Today is a sad day because my favorite coworker and wonderful friend worked her LAST DAY at the office. That’s right. She’s fired.

Oh, I’m kidding. She is moving on to bigger and better things but I’m still really mad at her for leaving me because I’m immature like that. I felt like this girl all day long.

True story.

I didn’t get her a going away present because she’s leaving me and I don’t believe in rewarding bad behavior. But I did throw her a going away party. My disciplinary tactics might be just a little bit confusing.

Her cake.

KIDDING – this was her real cake.

Bryn, thanks for keeping me sane for the past three years!


I was so busy showing off our spectacular pad yesterday, that I completely forgot to fill you in on the best part of my hump day. After work I met Sydney at Times Ten Cellars for the happiest hour ever. $8 wine tastings are the poor man’s vacation.

Catching up on life makes us hungry, so after a few sips, we decided it would be in our best interest to order a 5 Cheese Pizza and OMG. Talk about good life decisions. We were drooling. The Italians really know what they are doing.

I really love this girl and her affinity for happy hour.

Big Syd you are my fave and Taylor and I are still open to moving in with you so we can be roommates again. Think it over.

Okay people, it’s that time again…time for your weekly MAFS recap!

Let’s just get it out in the open now – Jason and Cortney are winners of the best apartment contest.


Oh you didn’t know there was a contest? THERE WAS. It was unspoken, but still very real. Alright, let’s get this started.

Jamie and Doug

Well OBVIOUSLY the best part of this episode was when Jamie’s dog tried to climb up on Doug’s head and damn near succeeded. I tried to screen shot it, it didn’t work. Just take my word for it.

But anyway, Jamie has done a total 180 since the first episode. Which makes you wonder if she’s gone off her meds. Because she not only likes Doug now, she acts like a love struck 12 year old when he’s around. And when he’s not. So actually that might just be her personality. We’ll have to wait and see.

Other strange things – they start talking about money and Jamie says she can’t be with somebody who is in debt. Well sweet cheeks I hope you and Dave Ramsey will be very happy together because EVERYBODY is in debt. Except for Dave, he’s really got his shit figured out.

They also picked the ugliest apartment so I no longer trust their judgment. Plus Doug has had a black X on his right forearm for the ENTIRE episode, despite all of his wardrobe changes. What does it mean? Has he not showered? Does he go clubbing every night? Someone PLEASE explain it to me.

But all in all, these two are growing on me. Doug  makes me laugh in the way only a dorky guy can. And lezbehonest, he’s pretty lovable.

Monet and Vaughn

OH BOY. These two. These two are a piece of work. Right now they seem like friends. But friends that don’t like each other that much. I mean, look at the body language people. It’s ALL ABOUT THE BODY LANGUAGE.

They’re both like “MEH, I had a pretty good life before this and you are all up in my space.Then they start talking about finances and Vaughn is like, “I’m really comfortable being a provider,” and she’s like, “Ohhhh IDK.” JUST LET THE MAN PAY THE BILLS. And then once they’ve moved in together, it’s becomes very clear – she drives him crazy, and he pisses her off. He literally can’t stand the sound of her voice. Soooooo that’s where we are right now. I’m choosing to stay optimistic because I like when Vaughn wears tank tops.

I couldn’t find you a picture of Vaughn in a tank top but I did find this which might actually be better.

Cortney and Jason

We already know they picked the cutest apartment, so they are now leaps and bounds ahead of our other couples.

Yeah, they’re cute and stuff.

Not much has changed here. They are still adorable. And it hasn’t gotten old.

OH BUT THIS I ALMOST FORGOT! Remember how Jason is an EMT? Now, do you remember the time when the psychologist guy said,

Jason has a unpredictable and often changing work schedule and Cortney…has a very demanding responsibility for her burlesque show and other activities.”

HAHAHAHAHAHA. That actually happened. I’m not judging y’all, cause I’ve actually been to Brooklyn burlesque show, but THAT is hilarious. Like,

Jason has a very busy saving all the lives and Cortney bears the responsibility of shaking her boobs in the faces of strangers, so she’s pretty busy too.”

Oranges and apples, y’all. Oranges and apples. Also, I found this.

You’re welcome.

And tomorrow is Friday. Praise the Lord.




  • Clearly Monet was afraid to relinquish complete control of the finances to Vaughn because you KNOW he’d be all up in her business about buying any more shoes.

