You know how when you go to blog you try your hardest to tap into some inner creative genius and you’re like “COME TO ME CLEVER TITLE.” Well, I ate a lot of eggs this weekend was about as clever as my brain can do on a Monday. And to be fair, it’s not even clever. Just accurate.

Moving on.

Friday evening, my dear sweet friend Alli came to visit and we celebrated by hitting up The Keg for overpriced steaks. But unfortunately, due to the dimly lit romantic nature of that restaurant, there are no photos. But just for you, I’ll google a picture of filet mignon. 




I don’t really remember what happened after The Keg because #foodcoma but I’m pretty sure it involved Friends reruns and watching our dogs fight over a rawhide bone. This is what life is like in your late twenties people.

Saturday morning I drove to Midlothian to have breakfast with these two crazies. 

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE

I’m very into the eggs lately so I ordered a giant ass omelet with all the toppings and ate the entire thing plus 2 biscuits and I’m not even a lil’ bit sorry.

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Then we took photos because I won’t see this girl again until AUGUST and also thank the Lord for oversized dresses that hide my omelet shaped belly.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE
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After breakfast, Emily and I had time to kill, so we headed over to Target where I grabbed a bunch of things on clearance (table, decorative baskets, etc.) but I forgot to take pictures so you’ll have to take my word for it.

And then I dealt with this bastard. A little background into my love/hate with this dog. Max apparently has SEVERE allergies. And we have no idea to what (and neither does the vet). We have tried literally every solution and treatment suggested by the vet and google and every well meaning friend (changed his food, tried claritin, benadryl, steroids, yucca intensive drops, essential oils, 2 kinds of medicated shampoos – WE’VE TRIED IT ALL) but he’s been so itchy lately that Friday he chewed the pad right off of his paw, and subsequently bled all over my house. I wasn’t able to get him into the vet Saturday, so I consulted Dr. Google and $75 later, I’d patched him up and pissed him off by forcing him into an inflatable cone. 

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Once Max was good and miserable, I turned on Netflix to watch some OITNB Season 3. But y’all, I wasn’t into it AT ALL. Like, not even a little tiny bit. I watched 2 episodes and was like, “Is this even the same show?!” Maybe I was just in the wrong frame of mind, but I was disappointed. And bored. 


As was Max.

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So we decided to switch to watching The Duchess for the 16th time. Because it never disappoints. 

Sunday morning I lazied around with cripple dog for a bit, and then headed out to Dallas to spend Father’s Day letting my stepdad cook for me. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?? Eggs benedict with fresh tomatoes and smashed potatoes and 9 helpings of strawberry danish for dessert. I WIN BREAKFAST.

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And that’s it for the weekend recapping. Too many servings of eggs and not enough servings of naps. But real, live, actual content is coming your way this week. Can you believe it?! CAN YOU?! 



PS – I was only kidding you are more than free to offer dog allergy suggestions because I’m going CRAZY over here.

  • Chrystal

    We have two allergy Yorkies, and while they’ve never chewed off their foot (yikes!) the licking/scratching/chewing is constant. After treating with medicine (Apoquel) for a year we were tired and asked the vet if there’s anyway to just make it STOP. He took blood and sent it off to see what they are allergic to (everything!) and then based off those results ordered allergy vaccines that will hopefully build up their immunity against the things that make them itch. It’s worked really well for one, still working on the other. You just have to be able to give them the shots yourself. I’ve resigned myself to being the crazy dog owner who gives their dog allergy shots. Sorry, I know dog advice is like baby advice: annoying most of the time :) Hope Max feels better!ReplyCancel

  • Kristina

    Hey Natalie! Our dog had such horrible allergies that shows with ear infections, itchy paws – when he had itchy paws, we would soak his paws in epsom salt for 5 minutes twice a day, and itchy/dry skin. We had to get a food and environmental allergy panel done with our vet and it turns out he’s allergic to all meat – except kangaroo (don’t ask me how they test for that), gluten, rice, oats, dairy, pretty much all food. He’s also allergic to all grass, dust, wood, and plants native to the Northwest – and we live in Seattle. We had to get him on immune-suppresent shots (not as expensive as they sound) to get him adjusted to being around everything, and he eats Kangaroo and Lentil dog food. His allergies are definitely an adjustment, but he eats super healthy, can’t eat table scraps, so hopefully he’ll live a nice and long life :) I would ask your vet to just get an allergy panel done, both food and environmental panel.

