazing inclusive resort on St. Lucia that looked amazing too!

    My hubs and I went up north…. and hiked… not really what you described lol so I cant help much further. But we loved it ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Oooh thanks! St Lucia sounds incredible!ReplyCancel

  • Liz of LadyBits

    Costa Rica! That’s where we’re going for our honeymoon. It might be expensive airfare, but when you get there it’s so cheap. And you can stay in tropical rainforest treehouses and beach-side cabanas. What more is there?ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Oh wow! I need to look into it! Where in Costa Rica are y’all staying??ReplyCancel

  • I’m going to Vieques, Puerto Rico this November for my cousin’s wedding. Its going to be the most awesome and we don’t even need passports. I don’t know why that’s so enticing to me but its the best.ReplyCancel

    • natalie


(Before I preach at you about how to be productive in the AM, let me preface this by admitting that I wasted my entire pre-work morning on Old Navy’s website spending an obscene amount of money because SALES SALES SALES. Like, really, if you need fall and/or winter clothes, hit up Old Navy today. Buy the pixie pants, by the puffer vest, buy ALL OF IT because everything is 30% off with free two day shipping and I don’t even know why you’re even still reading this. Get out of here.)

I love mornings.

I do. I love them. I cherish the time between sleep and work. It’s one of my favorite parts of the day.

Now before you start assuming things, let me clarify – this does not mean that I spring out of bed bright eyed and bushy tailed each day. OH HELL NO. On the contrary, this morning I almost divorced Taylor because he snoozed FORTY SEVEN TIMES. Like seriously, I’d packed his bags, contacted the lawyer, and begun filing the paperwork.

But mornings are my ME time. You know me time. It’s very trendy right now.

I’m a die hard believer that the way you start your morning off sets the tone for the entire day. And starting every day off like THIS just seems like a recipe for life-long disaster.

So here’s how I manage to get the hell out of bed, and actually enjoy myself in the process.

Go to sleep. This is supposed to be the easy part – SLEEP. It actually starts before you wake upTaylor and I go to bed between 9-10 EVERY DAMN DAY. I’m fully aware of how ridiculous that is, and that it’s not feasible for every person. I get that. But sleep is important. Duh. You’ll feel a million times if you can sneak in an extra hour or two of sleep per night. So stop drinking caffeine, turn off the TV, get off your phone, and go to SLEEP.

Wake upThis part is important. You can’t expect to be a morning person without actually being awake. So just wake up. Some people have to crank up the volume on the alarm and put it all the way across the room. WHATEVER. Don’t care. Do whatever it takes, and try setting your alarm an hour earlier. Yes, I said an HOUR. Just try it.

Find some motivation. The first thing I do when I get out of bed is make my morning blog rounds. Is that pathetic? I mean, yeah, a little. But some start out their mornings by making coffee, some people turn on the TV, some people do a daily devotional. I read blogs. WHATEVER. Just give yourself a little something to look forward to. Find something that is almost as good as sleep, and make it the first part of your morning routine.

Make a plan. Being productive in the morning is the greatest feeling ever. (I mean, not ever. Don’t be gross.) Because if you’re not waking up to accomplish anything, you’re so much more likely to hit snooze. But if you make a little morning to-do list, you just might have a little more motivation to drag yourself out of bed. Just imagine how much you could accomplish with an extra hour in the morning. IMAGINE IT. I’ll help you. You could:

-Make your bed. Seriously, you should be making your bed. It’ll make you feel like you’ve got your shit together like a real grown up. Plus, it just looks nice.
-Eat breakfast. You should be doing this already, too. Because foods are delicious. Omelets and pop-tarts? UM, yes, please.
-Work out. Even if it’s just a walk around the block, moving around will wake your body up and BONUS – rid your conscience of any guilt when happy hour comes around and you’re saying hell yes to that seventh glass of wine.
-Clean. I’m exhausted in the evenings, and by the time I get off work, I don’t feel like doing anything. So I try to do as much as I can in the mornings or on the weekends. You can clean a whole mess of stuff with an extra hour. Fold a load of laundry, empty the dishwasher, mop the floors, just get something done.
-Shower. STOP LAUGHING. I’m serious. If given the choice between showered Natalie and THIS Natalie, you’d opt for earlier mornings too.