    I agree that Vaughn is the prettiest of all the husbands, but I really want him and Monet to work out not just to keep his pretty mug around. I think his strong desire to be married and start a family is really admirable. I’m hoping that neither of them is completely checked out and just waiting for the 5 weeks to be done. I really hope that sitting down with the experts will help them figure out how to mesh their different personalities and clear up their communication issues because they both badly want the same thing- to start a family. I think the experts paired them together because the two of them could recreate the kind of family that they loved growing up in because of the similarity of their upbringings and shared values… even though it looks like that won’t be happening. ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Yeah, it’s so funny because their facts are what make them seem like SUCH a good match. But I really think it seems to be the WAY in which they communicate that is going to be their downfall. Because they really do agree on all the important things. It’s just like they communicate so differently. SO INTERESTING.ReplyCancel

  • Haha I really need to start watching this show. Although your descriptions might be better than the actual show. I’ll let you know.

    • natalie

      Hahaha, yes PLEASE start watching!! :) ReplyCancel

I spend a lot of time online. I feel like that goes without saying, but just in case, I want to reiterate – I SPEND A LOT OF TIME ONLINE. Which is why I know that the blogosphere LOVES home tours. Myself included. And every time I am perusing online and going through someone’s home tour, I find myself having the following thoughts:

-UM, WHERE DO YOU GET ALL THE MONEY? Is your last name Gates, Johnson, or Winfrey?


Honestly. WHERE does it come? Even DIY-ing ain’t cheap. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. I’m assuming these people don’t spend their money on things like the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, or pizza and wine filled happy hours, which really just makes me sad.

-WHERE DOES ALL THE TIME COME FROM? Do you work?? I assume yes, (see above RE: MONEY) and I’m sorry, but do you come home from work and just dive straight into decorating? Because when I get home from work my routine is as follows: say HI to Tater Tot, sigh deeply at the HELL that is my messy home, realize I’m STARVING, immediately start working on dinner, EAT dinner, CLEAN UP dinner, spend a little bit blogging and/or catching up on blogs while half assed-ly watching Mindy or New Girl reruns, realize it’s 8:30 and say OMG we have to get ready for bed, actually GET ready for bed, and then go to sleep.

So you review that list again and please tell me where I’m supposed to find the time for DIY. Yeah. So you think on that and get back to me.

But all these stunning home tours have inspired me. It is time for a REAL home tour. So tonight I’m inviting you into our 861 square feet of paradise. You’ll get an all-access pass, complete with top notch tips decorating and DIY tips. Ok, the last part was a lie. I have no tips. However I will accept tips.

Let’s begin shall we?

Welcome to apartment ###! I can’t tell you the real number cause stalkers and stuff. HA. I’m kidding. I wish I had a stalker. Anyways. First floor. Quiet neighbors. Eye level peephole. All the important things in life.

Come in! Make yourself at home! Upon entering you’ll immediately notice the white walls and the collection of shoes that Taylor likes to keep RIGHT OUT IN THE OPEN CAUSE APPARENTLY HE WEARS SEVENTEEN PAIRS A DAY. It’s so totally fine by me.

Make yourself at home. But please DEAR GOD – don’t track any dirt in behind you. This carpet is outrageously light and if I have to get down on my hands and knees to scrub out another dirt stain I will cut a bitch.

This is what I like to call the foyer. A space like this is very important because it gives your guests a place to dump their shit. That is, it would  if Taylor didn’t use it as his own personal dumping ground for frisbees, pocket knives, chargers, gum, and whatever else he sees fit. PLUS a crooked garage sale mirror that will leave your guests wondering, “Is the house crooked, or am I?” is essential to every home’s entryway.

If you continue on, you’ll be standing in the weird open space that isn’t quite living room, and isn’t quite dining. It’s big enough to do a cartwheel or hold a king size air mattress. So let’s just call it the guest room.


Once you’ve made it past the guest room, you’ll be standing in the actual living room. This is where we do our living. Everybody wave hello to the $12 college dorm room arm lamp because we all know overhead lighting is just another trend that is on its way out.

Above the couch, you’ll find the gallery wall of narcissism. There’s one in the home of every young couple. This gallery wall is a  result of finding yourself with an excess of leftover wedding and engagement photos, AND being too poor for actual art.

And now you’re standing in the library. I don’t have anything negative to say about the library. But one time Taylor did sneak his Texas Ranger bobbleheads in there and it took me like four days to notice. That shows you how much reading I do.

This is the chair I found for $50 on Craigslist that Taylor insists is uncomfortable. He is lying. It is the exact level of comfort one would expect for $50.