    Wow, that was long. It was such a weird experience, but he’s so much happier now!ReplyCancel

  • Okay, I have been feeling the same way about this season of OITNB… it starts off boring but it does get a little better. I’m on Episode 10 right now and I do find myself eager to continue, so my advice is to hang in there.

    And that sucks about Max’s paw :( I wonder if you should try putting coconut oil on the bottoms of his paws to moisturize them? Maybe they’re dry and that is aggrevating the itchiness? I’m no vet but it might be worth a shot.ReplyCancel

  • OH my goodness- he is bandaged up SO CUTE! Sans blood, that is adorable. Also, I think that inflatable cone looks REALLY comfortable.ReplyCancel

  • Deidre

    Hey, Nat we use the shampoo from pet smarts grooming place it has helped Lexi a lot she gets itchy a lot. It might help with sweet max.. Have you tried organic dog shampoos/conditioners to maybe help?ReplyCancel

  • From my vet:

    Also, I feel the same way about OITNB. I was wondering if it was just me!!!ReplyCancel

  • I completely understand you feeling bored with OITNB. I am only on episode 5 (I think – it was two weekends ago) and I can tell you it isn’t getting very exciting.

    I just feel really sad watching it this season. It must be all the backstories that the characters have. I do like watching their day to day though so that helps me a bit. I heard the whole season is kind of boring and then BAM, the ending hits you like woah.

    Not sure yet, but I will keep doing my research (aka laying on the couch) and keep you updated.

    Also, inflatable cone is genius. Poor MAX.ReplyCancel

  • Poor Max. :( A good friend of mine has a dog that has cost them a small fortune. They had an allergy panel done on her, and that poor girl is allergic to EVERYTHING. Just changing her food or keeping her away from her allergens was literally impossible. They had to go the route of desensitization with the shots. It was a very rough few months, but she’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better now. Might be worth checking into.ReplyCancel

  • I’ve been saying the same thing about OITNB!! It took me 5 days to get through 2 episodes! I did watch the third last night and it’s picked up a little…but still not as good as it used to be. That’s always the case though isn’t it? Someone please let me know if they find something else I can be obsessed with.

    x. MorganReplyCancel

  • I had a black lab who was severally allergic to everything. We finally figured out that one of his allergies was to grass. GRASS! My DOG was allergic to GRASS. He did the same thing with the pads of his feet. His allergy was a lot worse in the Spring and Summer than it was in the Fall in winter, but the vet gave him a prescription for his allergies that he was on for the rest of his life. I hope Max is feeling better!ReplyCancel

  • FIRST OF ALL, you are not in your late 20s until you’re 27 so don’t EVEN go there. You’re in your MID TWENTIES. Second, OITNB season 3 took me a while to get into, but once I got halfway through I realized it wasn’t as good as the other seasons and I just have so many questions about it.ReplyCancel

  • Eggs are amazing. The end.ReplyCancel

  • Poor Max!! Except RUDE that he bled all over your house. But poor Max. Give him a hug for me! Also those eggs look amazing, now I want eggs thanks for that.ReplyCancel

  • That is a lot of eggs… and Max always looks how I feel. Especially right now. And after reading about your weekend. Because that’s a lot of driving, adventures, and eggs for one weekend! I don’t see an omelet belly – but I do see a cute dress! Love that look!ReplyCancel

  • I’ve been SUPER into eggs lately as well, which is a real frickin bummer, since it’s the ONE time eggs are crazy expensive. I feel horrible for your dog – as a human, I have eczema and am always itchy, so i feel his pain. I’ve read about dogs having grass allergy and having to wear booties/shirts when walking through grass, could that be related? ALso, love his paw cover.ReplyCancel

  • While I want to crack up at how stinkin’ cute Max looks right now, I feel your pain! Truckee has bad allergies too and usually in the summer her belly is like covered in crusty bumpy sore things. Ew. Poor Max, bless his heart!!! I hope he didn’t bleed all over any of your pretty rugs!ReplyCancel

Oh hello…Friday.