Take your time. Have you ever noticed how nice it is to NOT be in a rush during the morning? Yeah, you can change that. Wake up a little earlier. Chillax. Enjoy an episode of Mindy while you’re still in your PJs. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Sleep in. Pick a day (or days) that you designate for sleeping in. It can be Saturday, but it can also be Monday. Pick a day, reserve it, look forward to it, and then ENJOY IT. ‘Cause sleep is the best.

And hangovers are the worst.

But now it’s time for Mindy GOTTA GO BYE.





  • Literally just blogged about this Monday and we have some verrrrrry similar points. Love reading your blog!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      How funny! Yeah, I’m always interested to know other people’s morning routines!ReplyCancel

  • C and I go to bed every night before 10 too! Sometimes as early as 8:30… :) No judgment here!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Oh girl – seriously, us too. When Taylor first started the academy back in April we were in bed by EIGHT that entire first week.ReplyCancel

  • Love this! We get up everyday at 5:30am but I’m usually up at 5 to lay in bed, read blogs, news, etc to wake up my brain before I can drag myself out of bed. This morning though, woke up at 1:17am and couldn’t go back to sleep, Rude.ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Oh no! That sounds terrible! We are usually up between 4:30 and 5:15 (Tay leaves for work at 5) and I just love all that time in my bed to pump myself up for the day lolReplyCancel

  • I also love mornings. I don’t, however, give myself more time than I really need to get showered, dressed, eat, walk the dog, and make coffee. I mean, these things take me about an hour but if I’m ready early I’m all sorts of frazzled and don’t know what to do but leave for work early. Also Michael is usually asleep still when I leave the house and I cant turn on the lights for fear of waking the bird and subsequently providing him with a loud “yeehaw”-ing alarm clock.ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Bahaha, well I’m lucky that Taylor is the one who leaves first (at the ass-crack of dawn) so I get the entire place to myself every morning, and I LIVE FOR IT.ReplyCancel

  • ALSO, I’m so tempted by the ON deals and I kind of hate you for it. Those pants are reallllly freaking cute but I’m so nervous reading reviews that they’re going to be terrible quality. Such is my experience with ON. I swore them off a while ago when I realized their clothes weren’t lasting more than a season but $25 for work pants… to buy or not to buy….ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Buy the pants. Like seriously, buy them. They are outrageously comfortable, and they aren’t J Crew quality, but they’re not Forever 21 quality either. They’re good pants! I’d size up one though. They’re a little snug. A 4 fit me PERFECTLY and I wanted to buy them all.ReplyCancel

  • SLEEP! Yes, totally! Some of these things seem really obvious but they are surprisingly hard to do and remember. Most nights fly by so quick that I eat dinner and the next thing I know it’s 11.30. Sleep is totally key.

    Good pointers!


    • natalie

      Oh my gosh – TOTALLY. That is my life. Even if I’m able to jet out of work right at five, it’s like, I cook dinner and I look up and it’s time for bed. It’s insane. Like where in the hell does the time go?! I’m lucky I don’t have to commute far to work, I’d have NO free time if I had a long drive!ReplyCancel

  • Brooke & Jane

    I hate mornings. passionately. but I’m going to try your tips and see if they become less awful lol.ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Haha, well I agree I’d prefer to be able to just wake up whenever I want and then just doing nothing, but I’m in a much better mood if I have lots of time in the morning!ReplyCancel

  • Great points- and that is exactly why I am a morning person. Plus morning is my favorite time to run. But I find myself getting up early just so I can get things done- Im so much more productive in the morning!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      I agree morning is a great time to run! I run in the AM during the warm weather, and then transition to half and half in the winter. The days that I run after work, I definitely feel a sense of relief from my hectic days!ReplyCancel

  • it’s not innate in me to love mornings but what i do love is NOT feeling rushed and crazy and all over the place because that doesn’t set up the day up very well like you said.

    as much as i love to sleep in, i do have to say i’m most productive in the morning so i’m working on getting my booty out of bed earlier and getting shiz donnnne. good tips to try too!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      I’ll agree, mornings are rough. I think in my ideal world I’d just always get to bed early enough to naturally wake up early without feeling tired and run down! #iwishReplyCancel