If you do a 180 turnaround, you’ll be staring back at the guest room with incredible views of the dining area and kitchen.

Let’s dine! If you bring more than one guest to dinner, you will have to bring your own chair. This has actually happened before. The table is where I do lots of blog stalking, meal planning, and nail painting. So you could also call it a multi-purpose room. YES. Let’s call it that.

This table is actually a Pier 1 table that I love and snagged for dirt cheap from a co-worker who was moving. It’s also really good at storing my to-do lists and a stack of wedding thank you notes that I’m still working on. HEY. No judgment while you’re under my roof.

Take a right and you’ll be standing in the kitchen. The kitchen is where we make all the delicious things like wheat thins and hummus. Actually I don’t make those. I buy them, and then eat them while standing at the counter.

If you make it on the fridge you’re a BIG DEAL. There’s also a calendar, meal plan notepad, marathon training plan I’m not following, and most importantly – CHIPS.

Exit the kitchen and walk back through the guest room over to the MASTER SUITE. But before you step into the master suite look down and to your right where you’ll find the gym. Understandably, this is why I’m in such good shape.

That lump in the bed is Taylor. He was topless and didn’t want you guys to know. Now you know. Oops. Our walls are shockingly bare but I really am obsessed with the sign above our bed. Taylor won it for me at a charity auction last year, and it sat in the corner of my old room until we got married so it makes my heart pretty happy.

My side of the bed. And the decorative pillows that Taylor chunked off when he ducked under the covers.

Taylor’s side of the bed. He always seems to have a paper bag. Where the hell do you even find a paper bag anymore? Where are they coming from? I need to look into that.

This eyesore of a dresser is Taylor’s. It’s older than he is, but we are too poor/lazy to drive up to Ikea to buy the dresser that matches our set. We’ll get around to it, I swear. We also like to keep fishing poles in the corner. #apartmentlife

That Z carved from an old Readers Digest is actually my fave. I found this year on my birthday and totally overpaid. Cause it’s what I do. And yes, we are watching Pitch Perfect. And no, I’m not the one who turned it on.


This is the bathroom. I’m trying to think of something clever to say here. I’ve got nothing. Nothing at all. There are two sinks. So that’s pretty fancy.

Have you noticed that Taylor keeps a belt in every room of the house? Cause he does. EVERY ROOM OF THE HOUSE. It’s fine. I’m fine.

Honest to God, this is the biggest closet I’ve ever had in my life. EVER IN MY LIFE. It is packed full of all our crap but I’ve never had a closet I can actually step INSIDE OF so this is a big deal.

Last but not least, laundry room/makeshift closet. You’re welcome to Snuggle and Maytag for the free advertising.

I hope this made you feel good about the state of your home. That was totally my objective.

I’m sorry I didn’t get to watch MAFS tonight but you can bet your ass I’ll have a more than thorough recap for you tomorrow. So if you haven’t watched it, this is your chance to catch up. You are now excuse-less.



  • Molly

    BEST home tour I have ever been on! I mean you’ve got TWO night stands that each have their own lamp. You’ve really got your shit together woman!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      But like really though…people underestimate that.ReplyCancel

  • Erin Henson

    Love your blog! It always makes me laugh :) ReplyCancel

  • I AM DYING. This is my favorite post you’ve ever done.ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Hahahahaha compliment AND insult all rolled in to one. YOU DA BEST.ReplyCancel

  • Definitely enjoyed seeing your room tour! Have you thought of doing a video?ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Haha I really haven’t! Mainly just because I can’t stand the sound of my own voice, but maybe one day! Hopefully later, when I have something better to video :) ReplyCancel

  • Well, I always prefer to use the term “lived-in” to “messy”. :) it’s all about perspective.ReplyCancel

  • […] was so busy showing off our spectacular pad yesterday, that I completely forgot to fill you in on the best part of my hump day. After work I met Sydney […]ReplyCancel

  • Rebekah

    Makes me feel better about my husband and I living in a 490 sq ft condo that literally has the kitchen, bedroom, living room, office space (a single desk) and home gym (two weights and a yoga mat) all rolled into the same room!ReplyCancel

First of all, big thanks to Facebook for reminding me that today is my husband’s birthday. I mean, WHOA. That was a close one.

If you’re new here, that’s what we like to call sarcasm. But anyways, happy birthday to my 3rd favorite** guy in the world!

(**Neil Patrick Harris and Scott Disick take first and second. I feel like that was pretty obvious.)