Last night Taylor and I had some late night (late night for us = 8:30) visitors who forced us to go get ice cream cones and stay up until 11 talking and laughing, so you’ll just have to excuse the zombie-blogging. But I’m looking forward to this weekend because my one and only plan is a nap. Or napS. Seven of them, preferably. And maybe little Scandal Season 4? Or Orange Is the New Black? Maybe? Well, while I mull over that tough life decision, let’s go ahead and get into Friday Favorites

1 / New Shoes

I snagged these beauties a couple weeks ago at Target (on sale no less!) with some birthday gift cards, and they are my new favorite! I love how chunky they are, and I love how that cognac color never seems to get old. 



And here they are in action. And by action I mean holding me up while leaning on Taylor. It’s the same thing. Basically.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE

2 / Cereal

(Cereal as a Friday Favorite? I’M SO COOL. Whatever. It’s fine.) I snagged this cereal in a buy one get one free (thank you very much Target) in which Taylor got Reese’s Puffs and I got oats and granola. It’s GOOD. It’s actually really sweet, but it’s equally as delicious and tastes even better with strawberries on top. 

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE

3 / Present Perfect Trailer

Have you seen this yet? Don’t. Don’t click. Unless you want to cry sad happy confusing tears that even you don’t understand.

4 / Summery Nail Polish

This summery shade was a birthday gift from my sweet friend Sarah! And while I’ll spare you an awful photo of my heinous self-manicuring skills, just know this is my new favorite summer color. I usually get stuck in a rut of pinks when the weather warms up, but I love this cool purply blue! And bonus – it makes my hands look tan. 



5 / The Everwhereist Blog

Blogs that make me giggle are, above all others, my favorite. I don’t have even half a clue as to how I stumbled across Geraldine, but once I read this post I was hooked. For lyke ever and alwayz.


And that’s all for now folks. Does anyone have any exciting weekend plans? Besides the  napping and the binge-watching I also planning on indulging in a steak dinner tonight so…things are looking very promising for me.

I love you all dearly and I solemnly swear to be back in full-blogging-swing by next week. 

Brace yourselves.



  • Oh my gosh. I know, I KNOW you warned me, but I clicked and now I’m bawling my eyes out thanksfornothing.ReplyCancel

  • Natalie,
    Thanks for sharing the trailer for that movie. My Mother is in beginning stages of dementia and one of the things that really opens her up is the grandkids. There is something about that connection between small children and the elderly that is unspoken. Wow…I hope this film shows how this should be a part of every community.

    Also…what is the name of the Essie polish?ReplyCancel

  • Love the polish and the shoes! #cognacforlifeReplyCancel

  • Girlfriend I was just thinking this morning that I am in need of some summery nail polish. All of mine is very “fall” esque. Meh. Love Essie too, maybe this weekend while all the non-pregnant family members are swimming I’ll lounge around and give myself a pedicure while I still can. *insert laughing emoji* But really.ReplyCancel

  • Emily

    I knew you’d use that giftcard on shoes instead of patio furniture. ;) But I totally approve because HOW CUTE ARE THOSE COGNACS???ReplyCancel

  • I am not even going to click whatever that sad link is…maybe later, but so far I haven’t cried yet today so trying to keep that going lol. And thanks for sharing that blog. Hilarious! Love to find new blogs of real humans who aren’t telling me what to wear. Happy weekend!

    x. MorganReplyCancel



Yes, I’m still here. I haven’t taken a week-long blogging break since the beginning of time and now you’re all ready to crucify me for it. 



But wanna know something? This little blog has gotten more views this past week than it has in months. From not blogging. Yeah. That feels good. I blame you all. 

Anyway, the reason I haven’t blogged is because I don’t have anything to say. This may come as a shock to those of you who know me personally. It’s not like I’m sitting here thinking of how much I detest blogging, it’s just that I don’t have a lot to say right now. But I’m selfless so I’ll take one for the team and just TYPE OK. 

On top of his regular shifts, Taylor has been in dive training for the past 3 weeks. Which means he is quite literally – NEVER home. Never. He doesn’t even live here anymore. And while you might think that leaves me with extra time (which technically, it does) it also leaves me single. Single and killing roaches on my own. And filling my calendar with social activities. And it’s really just exhausting.

And then when he IS here it’s like DO ALL THE THINGS. In one 12 hour period. And by “all the things” I mean, all the boring, responsible, adult-esque things.


