Happy Monday!

Yes, I know it feels more like a weird Saturday/Sunday hybrid, but it’s Monday which means tomorrow is Tuesday which is practically Wednesday so HOORAY we’re halfway through the week!


Mad clapping skills

Last week I spent hours writing THE comeback post. It was honest, entertaining (toot my own horn much?) and everything I could have hoped for simultaneously summing up my 2016 and dipping my toes back in the blogging pond.

Annnnnd then it got deleted.

The internet sucks you guys, it just does. Since that night, I’ve gone back and forth wondering whether I should attempt a rewrite or just admit defeat and move on. And now I’ve made my decision…

Internet: 1
Natalie: 0

So in lieu of the grand comeback I’d envisioned, I’m reverting to an old classic: a list of semi-relevant thoughts in no particular order.

// Okay world, I finished The OA this weekend. Feeling…so many things. Amazed? CHECK. Confused? CHECK. Surprised/mildly embarrassed at how much I cried during the last scene? CHECK. All I know is it was a damn good show and I’ve been devouring every bit of wonky fan theory I can get my hands on. And if they don’t bring it back for a second season I’M CANCELING NETFLIX. Jkjkjkjkjkjkjk I didn’t mean it.

// Christmas paraphernalia? Yeah…it’s still up. TO BE FAIR THOUGH, I just haven’t felt like taking it down. #christmasforevs

// Zoey is 11 months old! So maybe a baby update will be comin’ at ya in the nearish future? I’m also officially “planning” her first birthday party but feeling the opposite of Pinteresty so keep those expectations nice and low por favor.

// I’m feeling very angsty about my current morning routine (or lack thereof if I’m being honest). Pre-baby, my mornings were very regimented and organized, and I loved it. Once Zo arrived on scene and threw me the curviest of balls, it took a while, but I eventually settled back in to a working routine. But man, now that she’s so mobile, most of my days are a total blur. I know that I need to kick it back into high gear and give my mornings a revamp but also…sleep. Send energy and inspiration STAT. 

// Taylor is on a serious Spotify kick these days. Though we don’t ever always agree on music (his Texas Country v my Britney Spears circa 2001) he’s uncovering some pretty spectacular playlists as a result of his 99 cent membership. Songs I Sing in the Shower and Mood Booster are on constant rotation under our roof and I cannot cannot cannot recommend them highly enough for all of your feel-good-mid-day-dance-party needs. 


// No major New Year’s resolutions here, but I’m definitely making a more concerted effort to “reset” in the New Year. For me that means getting back into the daily walk/run routine and sticking to eating real food at home 80% of the time. And the remaining 20% you’ll find me happy as a clam with my head buried in a bucket of french fries.

// Along the lines of slightly more healthy eating recs, I whipped up this Sweet Potato Turkey Chili tonight, and it did not disappoint. Simple and super and comforting, especially topped with avocado and a little bit of cilantro. Also – these honey walnut baked pears are hella yum and perfect for anyone with an insatiable late night sweet tooth. (hi, me.)


// Help! Right now I’ve got 5 books sitting on my nightstand waiting to be read, but I can’t decide which to crack open first. Among the stack are Gilead, All the Light We Cannot See, Sharp Objects, Cemetery Girl, and Talking as Fast as I Can. Suggestions for where to start?

// Taylor and I are headed out for a date night tomorrow and I’m so excited! We’re insanely lucky to be surrounded by family and friends who  jump at the chance to watch Zo for us, but it’s rare that we spend our baby-free evenings just the two of us. Dinner + drinks + dessert, there’s really no telling where the night may lead. Except in bed before 10, because that’s just a given.

I could go on and on and on (oh and I have), but I’ll stop here. I hope your week is off to a kickin’ start! 

love & hugs,


  • Claire


  • Replace french fries with Oreos and you’ve found me in 2017. Sigh. I’m going to finish them off and then I’m done. It’s over. We’re breaking up. I say that now…

    Start with Talking As Fast I Can… then tell me how it is so I know if I should read it. Deal?ReplyCancel

  • I’ve got a stack of three books on my nightstand too but somehow I can’t find the time to read them yet, big fat surprise surprise there. Maybe someday! I can’t believe Zo is almost one. Like that’s crazy. You were JUST pregnant with her! I’m glad you’re back to blogging, even if randomly ;)ReplyCancel

  • heather

    fries> guys all day every day!! haha Ive heard great review about All the Light we cannot see. Try that one first.ReplyCancel

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