I woke up really early to make chocolate chip cupcakes as a really grand birthday gesture because I am the best wife ever.  Especially at 4:30am.

Then I really swear I was going to squeeze in a work out but I got really wrapped up in this book and before I knew it TWO HOURS had gone by and I was like, “OH SHIT – I totally forgot I have a job to go to.”

Work has been crazy-ball town as of late, so I’ve been going home for my lunch breaks. It’s one of the perks of living five miles from the office. Having an hour to recoop/watch TV/veg out before the madness starts again is what is keeping me sane these days. And because I do literally everything that PW tells me to do (and that my limited kitchen will allow) I threw together this delicious little wrap.

Goat cheese and strawberries were made for each other, in my opinion. They just go.  After I made it I thought WHOA. That would be really good with shrimp too. But really everything is good with shrimp AM I RIGHT?!

After work Taylor and I headed out to his parents for birthday dinner and as we were pulling up to their driveway we saw this HUMONGOUS JURASSIC PARK LOOKING DINOSAUR.

Taylor seems to think it was a snapping turtle, but I know better.

When we got to their house, my mother in law immediately poured me a glass of wine which reminded me again of how lucky I am to have her.

And then they over-fed us like champs which is really what good people do.

I completely fail at transitions so I’m going to just jump into this post’s namesake.

I do not consider this blog a success. I also don’t not consider it a success. Surely my stellar grammar and impeccable way with words are(n’t) a contributing factor. Anyways, because I’m a sweetheart, I’m going to divulge to you the big fat truth about blogging. Are you ready? No? Fine, I’ll wait.

Ok, are you ready now? Good God you are high maintenance. Okay, the big fat truth about blogging is…


 Nearly all of my closest friends have willingly admitted to me “Oh, I totally read your blog!” And I’m like “OH YEAH THEN WHAT HAPPENED YESTERDAY!?!!?” And they’re usually like “Well, ALRIGHT FINE. I really just look at the pictures.


(Note – Don’t even bother asking, I’m not prepared to divulge the identity of Darth Vader at this time. Also, I have terrible typos while texting and I am completely unapologetic.)

Thank you. I’m aware. I know, I KNOW you look at the pictures. That is why I take my job of entertaining you with cleverly timed and appropriately inserted gifs VERY seriously. It is a responsibility that has been bestowed upon me by the good Lord and it is one I do not take lightly. Like here, see?

If that didn’t make you laugh you are either messed up in the head or not a child of the 90’s. In either case, I’m not really sure how you made it here.

But anyways, yeah, it’s true. It’s completely and totally all about the pictures. This is good for me and bad for me, all at the same time. It’s like Taylor Swift says, “We’re happy free confused and lonely AT THE SAME TIME” and you’re like well that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but then you think about it again and you’re like NO WAIT I TOTALLY GET IT. Yeah, it’s just like that. Let’s discuss the ways in which I both suck and rock at the pictures rule the world game.

Positive Points

-I take a shit ton of pictures. Just today I’ve taken about 74 pictures of food, three screen shots, one selfie, and one accidental photo of the carpet/part of my ankle. Documenting every last second of my life? No problem, I’ve got this covered.

Negative Points

-I take a shit ton of terrible quality pictures. I have no fancy camera. I have an iPhone 4 for shits sake. FOUR. As in – what came directly after the iPhone 3G? Oh that’s right – MY PHONE. And even though I filter the living crap out of my pictures, still, I mean – NO. So all of this documentation is taking place on a sub-par camera phone and by the way this is a real live favorite co-worker conversation from my day that just so happens to pertain to my topic.

All this to say, I sincerely hope that you enjoy iPhone pictures. If not, I hope you are willing to donate to my camera fund. I’ll get a GoFundMe page started ASAP for you generous folk.

And if none of this made sense to you, please, blame it on my mother in law. She’s the one who poured the third glass of wine.



PS – Don’t you DARE forget to watch MAFS tomorrow so we can all discuss. We do a lot of discussing around here.


  • Bryn

    I LOVE PW. She’s my soulmate. Have I ever told you that before?ReplyCancel

  • Beatrice Jones

    Beatrice here, love the blog! I must admit the pictures are the best part. ToodlesReplyCancel

  • Haha, sooooo true! It’s alllll about the pics. I take a ton of photos with my phone, but do I ever get out my DSLR? Nope. Almost never.

