I hesitate to do posts about what’s going on in my life these days, because in all reality, I’m just hanging around…gestating. And taking mirror baby bump selfies at the doctor’s office.

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As of today, this little guy is 23 weeks. TWENTY THREE WEEKS Y’ALL. Growing like a weed and having dance parties on my bladder on the reg.


My uterus according to the internet.


I’m feeling larger by the minute, and had to consciously unfollow about 20 different skinny pregnant bitches Instagram accounts, but all in all, I’m feeling great! Taylor would scoff at that statement because by the end of the day my back kills and I’m bitching like it’s my job, but I mean really…that’s pretty typical.

I’m also back on the chocolate train! I can’t tell you whether this is good or bad. The first trimester no chocolate thing wasn’t exactly an aversion, it was more of indifference. But I’m happy to report that sugar in the chocolatey form is back on my top 5 treats. Since it’s return, I’ve been bit by the baking bug…HARD. This is my second batch of Sally’s Baking Addiction cookies in less than a week, and if you think I had enough self control to not lick the cookie dough from the bowl (in the name of precious, fragile pregnancy), well you’d be wrong. 

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But don’t think I’ve just been slaving away in the kitchen and growing a tiny human! THIS IS 2015 Y’ALL AND I AM A FEMINIST. Which is why I’ve also been spending copious amounts of time on the couch watching…


HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDERRRRRR. God, y’all. This show. It’s just so JUICY. Viola Davis is literal perfection and I often daydream about what Shonda and I would talk about if we ever ran into each other at Starbucks. I almost regret hopping on this bandwagon now, only one season and a few episodes in, because binge watching is so much harder when you don’t have at least 50 episodes to dig into. Like, does it even count as binge watching when it’s only 1 season? Hell, I can knock out a season in an afternoon. 

What else is happening in the world? Let’s see, trying to decide on a name for this child. Which is literally the hardest thing I have ever done. 


And then you compile a list of a few that you feel pretty confident about. But like, it’s all fun and games until you tell someone the names you like and they smile politely while simultaneously looking at you like you just offered them snails for dinner.


And don’t even bother, because NO WE AREN’T ACCEPTING SUGGESTIONS. Especially not from millennials because you people are THE WORST.


Basically I think we’ve decided that this kid gets to name himself. Which will probably work out just fine and in a few years we’ll have a kid named Cheerio walking around and everyone will be like, “Oh wow that’s so unique, how did you come up with that name?” and we’ll be like – “Oh we practice progressive parenting, he named himself.”

WELL. That’s probably it. I’m hungry so I’m gonna go make a smoothie/oatmeal m&m cookies with milk. Which is practically a smoothie. 




It’s Tuesday and I’m just now getting around to talking about the weekend. You know what that means?

I’m still recovering. 

This weekend was a full one, spent celebrating the shiny new marriage of my sweet friend Madysen. The wedding festivities technically began Thursday evening with the rehearsal, but continued to Friday for a little bridal lunch and rehearsal dinner. 


After stuffing our faces full of barbecue at the rehearsal dinner, the bridesmaids called it a night because we had to be up bright and early for a full day of beautifying. (Those of us who are carrying an extra 75 pounds seem to require more beautifying than others.)

Saturday couldn’t have been more perfect. It was a gorgeous 80 degrees, so we were able to keep windows and doors open all day long to enjoy the fresh air. Hanging around a room full of girls, ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the beautiful bride to be and every detail of her perfect day is just the way every wedding day should be spent.

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After lots of makeup, hairspray, and pregnancy spanx, we were ready to get this show on the road! And y’all, check out this glowing bride and her killer blue eyes. I just can’t even.

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And look at that beautiful mother of the bride and PRECIOUS flower girl! It’s crazy how much Miss P has grown since she was my flower girl. Time, pleaseeeeeee stop. 

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Being a bridesmaid doesn’t leave much room for carrying a phone to capture the actual ceremony, but believe me when I say it was beautiful! So beautiful that Taylor and I decided to take advantage of the backdrop for a little family photo sesh.

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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGEThe reception was just as perfect as the ceremony, and also included one delicious dinner that I scarfed down like it was my last meal. There was an amazing menu, drinks, dessert, and lots of dancing, but my sore and borderline swollen feet spent most of the evening on the sidelines, hanging with sweet babies and trying not to cry at this guy getting his practice in.