  • My friends think I’m crazy for voluntarily waking up early to get a workout in, but I love it! It’s so nice to be able to get it done and out of the way, because I tend to be tired in the afternoons/evenings too and my motivation flies out the window. :) I also love to look at blogs with my cup of coffee first think in the morning. Thanks for the tips :) ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      I agree! Nothing better than taking it slow in the AM! ;) ReplyCancel

  • […] I told you Tuesday about the crazy Old Navy sale and if you didn’t jump on that then I feel imminently sorry for you because who passes up 30% off with free shipping?! Oh that’s right, people who are good with their money. NOT ME. The favorites that robbed me of my paycheck are as follows: […]ReplyCancel

Friends, it’s becoming increasingly clear that you all have some type of wager going to see if you can make me gain 100 pounds by Christmas. I’d wish you luck, but it’s pretty clear you don’t need it.

You’ve got this guys!

I am stupid and I agreed to meet Karen for 5:30am hills. When I walked out the door it was raining, and by the time I got to her house it was really just sprinkling, so we took off. By the time we’d made it about a mile, the rain had picked back up, but it felt amaze-balls. It was light enough not to be miserable, but steady enough to keep us cool and distracted from those bitches hills. You were good to us rain.

I guess hills make me tired because I got home tonight, threw myself on the couch in a dramatic display of exhaustion, and Taylor was like, “Alright, let’s go out to eat.”

My evil plan WORKED. #score

And in case you’ve never been to a Chili’s – FOOD PICS.

I didn’t really feel like being original tonight, so instead I’ve decided to steal Lindsay’s idea and interview Taylor. Because husbands are entertaining and because imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Linds. And also I threw in some funny pictures of Taylor. For good measure. and for entertainment value.

An Interview with Tater Tot

Me: What is the name of my blog?

Taylor: Why so serious? Never so serious? What is it?!

Me: You already suck at this.

Taylor: …

Me: So what do I typically write about? Do you even KNOW?

Taylor: Your life events and running and the food that you cook.

Me: What’s your favorite thing that I’ve cooked lately?

Taylor: I’m a big fan of the barbeque chicken tacos.

Me: I KNEW YOU WERE GOING TO SAY THAT. (He’s referencing that one time that I threw shredded chicken in a taco shell with bbq sauce. OMG the standards.)

Me: What do you know about Pinterest?

Taylor: Something to do with pictures and lots of wedding stuff on there. I’m pretty sure Jordan has a Pinterest.

Me: What’s a popular fashion item for women right now?

Taylor: Scarves. Can’t ever go wrong with scarves. (He’s not wrong though.)

Me: And where’s the best place to shop for women’s clothes?

Taylor: I don’t know… TJ Maxx.

Me: How do you feel about rompers?

Taylor: *Face of disgust* If I had the opportunity to meet the man…or woman – no take woman out of there. NO, leave woman in there -WHOEVER invented the romper, I’d punch them in the tooth. Rompers are the most hideous things to ever be worn by a woman. Or a man. Never seen a man wear one, but it’d be hideous.

Me: What would an acceptable amount of money be to spend on a pair of shoes? 

Taylor: What kind of shoes?

Me: Shoes that you wear on your feet…

Taylor: Tennis shoes? Up to $60. Heels? $20.

Me: What? Explain your logic.

Taylor: You can go to TJ Maxx and get heels for $20. I’ve seen it.

Me: UM. Okay…

Me:Will you ever run a marathon with me?

Taylor: Absolutely not.

Me: Will you ever run a HALF marathon with me?

Taylor: Possibly.

Me: What will it take to get you to run with me?

Taylor: A miracle.

Me: Why do you hate me?!

Taylor: I don’t hate you .I love you.

Me: What are five things you’d find in my purse? NO LOOKING.

Taylor: Gum, chapstick, keys, tampons, lipstick!

Me: Chapstick and lipstick are the same.

Taylor: NO THEY ARE TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. Okay bobby pins.

Me: What do I like to do when you’re not home?

Taylor: Um, you like to blog .Usually while drinking wine. And I’m pretty sure you walk around naked.

Me: Haha, you’re right.

Me: What’s the nicest thing you’ve ever done for me?

Taylor: For you? Asked you to marry me. (HA.)

Me: Am I good at staying on budget?

Taylor: Now that we HAVE  a budget – YES. Before that ehhh.