    Oh, and I love the little firetruck birthday napkins. I need to pick those up for my hubby’s birthday this weekend.ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Haha that was all his mother! She LOVES themes :) And I’ve wondered that too, even if I DID have a nice camera, would I lug it around with me all day? Mmmmmmm PROBS NOT.ReplyCancel

  • Ugh I know it is all about the pictures and you know what?! I am terrible at taking pictures. I need to get better at this!ReplyCancel

  • i’m still stuck on why it’s called ‘camera phone’ and also very impressed that you woke up at 4:30am to make chocolate chip muffins! hot dang-you’re good!ReplyCancel

  • Hahah you are SO right! Too funny :) Why have I not been visiting your blog this whole time?!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Haha, I KNOW. It’s the sad, unspoken truth. And IDK! WHY HAVEN’T YOU?! Kidding. Why haven’t I been visiting yours?! That is changing NOW!ReplyCancel

  • Haha I do love seeing pictures but I swear I also read the blogs! But I think people who don’t blog probably just scan posts and see what they want to see. I know most of the people who read my blog who I know in real life don’t comment (and probably don’t read it in detail).
    I wish I had a fancy camera, but for now the iphone will have to do. Thank god for filters:)ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Yes, totally! People who actually blog are more likely to appreciate the actual content and the whole writing “process” – completely agree!ReplyCancel

  • You are hilarious! You are right it is totally all about the pictures, but I I will say I like to read your blog too. I have 2 hobbies, talking and taking pictures so I have to fight the urge to “over” communicate on my blog! I do have a fancy camera because photography is my passion but I never use it for blogging. Can you imagine me chaining my lens on my giant camera to take a picture of dinner! My BF would never take me out to dinner again!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Hahaha, exactly! It’s like even if I had a big fancy camera, who would cart it around to document every part of the day? NOT ME.ReplyCancel

All I’ve done this weekend is eat, sleep, and drink. And it has been AWESOME. This gif represents me. Being an irresponsible glutton and loving every second of it.

So Friday started out with sleeping late (#dirtyhair) and then celebrating with donuts. I wish I could say this was my first donut. I also wish I could say it was my second. It was neither. But third times a charm, right?

Friday was shit on a stick (think fair food) but I made it to 5 o’clock unscathed and met Taylor and like 317 firefighters (IDK y’all, I lost count) at happy hour.

Sometimes I bring my own coozie to public places cause no one likes cold condensation on their hands so just shut up about it, ok?Anyways, We stayed at the bar SO LATE (11ish?) and then caught a taxi home because I turn into a pumpkin at midnight. True story.

Y’all know I can’t sleep in so we were both up at 6:45 on Saturday morning. Taylor left the house at like 7:30 to play disc golf and I was all, “I’m going to stay here and clean and accomplish ALL THE THINGS” which as we all know really means I’m going to stay in bed pants-less watching 5 episodes of OITNB.

But I did shower so by the time he made it home so I accomplished one of the things. And then we proceeded to lay in bed and nap all freakin’ day. #likeaboss

Saturday evening I’d planned on throwing a little surprise birthday dinner for Taylor, but because everything I touch turns to disaster, the restaurant we were planning on having it at was having a huge fundraiser and was packed out to the max. So I was forced to ruin the surprise and relocate dinner to Fuzzy’s Tacos at the last minute. And so I’ve now sworn to never attempt to organize anything ever again ever so long as I live. Kidding. Mostly. Probably.

Dinner ended up being a blast despite my lack of organization and planning ahead, and afterwards we headed down the street to a local bar where we camped out and celebrated my favorite birthday boy of all time.

And sometimes you try to take a nice birthday photo with that birthday boy but all of his friends are CHILDREN so your winner pic is the one where you have bunny ears. It’s whatevs.

And then we hit up Whataburger for 1am taquitos because I am physically incapable of saying no to bacon/egg/cheesy/picante goodness. Especially after midnight.

We came home and crashed pretty hard (Is it possible to crash soft? Like a mild crash? Someone look that up and let me know.) so we didn’t have any trouble sleeping in this morning. For some reason Taylor was a little ball of energy this morning and I was like WTF MAN YOU DRANK WAY MORE THAN ME.

So anyways, he left to go wander around Academy and then brought me back a present and I remembered why I love him.

In case you’ve forgotten – it is obscenely hot around here and so I stayed on the couch watching movies for a really long time. And I only left the house once to run to Target and grab groceries and I was sweating and cursing the whole time. Like a grumpy old man. I really am a delight. Then tonight for dinner I tackled my first pineapple (ever – YEAH) to whip up these PW Grilled Chicken & Pineapple Quesadillas.