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Even though I may have spent most of the wedding night OFF the dance floor, I still had a blast, and little man was having  dance party of his own in my belly. It’s crazy to think that next year we’ll be attending weddings as a party of 3! THREE.

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Saturday was a long, long day. And after designated driving everyone home (yay pregnancy yay) I was spent. Luckily I had all day Sunday to sit around and recover. Recovery may or may not have included a bag of frozen chocolate chips. Really there’s no way to prove it. 

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Now it’s Tuesday, and I’m still recovering. Is this what getting old feels like? PLEASE SEND HELP.



  • Bahahaha- I’m going to need some frozen chocolate chips now… Looks like a beautiful wedding!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      It was! So fall – and girl, I support you.ReplyCancel

  • this is what getting old/becoming a mom feels like…coffee is the only thing that saves me now. take all the naps you can, they are the best!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      UGH YES I FEEL YOU. I could so easily sleep 12 hours a night…and sometimes I do.ReplyCancel

  • Looks likes beautiful wedding, how fun!! Don’t you love how being pregnant makes you the designated driver everywhere you go?! :)ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      If by love you mean hate/loathe/detest then YES. Totally.ReplyCancel

  • DANG mama! You look good, baby and all!! So glad the wedding went well… and sign me up for anything that involves frozen chocolate chips. Or any kind of chocolate chips.ReplyCancel

  • […] I slept in and woke up to the 89th consecutive day of freezing cold rain, but I had plans to meet Madysen to see Mockingjay Part 2, so I threw on my comfy clothes, took a quick baby bump selfie, and headed […]ReplyCancel

Ahh, Monday. The coffee is hot, the leaves are falling, and the projected high for the day is 96 degrees. 

So close, Texas, so close

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This weekend was u n b e l i e v a b l y busy and refreshing at the same time. Taylor headed out of town to do a little hunting, so Max and I were left to our lonesome to do…well, pretty much whatever we wanted.  

Turns out, we wanted bagels.

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I woke up early Saturday morning with hopes of getting Max in to the groomer for a full on spa treatment (because he STANKS), but everyone there laughed at me when I walked in and said “I don’t have an appointment, but…”

Hahahahaha – NO, MA’M. You and your basset hound can go home.

So that was fun. But the day was still young, and my house was a wreck, so I rolled up my sleeves and decided to clean, organize, rearrange, and redecorate EVERY SQUARE INCH. It didn’t occur to me until halfway through the two day bender that this may be the very “nesting” instinct I’d been waiting for.

I mean maybe.

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And then I fixed myself a black bean and veggie quesadilla because they are my new FAVORITE quick lunch solution.   

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And then I spent the rest of the day cleaning out the house while simultaneously watching Fixer Upper because #motivation. 

Sunday morning we were up bright and early for Max’s rescheduled spa treatment so we hit up Starb’s for some caffeine which turned out to be a very good thing because dropping your dog off at the groomer for the day is EMOTIONAL FOR PREGNANT PEOPLE SOMETIMES.

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Oh yeah and follow me on Snapchat @nataliezambresk

I took advantage of my Max-free day by getting down to business in baby boy’s room and FINALLY cleaned out piles of literal trash that have been sitting there since we moved into this house. I organized all of his sweet little things that have been gifted to us, along with a few things I’ve picked up along the way. 

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This room is MONTHS away from even closely resembling the final project, but at least with everything organized I can finally start planning and playing! And most importantly shopping. 

I’m fighting the whole “theme” thing tooth and nail, 1) Because commitment problems, and 2) HE’S A BABY. Ultimately I’m going for simple and fun (and cheap!) and I really love love love black and white with pops of bright, primary colors. We already have the black and white rug from Ikea that I adore, and I’m hoping that the rest will just very eclectically fall into place. These are some of my favorite bits of inspiration, a la Pinterest.


And my new favorite obsession is this SEVENTY DOLLAR hot air balloon and cloud mobile from Etsy. Now can someone make it for me for $5? It’s not for me, it’s for the baby. Someone? Anyone? Bueller? 

