8 Weeks With Zoey

As of 3:26pm this afternoon, our little Zo is EIGHT WEEKS OLD. I hate it and love it all at the same time. I’ve done the worst job of blogging since she’s joined our little family, so today I want to play a little catch-up of our first 8 weeks with Zoey.

Week One

Week one of Zoey’s life takes the cake. Her birthday was one of the craziest days of my life, and I wouldn’t have changed one second of her grand entrance into this world. The first 7 days with Zo are such a blur, but I know it was filled with lots of sweetness in getting to know our little girl and about a million moments of, “I still can’t believe SHE’S here!”



Week Two

I feel like the second week is when Zo started to wake up. She went from a sleepy little newborn to a slightly less sleepy little newborn, and I went from zombie to slightly less zombie.;) 


Week 3

Week 3 was a big one! Zoey met her Aunt Allison, and we celebrated by taking her newborn photos! This was also the week that Taylor went back to work. Not going to lie, the first shift on our own was filled with a LOT of tears, but slowly and surely we’ve adjusted to 24 hours without Dad, and it sure is sweet to see him walking back through that door!



Week 4

At 4 weeks, Zoey and I had our first trip out of the house on our own! We both survived, and she slept like an angel the entire time. This is also the magical week when things started to feel a little more “normal” for me as a Mom. From multitasking, reading her cues, breastfeeding, and going out on our own – I finally started feeling more confident in this whole parenting gig.


Week 5

Week 5 was a big one! Zo celebrated her 1 month birthday, had her first visit with the chiropractor (and LOVED it!) and her first day trip to Dallas! 


Week 6

At 6 weeks we had a little bit of a cold front, and finally got to dress Zo up in one of her little jackets! (I also shed some tears over the fact that she’s officially too big for her newborn onesies and we were forced to move up to 3 month clothes. MAKE IT STOP.) Taylor and I snuck out for our first post-pregnancy date night on our own, and Zo and I made our first trip into downtown Fort Worth to meet our blogging buddy Juliette!


Week 7 

Week 7 was a full one! Little girl celebrated her first Easter, visited Grammy at work, and started giving some serious smiles.


Week 8

At 8 Weeks Old this little girl is just TOO much fun. We visited the Botanical Gardens, she’s started cooing, laughing, and flashing smiles ALL.THE.TIME. She’s such a ham for the camera, and she loves being worn in the Solly. 


It took some adjusting, but at 8 weeks old, it feels like we’re finally settling into our new groove. And y’all – Mom life is SO FREAKING FUN. I’ve got 4 weeks left of maternity leave, and I’m doing my best to soak up every last second.:)



  • What an adorable girl you have!! I love this post showing her grow over 8 weeks, such a cute idea <3


  • Ohmygoodness those pictures…. So sweet! Enjoy the last few weeks of maternity leave! I’m glad things are starting to feel a bit more ‘normal’ for you :-)ReplyCancel

  • Ashley

    She is the absolute cutest! Congratulations and best wishes to you as you continue to settle in to your routine!ReplyCancel

  • THAT IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BABY EVER!!! And Mom life looks SO good on you girl.ReplyCancel

  • UMM, you two look like twins and she’s adorable. You seem to be settling into mom-mode perfectly!ReplyCancel

  • She is seriously SO adorable. Her little outfits are absolutely perfect. You are making me wish time would hurry up and get to August.ReplyCancel

  • Your baby is SO PERFECT and I’m so so so so so glad I got to meet you both!! Come to CA please and thank you.

    I’m also really impressed at how incredible you are at getting her into that wrap. It was like watching a magic trick.ReplyCancel

  • She seriously is the CUTEST. Happy 8 weeks, Zoey :)ReplyCancel

  • heather

    Shes so Precious!!!ReplyCancel

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