Last night we took Max to Petsmart to get his nails clipped and $72 dollars later we were out of there because apparently Max needed everything in that damn store. So I’ve actually accomplished at least one task this week. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE

Let’s see what else has happened since we last spoke…OH YEAH. I put some things on the wall. This is actually a big deal because despite living in this house for over 3 months now, 90% of our walls are completely bare. I’m only recently coming to realize this unacceptable so I literally took every framed photo in the house and threw it up on our Ikea picture ledges and was like ARE YOU PROUD OF ME WORLD?!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE

(And Max was unfazed.)

What else what else what else?? It’s raining again. Something about tropical storm Bill. Taylor was like yeah you probably shouldn’t leave the house to drive anywhere because floodwaters and other scary sounding words so I was like, “Alright.” Because what I actually heard was, you don’t have to put on a bra today.


I’m probably gonna go eat a bowl of Reeses Puffs now. Talk to you later maybe tomorrow possibly.


  • Hahaha! Where do you live?! I know I could find out somewhere around here, but I will be lazy and just ask. We’re outside of Houston, and seriously- WHERE IS HE? I got so, cases of water, batteries. I even filled the bathtub with water in case we needed it for the toilet haha. So far just rain. A lot of really annoying rain. I hope that is it, but it made me paranoid for nothing!

    x. MorganReplyCancel

    • natalie

      I’m in Fort Worth! It’s just been POURING AND POURING and there is no end in sight. I can’t believe you haven’t gotten anything more than rain! At least it looks like we’re in the same boat there.ReplyCancel

  • Toi

    I have zero idea how I came upon your blog. I’m almost 40, married and mother of a toddler. Probably not your target demographic, but I love your little space here. I find it refreshing!

    Anyway, I came to comment because I took some suggestions from your summer reading list. I’m currently reading Girls of Atomic City and I freaking love it. So, I just wanted to say thank you! I’ve got a couple more from your list on my kindle waiting for me.ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Ok are you really loving it??! I started it last week, got bout 25 pages in, and just haven’t been able to bring myself to pick it up back up! But I’m going to take this as encouragement and continue with it today!

      Also, my target demographic is people who like what I have to say, so – you are TOTALLY MY TARGET DEMOGRAPHIC. ;)ReplyCancel

      • Toi

        You have to get past the science part of it. The stories of the girls are really interesting.

        I can’t make heads or tails of the science part! I kind of just skim those parts.ReplyCancel

  • Any sentence that comes out of Adam’s mouth that I can remotely interpret as “you don’t have to put on a bra today” is the BEST kind of sentence. Especially these pregnancy boobs, good grief. Now I officially feel for everyone with naturally big jugs. #bless

    Hope you get the see the hubs more! And please don’t drown in Bill. We’re headed down to TX this weekend actually (Keller/Southlake area) and I’m hoping the rain is gone by then!!ReplyCancel

  • I love #divadog. We just got a new puppy and I started wondering if I should sell organs to buy all the toys, all the treats, all the things. My kidney isn’t looking to hot, so I’ve just avoided the petsmart.ReplyCancel

  • Moment of truth… did you hang those Ikea shelves by yourself? If so, come hang stuff in my house. We can get a mambo taxi afterward. If not, come hang stuff in my house. We can get mambo taxiS afterward. :)ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Hahahaha, I hear mambo taxi and I come running! And no, Taylor hung them, BUT – we all know the hardest part is arranging the frames, right?! That part was clllllll me.ReplyCancel

      • Your point is totally valid and taken. THAT IS THE HARDEST PART. You win at least one mambo taxi!ReplyCancel

  • Gabriela

    Don’t hate me but here in San Antonio it’s been pretty sunny all day. There are clouds but they seem far. I hope I didn’t just jinx it!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      I do hate you but only a little teeny bit.ReplyCancel

  • Can you please just go back to posting about nothing? …anything?
    And I totally get the having to cram a million adult things into a couple days. My boyfriend works out of town during the week so we only have the weekends together. It’s hard to fit all the fun things and all the adult not so fun things in.ReplyCancel

  • is there a club for people that are too lazy to blog?
    i could be president. but then again i’m probably too lazy for that.

    also. i’m thankful that you haven’t blog so much because that means i have less to catch up on.


Happy humpday! Just a friendly warning – full blown rant ahead. Proceed with caution.

My name is Natalie, and I’m what you’d call a “lifestyle blogger.”