Baby Boy Nursery InspoPINIMAGE

And I hate to brag, but aside from welcoming Taylor home with open arms (the trash reallllllllllyyyyyy needs to be taken out) that was my weekend in a nutshell. Coffee + cleaning + Netflix + Pinterest. But I have to say – a spotless house, a fresh smelling dog, and motivation coming out of my earholes is the very best way to start the week.



  • I love your Pinterest inspiration for the baby’s room. I can’t wait to see how it turns out and even though I can’t make that hot air balloon thing, I can cross my fingers and hope someone else can.

    That’s just the kind of blogger friend I am. :)ReplyCancel

  • Baby is totally a viable theme… it isn’t like your theme is middle aged cat woman. See you are just staying on target. Baby gets a baby room!ReplyCancel

  • deidre

    Mrs. Natalie, I’m still new to snap chat, i think i added you lol. Will you let me know and i love the white with poos of colors. You have given me decor ideas hehe.ReplyCancel

  • That is the cutest and chicest baby room!!! I feel like at that age, it’s more important for you to like it than him. As you said, he’s a baby!ReplyCancel

  • Primary colors are the way to go – so bright & clean looking. Also – feels about the fall weather. I still don’t know whether or not I’m allowed to wear boots when it’s 80 degrees in October. I choose to do so even though my calves are the sweatiest they’ve ever been at the end of the day.ReplyCancel

  • Sounds like baby boy’s room is going to be super cute! I’m loving that idea of black/white with pops of bright color! Poor Max, at least he finally got his spa treatment in, or as Truckee calls it, the PAW SPA. Have you guys landed on a name yet? And is your fam just so over the moon excited?!ReplyCancel

  • The food looks yummy! Hope you are having a great week ♥♥


  • hi! i randomly found you through mr. thomas and me in the comments, and i have to say, i’m so happy i did! you are such an adorable pregnant lady, and also, pretty sure our blog voices and senses of humor are on the level. happy friday!ReplyCancel

  • […] Baby-Related News: Even though we’ve made ZERO progress on the nursery, our registry is complete, so I feel like I’m making teeny tiny strides on the baby to-do […]ReplyCancel

Wait up wait up wait up – did I not JUST pee on that stick? How is it even possible that I am already TWENTY ONE WEEKS PREGNANT? Just, how

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But I am, I really really am. There’s a human the size of a banana just hanging around inside of me. And if this baby decides to come at exactly 40 weeks (because babies are always on time, right?) I am officially closer to the end of my pregnancy than the beginning.


All panicking aside, I feel like I’ve finally reached this giddy, surreal, fun point of pregnancy. I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I feel really {relatively} energetic. Sweet little baby kicks have started. And can we talk about baby kicks for a minute? Once you get over the whole, “Oh my gosh there is a human dancing around inside of me” part, oh my goodness, there is nothing sweeter. I catch myself day dreaming about this little dude all.day.long.

However. I just wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have just a few tiny complaints.

Like y’all. I’m feeling fat. All day. Every day. I tell myself it’s because I’m a small person. But every pound I gain is reflected back at me in my cheeks, my arms, my thighs. My UNDERWEAR don’t fit anymore, talk about humbling. I miss not having back fat. I miss being able to go to bed without having to lather my entire torso in coconut oil. I miss that I barely remember what it’s like to not be pregnant.

And I miss wine. In the beginning I didn’t, but now I do. A lot. I miss it a lot. I think it’s frowned upon to say, because obviously in the contest of baby vs wine, baby wins every time, but still – I MISS WINE. Not enough to where it’s crippling, but at the end of the day, nothing sounds better than curling up with a blanket, some trashy TV, and a glass (or nine) of pinot noir. But for now, a slice of banana bread and a warm cup of tea will have to do. 

But know what I don’t miss and won’t miss? The opinions. From everyone. From your {childless} friends, from your parents, from randoms at Walmart. On EVERYTHING. On the place you’re choosing to have your baby, on the names you haven’t even decided on, and on the lack of nursery “theme” you’ve chosen (WTF Y’ALL – THE THEME IS BABY). They’re exhausting. And even if you’re pregnant, for some reason telling people to shut the hell up is still frowned upon.

Hopping off the complaint train and back on the holy sh*t train, I’m also realizing that we have SO.MUCH.TO.DO. A baby will be here in February. A real live, human baby. Ask me what I have done to prepare. Go ahead, ask me.