Me: What’s the thing I do around the house that annoys you the most?

Taylor: You’ve already corrected one of them. When you would leave your Garmin on my hamper. That was pretty annoying. And you leave the damn light on in the closet every day and I have to turn it off when I come home from work.

Me: What’s one thing you’d like to share with anybody who might be reading this?

Taylor: Don’t buy a romper.

YOU’RE WELCOME. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to replace my entire wardrobe with rompers. Suck it Taylor.



  • Bryn

    Haha 2 things. 1) now I have to go find out what Jordan is pinning on his Pinterest board. 2) you do a very good Taylor impersonation in print. I could hear this whole conversation in my head. :) since you opened the door to us telling you what to blog about, I would like to see a guest post by Taylor as punishment for not knowing the name of his wife’s blog.ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      OHMYGOSH. That would be a disaster. So I’ll consider it.ReplyCancel

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THIS IS AMAZING. I love every part of this post. I’m going to buy a romper and wear it over to your apartment so Taylor likes me and trusts me right from the start.ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      YES OMG PLEASE DO IT. Let’s buy matching.ReplyCancel

  • ha ha scarves eh? it’s always interesting to hear a guys perspective on woman’s fashion. i love rompers, but they have to fit perfectly or they look really weird! So maybe he’s only seen really hideous ones and that’s why he hates them?!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      I love rompers, I agree they have to fit jsut right. And I haven’t found one in awhile that fits well so I don’t even own one right now. He really just doesn’t “get” them. They basically blow his mind.ReplyCancel

  • This is pure gold. The rompers part cracks me up because it seems like EVERY guy I know hates them. I think it’s because they have no idea how to take them off haha.ReplyCancel

  • OMG this is too funny. I am pretty sure my husband would have answered pretty much the same to most of these. And he hates rompers too!:)ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      I’m beginning to think they ALL do.ReplyCancel

  • Hahaha this is hilarious! I’ve seen a few of these posts floating around and it’s so funny to read boys’ thoughts on blogging, fashion, and all things girl- I think you definitely need a romper now!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Oh definitely. Except winter is coming so I’ll just have to upgrade to a full blown jumpsuit. See what he thinks of THAT.ReplyCancel

  • Totally considering posing the same questions to my husband! Think many of the answers might line up and I have no idea what he thinks about rompers.ReplyCancel

  • I had a laugh out loud moment when I read the bit about the BBQ tacos! Ha. Men are so easy to please. You gotta love that!


  • HAHAA You are both hilarious and sound like my husband and I.ReplyCancel

  • […] And lastly – this week’s post where I interviewed Taylor. […]ReplyCancel

Happy Sunday. I’m irritated because nuggets dunked in copious amounts of honey roasted barbecue sauce sounds really good BUT I CAN’T HAVE THEM. Also I might be PMSy.

PS I googled “I love CFA” and this is what I found. It seems just a tad excessive.

I believe in honesty. Which is why I’ll tell you that it’s 8pm on a Sunday and I’m still wearing my workout clothes from this morning’s run. 11 hours ago.

It’s also why I’ll tell you right now that neither my heart nor my head are in this post. It’s really just a collection of pictures and poorly constructed thoughts. But we all know if you didn’t photograph your weekend it didn’t really happen and that’s depressing so WHATEVER and let’s just do this.

Friday there were donuts. I deserved them. It said so on the bag.

After the donuts and the uneventful work day, Friday night we went to Main Event to meet up with some of Taylor’s buddies from the Academy. The one that looked like Justin Bieber was my fave. As indicated on all of my social media.

And if you aren’t currently following me on Twitter, surely you will be compelled to now.

(There were also about 20 other people there that I don’t remember/didn’t take a picture of because they bore no resemblance to any celebrity. Their fault.)

There was beer and bowling but really I was still distracted by the Bieber thing so I texted Paige for discussion and a second opinion.

And then I decided an effective way to get a picture would be to ask. It worked. And Paige was glad.

Then I left Taylor stranded at Main Event because this girl was in town and needed a couch on which to crash. I obliged. I also took these photos of her and I have absolutely no memory of what was occurring but I am distracted by Marshall’s face on the TV behind her.

Apparently drunk Taylor came in later that night very concerned about her comfort, so he tried to cover her up with a towel. For extra warmth. He’s so helpful.