If you’re new to the blogging world, all this means is that I don’t fit into any of the neat and tidy pre-existing categories like foodie blogger, fashion blogger, fitness blogger, etc. Luckily, the internet was kind enough to make up a category for me too. Thank you internet, I’d hate to be left out

But the freedom is actually kind of nice. One day I’ll blog about pop culture, the next day I’ll blog about running. One day I’ll gripe about marriage, and the next day I’ll write about the sweet deal I just got on a new pair of shoes. One day I’ll post an incessant amount of Michael Scott gifs, and the next day I’ll write about nothing but my dog. This is how I blog.

Does that make me sporadic, inconsistent, or hell – maybe even a little bit disorganized? Sure. I mean, I prefer like to think of it as mysteriously unpredictable, but whatever. Potato, potato. 


 But recently, I’ve been stumbling across posts full of what seems to be the new norm in the blogosphere:

Bloggers telling bloggers how to blog.

And yes, you read that right.

These people are out there. Every-freaking-where. Offering unsolicited, and often condescending advice on how to be a better blogger. My absolute favorite of these posts are those that tell me that if I want to be a successful lifestyle blogger, I better stop blogging about my life.

Yes, again, you read that right.

Because – and this is where it gets good – no one cares about your life! If you want to “stay relevant” (OBVIOUSLY my #1 concern in life!) you need to offer advice, host Twitter chats, create Pin-able images, and establish and an Instagram aesthetic.



So now, because I own one tiny little $10-a-year corner of the internet, it’s my responsibility to entertain everyone. ALL OF YOU? ALL THE TIME? People! I’m still trying to figure out why my dog smells like feet, I don’t have time to cater to all of cyberspace! More importantly, what the general public finds interesting changes every single day. Even if I cared to – how in the world could I be expected to keep?

And why do I have to offer advice? Why does the fact that I paid for a URL make me qualified to advise the entire internet on topics of total unimportance? Sure, I hope sometimes I’m able to offer a teeny bit of advice. But my main hope is that you realize you don’t have to do things my way for them to work. Because really y’all – most of the time, they don’t work. 

Sometimes I get so MAD when I stumble across these people, these bloggers on their pedestals. How dare they tell me how to blog. Where do they get off telling me I’ll never be successful if all I post are iPhone pictures? And then I remember, 

Oh right. It’s the internet. They can do whatever they want. 

And that’s the beauty of it. 


(Not really relevant, but still funny.)

It’s always such a compliment when someone tells me they read my blog. It’s still a total shock to me that anyone would take the time to keep up with what I’m doing or thinking, but hey – you’re bored at work, I get it. But what’s crazy is that 9 times out of 10, when I’m chatting with someone about blogging, the conversation ends with the person saying something along the lines of, “Oh I could never blog!”

Um, hi. News flash: If you have internet access, you can blog. ANYONE CAN DO IT.

Which is exactly why there is no right or wrong way to blog. There is no blogging Bible, no 10 Blogging Commandments. If you wanna do nothing but write open letters about how fro-yo is NOT ice cream, do it! If you wanna use 83 different filters on your Instagram pictures, that’s your prerogative! You do you bae. To hell with the aesthetics. 

So to sum it all up: I’m annoyed with the internet. My dog smells like feet. And I want a donut. 

In total seriousness though, this is the place where I come to air out my frustration, bask in confusion, gossip about Caitlyn Jenner, and await responses that make me feel like I just  might not be alone. I hope that’s cool with you. 

And if not, allow me to introduce you to the tiny red X in the corner of your screen that I like to call – THE DOOR.

bye feliciaPINIMAGE



  • I am so glad you don’t listen to all those bloggers because YOUR blog is AMAZING. Months ago, when I found you by reading HungryRunnerGirl’s comments, it was like a breath of fresh air.
    Why don’t we all write blogs on how every first photo doesn’t have to be PIN-WORTHY. I am gonna be honest here and say that I don’t even know my login to Pinterest and honestly could give two shits about it. GASP.
    I don’t care what people write about as long as it has some WIT to it. “You do you bae” made me chuckle.
    Thank you for being YOU.ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Haha GASPPPPP. It’s ridiculous to expect people (even bloggers!) to be ON all the time. Sometimes we just AREN’T entertaining, or pretty, or Instagram worth – and oh my god it’s OK. We are SURVIVORS and life goes on! :)ReplyCancel