Well, I bought a vintage yellow chair that he probably won’t be able to sit in for at least two years. And I’ve started a pinterest board. See? I’ve got this mothering thing down. It’s all good. 

Nesting FAILPINIMAGENo but seriously. I haven’t checked out any baby to-do lists. I haven’t bought any clothes (though I have ever so gladly accepted them from friends and family). Haven’t picked out a name. Haven’t cleaned out the back room that will eventually become this little guy’s nursery. And yes, I’m secretly hoping that I will wake up one day and it will all have magically gotten done. Because “nesting” has most certainly not kicked in and the more time that goes by the more it’s seeming like this child will be sharing a crate with Max. 

But man he will be SO CUTE.

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21 weeks of pregnancy is everything I thought it would be and nothing like I thought it would be – all at the same time. I find myself wanting to fast forward through the next 19 weeks because I can’t wait to meet him. I can’t wait to kiss that sweet baby face. And I can’t wait to ground him for life for all the times he woke me up in the middle of the night with a swift kick to the bladder.


I love you, nameless baby boy. See you in 19{ish} weeks.



  • Auntie Lindsay loves you too, precious little Baby Z!! As for the nursery cleaning out/decorating – if you need help one weekend (and by help I mean someone to do it all while you sit around and direct traffic – you earned it, you’re doing the hard part here) I AM READY AND WILLING.

    Which also sounds extremely sexual, but…it is what it is.ReplyCancel

  • This made me laugh! When the time comes, I’m pretty sure the trashy TV/wine combo will be the hardest thing to give up :) I have a friend who drank milk/water/juice/everything out of a wine glass while she was pregnant. We always laughed at her, but I can totally see myself doing the same thing some day.ReplyCancel

  • Deidre

    Natalie, I absolutely love this blog. Time has definitely flown by and I’m a childless person l, all my questions would how do you feel? What does it feel like? Do you crave anything? Ummm Also how adorable you look and how awesome it is that you both have been blessed with a baby boy. I will have to see you or mail you some goodies if you are good with that. I can’t wait to his precious face and who he favors more.ReplyCancel

  • I miss wine too!! I tried the fake stuff, but it just didn’t cut it.ReplyCancel

  • In the words of one of my favorite people ever when she kept getting asked about a theme: “I was born in China and my parents put me in a DRAWER with a blanket. Worked out fine.”ReplyCancel

  • Oh my gosh, I just cannot wait until your little boy is here. Also, weird that people are giving you their opinions. But seriously, your blog is going to be so fun with all kinds of baby pics and mom insights and funnies! Because your blog is always funny. Countdown to that post child-birth glass of wine begins!!! Happy more than halfway!ReplyCancel

  • Brittany Ann Marie

    Oh I love this post. I love it for so many reasons. I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and very close to feeling “done” with it… as bad as it sounds. I love feeling this little girl kick me, love feeling her movements. I’m over feeling out of breathe (which just started this past week). The violent feeling kicks in my ribs do NOT feel good. Whatever she is doing down in my lower abdomen/pelvic area HURTS! Let me tell you… it hurts.

    On to your complaint list. Don’t feel guilty for complaining. We earned it. Anywho.. thoughts!

    Under Armour underwear- the one size fits most ones- HEAVENLY!! Its all I wear now… I’m even still wearing the thongs (sorry, TMI) because they are SO comfy. Look them up, buy them all!

    I also feel HUGE. Every single day I wonder how this belly of mine is supposed to get bigger. I’m only 5’1″ and I feel like the fat is piling on EVERYWHERE. My face is sooo fat, my arms are flabby… my legs… lets not talk about my legs!! Being short and preggo def has its downfalls. Like… you can’t hide any weight gain, at all.

    Wine… oh man I MISS WINE. I have my baby shower on the 20th of September and they had wine for guests… also again on the 27th for my Sister-in-laws baby shower… IT.WAS.TORTURE. Also… been craving a margarita since like week 12.

    To make matters worse I also have Gestational Diabetes… so I can’t even indulge in an alcoholic-free Margarita… because hello- have to watch my blood sugar. DONE.WITH.IT.

    Anywho… sorry to add my own complaints. Just wanted to tell you I feel ya.

    Also… 1 more. I’m STILL not nesting… Not sure when that’ll kick in but the exhaustion is def back. Damn 3rd trimester.