I don’t understand why we don’t have more overnight guests. Also – please send blankets.

After we woke her up and she gave us the finger, Taylor left to go help a friend move, and I made Allison take (bra-less) me to Whataburger. She was really happy about it. I ate french fries. That sums it up.

And then I spent the entire rest of the day in the kitchen being surprisingly granola - making roller bottles, scrubs, and lotions with all my new EOs. I’ve never been so productive in my entire life. However, I may have forgotten to shower. (See above re: GRANOLA.) It’s fine, because oils smell incredible.

And then I celebrated by meeting this girl for chips and queso and oil sniffing. I mean dinner and coffee.

Sunday morning I slept in until about 8:30 only to find out that it was still SEVENTY degrees outside. So I took my lazy ass on a run. My legs came too.

Cooler weather makes me a better person.

PBJ, milk, and potato chips. Because my post-run diet is that of a 13 year old boy. No worries, I didn’t eat the body glide.

After the PBJ, Taylor somehow gained control of the remote and turned on football. I wanted to throw myself off the building, but instead I took a nap because MATURITY & COMPROMISE.

Then I made this. It tasted like happiness topped with cheese.

And now I’m going to take a bubble bath. Or shower. Depending on my level of patience. But 2 things to look forward to this week:





  • Brin

    I love Mindy!!! I am beyond excited. She is everything I want to be and more.ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      I follow her on insta (obviously, lol) and she’s been doing a countdown for awhile and I’m SO EXCITEDDD.ReplyCancel

  • The only part of this post that I don’t like is that I wasn’t invited to your party with Justin Beiber on Friday night. THANKS A LOT.ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Well that’s because I don’t share well.ReplyCancel

  • Mallory

    Dinner looked yummy! I also agree that cooler weather makes people happier.ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Oh my gosh it was miraculous. Also made me feel great about lounging around in yoga pants all weekend.ReplyCancel

  • I was singing and got really into it and you were taking my picturz. Also…that sleeping picture… #mouthbreatherReplyCancel

  • Weather was great this weekend! It definitely put me in a better mood.
    Those nails are a little ridiculous!:)
    And that pasta looks amazing! Way to go!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      I laughed because I read your post on your meal planning as that was in the oven. And then Taylor asked me during dinner, “Is this healthy?”

      I laughed in his face.ReplyCancel

  • How in the world is it cooler in Texas this week than it is in Georgia? What is wrong with this place?ReplyCancel

  • I am SO glad you reminded me that Mindy is backkk!!! Which also means New Girl is back! Which means I am taking over the remote this week and Cameron’s fantasy football team is just going to have to get over it.ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      I didn’t even think about New Girl OMGGGGGGG. Holy crap. Apparently all I will be doing all winter long is watching TV. Not mad about it.ReplyCancel

  • Can I give you my number so you can text me when you have been drinking? Or sober.ReplyCancel

  • Hahaha. I am just really jealous that you have access to a Whataburger. There are ZERO in Arkansas.ReplyCancel

  • what are those things on your calves? if i wear them will i be able to run 6 miles in under an hour? are they magic? can i have that cheese stuff?ReplyCancel

  • That spicy sausage pasta looks amazing. I definitely want to make it now.ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      It’s CRAZY easy. Make it tonight!ReplyCancel

  • First I’m OBSESSED with your blog. It’s embarrasing. Second, I’d love to know what you made with your DoTerra oils! I’m also obsessed with them and I’m always looking for new recipes. I have a great face toner recipe but still looking for a facewash! Your packaging and what not is so cute. I’m jealous.ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Well thank you thank you! It’s NOT embarrassing. It’s awesome. And now I have to go check out yours! So I just got my first “big” order in, and I made hand scrub with coconut oil and sugar, and then I made some whipped coconut moisturizers. I also put together “liquid xanax” rollers and a headache relief roller! Crazy crazy easy. I need that toner recipe! I plan on looking up more things I can make, but I’ve still got to build up my oil collection a little bit. This weekend I want to try to make bath bombs!ReplyCancel

  • That pasta bake looks beautiful!
    Eeek didn’t know new Mindy Project was so soon! Too much great tv to watch right now, so little time :( ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      I KNOW RIGHT! I’m going to have to quit my day job to keep up!ReplyCancel