  • Hahahahah! I love this so much! I just started blogging recently…and at first I thought it would be easy and I would be great at it, and then suddenly I felt like a loser because turns out I wasn’t an expert on anything but myself…so I only blog about myself. LOL. So I decided I am not going to pretend to be the best at everything and tell anyone what to do. If I want to post a recipe, cool, but it doesn’t mean its “the best” of anything. I am completely on board with your rant. Just keep doing what you do!

    x. Morgan / http://www.morningappleblog.comReplyCancel

    • natalie

      I mean obviously you’re never going to be able to please everyone, so why even TRY? Just be you! That’s my philosophy. Mainly because it’s way too exhausting trying to be someone else ;)

      ALSO GIRL – please give me those sandals you just got from Target! (I tried to comment but my computer hates me and wouldn’t let me.) And also YOU’RE FUNNY AND I LOVE YOUR BLOG.ReplyCancel

  • Heather J

    HAHAHA I LOVE THE LAST GIF!!!! so perfect!! keep telling the haters “BYE FELICIA” Ur blog has provided me hours of entertainment!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      It cracked me up too! :) And thanks so much!ReplyCancel

  • Hahaha love this! I always wondered where those bloggers got the idea that you weren’t supposed to be you in a blog. Or that you had to have professional photos and a custom theme. Maybe there’s a blogging school that teaches this? Did they go to a top-tier blogging school?ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      All I know is that it’s SO.FREAKING.BORING. I prefer personality over blasé tips on how to get more Instagram followers.ReplyCancel

  • Yes. To all of this. I have felt the same sometimes I don’t feel like going on picmonkey to create a pin-able image. I just don’t. Maybe that’s why I’ll never be a “big” blogger but that’s okay with me. Love this post.ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      PICMONKEY IS HARD SOMETIMES. And haha I’ll never be a big blogger either! At least not until I can upgrade my iPhone 4. HahahReplyCancel

      • Heather J

        omg i have the iphone 4 still too ( insert see no evil emoji monkey)ReplyCancel

  • DanielleMaria

    YES!! I come to YOUR blog because I like YOU. I have stopped following so many blogs because they host too many giveaways, or are always giving unsolicited advice. And I think Instagram Themes are the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. “Oh I took this picture and I love it, but I can’t post it because it doesn’t fit my theme.” Are you kidding me?! I love your blog and I’m glad you are not going to change it to try and fit into what these other Blogger Bullies say you need to be doing.ReplyCancel

  • Deidre

    Natalie, ever since I met you at boot camp and got the chance to work with you for a short minute I have been reading your blogs. I love your posts, from the dog peeing, (bc I can relate), to married life, bc marriage is an adventure, to your food posts. If you haven’t tried these places yet, you should. “The Social House” downtown off 7th (lots of good beer) and “The Egg and I” camp bowie (dog friendly)You are the reason I tried Winslow’s, try new recipes, and am now on the search for color burst lol. Keep posting as we will all keep reading. Let the taters tate lol…ReplyCancel

  • Donna

    Natalie, I am old enough to be your Mother and can honestly tell you that I read a ton of blogs. Your blog is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. You are an incredible writer, you humor is fantastic and I find all that you write about quite interesting actually. You are so mature for your age….(still a baby to me)–and you know exactly how to handle the haters. Keep on being YOU and doing exactly what you are doing. XOReplyCancel

  • Shelbie

    I keep coming back to your blog BECAUSE you talk about your life. You are real and hilarious and I love that. Each time I tune in for a new post, I know I will be getting something I can relate to. Something that makes me feel like I’m not the only 24 year old struggling with adulthood dilemmas and drinking wine on a Tuesday.

    Thanks for the iphone pics, the gifs and the all-over-the-place content!ReplyCancel

  • Oh, thank God for this post. I thought I was the only “blogger” in the whole internet who didn’t have an Instagram aesthetic. Which, of course, gave me anxiety.

    I hate when it seems like the internet is half “you do you, boo boo” and half “YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG”.