And HOT DAMN they were good. Really good. Taylor took the first bite and goes, “OHMYGOD.”

So yeah. Good. Really good. If you make them now you will not regret it. Use Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue. And eat a lot of pineapple. And think happy thoughts. Not necessary while eating, just in general. It’s a good life tip.

And sadly, tomorrow is Monday. I’m repressing all the memories of every other Monday of my life in order to keep a positive outlook. Wish  me luck.



  • Yum!! That recipe looks soo yummy! Did it take a long time to cook? I’m going to have to try it!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      It took me about an hour, and cutting the pineapple and just waiting for the chicken to cook was most of that. But it was really easy and SO good!ReplyCancel

  • I know you’ve written about your love for Target before and because of that you’ll understand how much I NEEDED to be at target this weekend. Just reading about your mention of target made me a happier girl this morning. Which is kind of sick when you think about it. I was at Target twice this weekend. #IhaveaproblemReplyCancel

    • natalie

      I’m being 1000% honest when I say that it is a RARITY for me to visit Target any less than 5 times a week. FIVE TIMES. It really is the holiest of places.ReplyCancel

  • Your weekends are always so much tastier than mine! I’m jealous! I need to try that recipe!


    • natalie

      OHMYGOODNESS YES. You do need to try it! And my weekends might be tasty, but my Mondays are also probably 5 lbs heavier!ReplyCancel

  • just found your blog because of the p90x=nutella comment and hilllllarious. it sounds like you had a stellar weekend full of donuts (my fav in addition to cookies) and super smart you bring your own coozie places. i’m into the way you think (but not in an overly creepy way)!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Hahaha, no I LOVE creepy. It’s more my style. And yes people at the bar were looking at me with partial judgment/partial jealousy. Just the way I like it.ReplyCancel

  • When I was out a few weeks ago we were talking about how we wished we brought koozies with us! Some of my friends were saying they usually bring them out. I think its a great idea:)ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      YES. If we all start doing it, it will cease to be weird and everyone else will just be jealous!ReplyCancel

  • Loved your weekend – it was what all weekends should be like! Definitely trying that recipe – I love pineapple!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Thanks! It was a relaxing one! And HOLY COW YES – it was incredible and SO SO easy!ReplyCancel

  • that looks so good! i’m always so nervous to buy a pineapple for fear that i won’t actually do anything with it and then i’ll be left to beg my husband to do it for me. i never think about anything other than putting it in zip lock baggies to take to work. i really want to try that.ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      You should! I’m a dummy and had no clue how cheap pineapples really are. I paid less than $2 for a giant one. I’m usually a canned or frozen pineapple kinda girl, so I don’t have to worry about anything going bad, but these turned out SO good.ReplyCancel

3 Month Anniversary

HEY HI HEY! We’ve officially made it 90 days, which in Kardashian years, makes us experts. We celebrated by going to Outback for an outrageously fatty and delicious dinner. And by celebrated, I mean we ran out of groceries and I didn’t feel like cooking. #ROMANCE

And then after that, we went home, threw on our PJs and hopped in bed at 7pm to watch Delivery Man, which was weird and also adorable.

Don’t make fun of me for writing my name on my thin mints. I’m territorial like that. But the point is, happy happy 3 months to my husband! (Click here for wedding recap!)

Gap Always Skinny Jeans

I’m no fashion blogger (cause HI HELLO fuzzy crocs) but these are the greatest jeans I”ve ever owned. I’m beyond obsessed. These jeans are the perfect wash and fit. And I got them for 25% off last weekend. Hell yeah.

I’ve also never had a thigh gap, and as long as pretzel m&ms exist, that will always be the case. But serious – SO COMFY.

Icebreakers Ice Cubes

These little bastards. I don’t care what anybody says. Chomping down on blocks of minty goodness is way more exciting than chomping down on a stick of gum. No contest. 

Sleeping In

I’ve slept in almost every day this week. UM, sorry I’m not sorry. And even though my “sleeping in” is 6am, it’s been INCREDIBLE.

Cute Nails (and also the wine, too)

I’m still really loving these. I really relish in having nails that don’t resemble gremlin hands. If you are interested in trying out Jamberry, click here for approximately 1 million adorable options. And now for the Jamberry giveaway winner!

Kim @ Hungry Healthy Girl!

Congratulations Kim, you’ll be receiving an email from me very shortly! Thank you to everyone who entered!