About Natalie

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I’m Natalie. I’m a twentysomething Texas native living, working, and surviving in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. My mind runs about a million miles a minute, and even I have a hard time keeping up. I love Target, running, and paying other people to cook for me. If you don’t love at least one of those three things, you might be in the wrong place.


On April 25, 2014, I married my college sweetheart, because forever sounded like a really good idea. Life as a newlywed is super glamorous. Lots of late nights, laughing, and Craigslist furniture.  And I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

People are my favorite. Especially my people. My friends and family are the freakin’ best. Plus they put up with me, which means they will all be elevated to sainthood in the very near future. Stay tuned.


Outrageous opinions, pop culture rants, and a little bit of profanity (sorry Mom!). Sprinkle in some everyday life, love letters to running, and pictures of food – and welcome to my little corner of the internet.

I don’t have a story. I have a bunch of stories. It took me a while to figure out that if you weave all those weird little stories together – well, they still don’t make any sense. But damn it if they aren’t entertaining. So, I started this blog as a way to chronicle my every day, but mainly to remind myself that no matter how old I get, I will always be a little bit of a mess.