    Just let me ride my unicorn in peace, internet.ReplyCancel

  • I just started blogging recently and I’m pretty sure I said in my first ever post that the internet was an excuse to be a narcissistic jerk. So pretty much only my sister-in-law follows me. But that’s cool. And I think I just decided to write an open letter about how nasty fro-yo is. Because ew, it’s so nasty. So thanks for that nugget of inspiration.ReplyCancel

  • High five.
    That is all.ReplyCancel

  • ha. I loved this! And thank God iPhone pics are A-OK. #idonthavetimeforarealcamera

    And no I’m not/yes I am reading this bored at work. =)ReplyCancel

  • I read your blog because it is refreshing. You are a normal average 20 something just like me. Some blogs, I just can’t relate to because I don’t have my life together and I’m not perfect and I’m not making a gazillion doll hairs so no I can’t afford all the stuff you are linking to.ReplyCancel

  • OMG LOLZ. This post was amazing, and spot on. Snaps for you, friend!ReplyCancel

  • You da best. I come to your blog for a giggle, and that’s what I get with every post. I don’t come for “fitness;” I don’t come for “marriage advice…” You get my point. I like your blog because it’s different, because it’s not cookie cutter, and because you DON’T fit into a category, even though the Internet just tried to put you into one. Keep blogging your way.ReplyCancel

  • I’m soooo with you. I’ve recently started unfollowing people on Instagram where every picture seems to fit into a certain color scheme. Boring. Instead i post videos of my dogs destroying toys and the cocktails I’m about to consume.

    You win the blogworld today. Instead clapping here.ReplyCancel

  • you entertain me ALL DAY. EVERY DAY. #realtalkReplyCancel

  • The quickest way to get me to NOT click on a post is to title it “10 Tips For…” EFF THAT. Most of these people giving “advice” are no more qualified to dole out advice than I am. I stop following blogs when they get too big for their britches. I don’t even remember how I came across your blog, but I love it. You’re my kinda peeps.ReplyCancel

  • Gabriela

    Honestly your blog is my favorite of all the ones I read because you have such good humor and I love how you write about your real life. It’s so refreshing to read about someone who I feel I could actually relate to in real life and doesn’t make it seem like their life is perfect all the time. And I also connect on the Texas thing. As a fellow Texan I can relate with you on the love you have for our state and it makes your blog more interesting to follow as we live similar Texan lifestyles. I say keep up the excellent work and just continue being yourself!ReplyCancel

  • You do you. People love you for it.

    I really hate the term lifestyle blog (also where mine is categorized, I suppose). I don’t have any particular “lifestyle” to blog about. I’m just a rambling mess, and I like it that way because it’s for me.ReplyCancel

  • Randi

    Girl, your blog is on point! Kept calm and blog on because you have wit, and humor, and underneath it all is an honesty that we ALL can relate to. So yeah! Also your dog is the best!ReplyCancel

If you remember ever last detail from my Summer Bucket List (which really, who wouldn’t?) you might remember that one of my goals for this season was to read 10 books. Now I know 10 books may not sound like a lot, but for someone who is far more inclined to sit on her couch watching reruns of Parks & Rec than pick up a book, it’s a pretty lofty goal. But I really do love to read, so I’m up for the challenge. 

Summer Reading ListPINIMAGE

PS – After I finalized this little list, I realized that nearly every book on it is about to be released as a movie. Coincidence? I THINK NOT. Will there be 10 movie dates this summer? I THINK SO.

1 / Paper Towns

Back in the spring, I was listening to a podcast that was going on and on and ON about Paper Towns. So this one has actually been on my “must-read” list for awhile.

2 / Me Before You

Geez with this book already. If I see ONE more Instagram of someone telling me it made them cry in public…I’ll probably have to read it.

3 / The Girl on the Train

I can never say no to a good psychological thriller, and the buzz surrounding Girl on the Train has been almost unbearable. 

4 / The Silent Wife

The Silent Wife seems to be this year’s Gone Girl – but better. I personally really enjoyed Gone Girl, because sick and twisted has always been my forte, so this hype was just too good to pass up. 

5 / Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

The trailer for Me and Earl (which will be in theaters June 12) had me smiling and crying all at the same time, so I made a mental note to look up the book when I got home. And then Pitch Perfect 2 started and I promptly forgot all about it. Luckily, Amber’s vlog last week reminded me, and I couldn’t be more excited to dig into this book!

6 / Yes Please

I’ve been meaning to read Amy Poehler’s book since…well forever. So this summer seemed like a good time to finally sit down and get it done. 

7 / The Husband’s Secret

I’ve seen The Husband’s Secret as the book of choice for a dozen book clubs this summer, so I knew I had to check it out. 

8 / The Girls of Atomic City

I heard about this book last year, and was instantly fascinated by the untold stories of the women who were a part of the Manhattan Project. I’m confident this one will be an interesting read.

9 / True Story – Murder, Memoir, Mea Culpa 

Because this list wouldn’t be complete without one final dark and twisty addition. This book has gotten really rave reviews and I can’t wait to dig in.

You might be thinking WAIT – that’s only nine books! And if so, good counting skills. You are correct, that is only nine books. And that’s because I finished the first of ten last night!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE

(And it’s also because it’s easier to do a photo collage with nine photos than with ten so just bear with me OKAY.)

Big Little Lies was SO SO good. I loved how smart and complex the characters were. Throughout the entire book, I kept thinking, “What would I do? How would I handle that?” And I still have no idea. But this book was such a good read, and I flew through the entire 460 page book in just a few hours. I highly, highly recommend Big Little Lies, and now if you’ll excuse me I have to go read every book ever written by Liane Moriarty. 

Have you read any of the books on my to-read list? Any summer reading recommendations of your own?



  • I know you only have two questions following this post, but I had a million thoughts after reading this!

    1. I’ve also made it my mission to read every book by Liane Moriarty- I just finished “Three Wishes,” which was also really good. I think The Husband’s Secret might have been my favorite, though!

    2. Don’t hate me, but I didn’t love Amy Poehler’s book. I think I spent the entire time comparing her writing to Tina Fey’s and it definitely paled in comparison :(

    3. I just saw “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl” last week and it was fantastic! A very witty mix of comedy & drama.

    4. I don’t have a summer reading list, because if I did, it would have Meg Cabot’s newest Princess Diaries book on it (yes, that’s a thing), so I figured I may as well spare myself the embarrassment.ReplyCancel

    • natalie


      Haha you are too funny! Well the good news is that I didn’t read Tina Fey’s book, so hopefully my expectations won’t be too terribly high! :)ReplyCancel

  • My book club read big little lies and the girl on the train- SO GOOD! I’ll have to check out the atomic city book! Have fun reading!ReplyCancel

  • I’ll have to check out the Girls of Atomic City. Hopefully it won’t be too boring. I like non-fiction that reads more like fiction, think Devil in the White City.
    I think I might be the only person who has no interest in reading Liane Moriarity books. I read one of her books, The Hypnotist’s Love Story and it wasn’t that good so I have been putting off any of her bigger name/newer books because of that.
    Paper Towns was good but I still like Looking for Alaska and An Abundance of Katherine’s best.ReplyCancel

  • You should absolutely read The Goldfinch. Such a great book. Long and intimidating at the beginning but once you get into it – I couldn’t put it down!ReplyCancel

  • I JUST started The Girl on the Train. And when I say just started, I mean I’ve read two sentences. I’ve heard sooo many good things, I can’t wait to dive further!ReplyCancel

  • you have the best taste in books. also, i requested big little lies from the library. and, well, yes to me and earl and the dying girl. i can send you my chewed up copy if you want to read a book that is deprecate and has NO COVER AT ALL.ReplyCancel

  • I’m in the middle of The Husband’s Secret right now and I am loving it! I also read Big Little Lies & What Alice Forgot. Basically, I’m stalking Laine Moriarty this summer…

    A Spool of Blue Thread & All The Light We Cannot See are also on my reading list for this summer. They both came highly recommended from other friends. I haven’t read any of the John Greene books so they are ALL on my list.ReplyCancel

  • Great list! I just finished listening to the Girl on the Train audiobook with my MIL and SIL on a road trip and it was soooo good. We kept asking my husband if we could just sit in the car and finish listening instead of doing anything fun. Glad you jumped on the Liane train <3 here.ReplyCancel

  • Thanks for the recommendations. I never know what I want to read, so I depend on the suggestions and insistence of others. Girl on the Train is definitely on my list.ReplyCancel

  • Brandi

    Omggeee. Let me know how Amy Poehler’s book is! I’ve been wanting to read for forever.ReplyCancel

  • Brittany

    I finished two of these this weekend–I had a five hour drive to the beach all by my lonesome and got Paper Towns as a free introductory download from Audible. It seemed to drag on a bit (or was that just the drive) but I definitely enjoyed it!! And I read the entirety of The Girl On The Train in a single day. I. Could. Not. Put. It. Down. Reserve some time for that one!!

    I am still only about halfway through Me Before You and I just can’t with it anymore. I was never able to get into it and really don’t get the hype :/ReplyCancel