    Good luck and keep up the fun posts. Love reading them :)ReplyCancel

    • They had wine at YOUR baby shower?! I’d have thrown a major fit! So cruel!ReplyCancel

      • Brittany Ann Marie

        Ye, yes they did. I was not pleased. At first I was like oh sure whatever…. Then saw them take them out and put bottles in ice buckets and yeeeeah I wasn’t happy!!ReplyCancel

  • Toi

    The opinions are the WORST!!!! Opinions and advice. You become pregnant and all the sudden everyone knows better than you. It made me crazy. Oh and the random comments from strangers on how huge I was. As if I wasn’t aware. So frustrating.

    The only good advice I got while I was pregnant was from my sister in law. She told me not to read all the books about taking care of an infant. I thought she was crazy. She had 4 kids at the time, what could she possibly know?! So I read all the dumb books. Then I tried to do everything those books told me to do and I made myself nuts. Now, I give the same advice. Don’t read all those books. You’re the mommy. I promise you will know what to do for your baby. Spend your time on important things like trashy tv and celebrity gossip. I promise you will be happier!

    You look so beautiful! I hope you continue to feel good!ReplyCancel

  • Half-way there is a big milestone! You look great! I’m sure nesting will kick in for you eventually…you’ll know it’s really bad if you start cleaning out silverware drawers. Not that I’d know from experience. ;>ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Haha I’ve been bit by that bug BAD. Just this weekend! My house is so clean right now you could eat off my floors!ReplyCancel

Happy cool, crisp, October Monday to you! I don’t know if it was the relaxing weekend, the fact that it’s currently 65 degrees outside, or a combination of the two – but I’m in a very good mood this Monday. Or maybe it’s because it’s finally everyone’s favorite month of the year.


Oh October. We sit and stew in puddles of our own sweat all summer long, just waiting for your arrival. And you never, ever disappoint. I’m usually not into the whole seasonal decorating thing, (or really anything precious and domestic that people choose do with their spare time that ISN’T binge watching Netflix) but while I was out getting groceries last week, I just couldn’t help myself. I quickly grabbed about $10 worth of things to spruce up our front porch and finally replaced the bunnies and lilies that have been sitting out since Easter. I’m so very serious.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE

And can we just go ahead and talk about the fall cup. I hate to be so basic, but when they put out something called a toasted graham latte, I decided to stop fighting and just surrender to it. God (and my bank account) only knows how much I’ve spent on overpriced coffee over the past few weeks just to experience the pleasure of this happy cup in my hands. {PS – if you’re not following me on SnapChat, just go ahead and do that now: nataliezambresk}


I really do love this time of year. I love waking up to crisp, cool mornings. I love how the Texas leaves protest the season until the very very end when they finally decide to fall. I loved baked goods and Halloween costumes and orange and red everything. 

Im not sure whether it’s the season itself, or this whole second trimester energy burst, but this year, instead of just standing idly by and enjoying the fall like any old commoner could do, I’m setting a few October goals.

Begin Birth Boot Camp Classes

I’m actually really really excited about these! We’re taking a 10 week Birth Boot Camp course that came very highly recommended by just about everyone, and I can’t wait to dive into it. 

Visit Big Tex

The State Fair is just a seasonal Texas must-do. And I actually get to go ahead and check it off my list! Taylor and I made time to go with my mom last week and literally ate all the fried things like good little Texans do. 

Fletcher’s corn dogs, fried Thanksgiving dinner, and fried Oreo’s. Just scratching the deep-fried surface my friends.


I have a list of must-eat foods every year, and Tater Twisters are very high on that list. 

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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE

And if you’re thinking I’m looking spectacularly large for someone who is just halfway through their pregnancy, just remember these two things:

1. I had eaten a LOT of fried food.
2. Karma is a bitch.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE

And back to October goals!

Read at least 3 Books (One Baby, Two Leisure)

I failed oh-so-miserably at my Summer reading list. I’m blaming both the hellish first trimester and also my local library for never having anything I wanted to read. But, BUT, I’m hoping to begin remedying that this month. I’m making a super attainable goal to read 3 books, one baby-related, and two just for me. 

Make Crock Pot Soup Once a Week

I LOVE soup. Like, all the soups. I could eat soup for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That guy I live with, however, is not a big fan. So I’m going to have to resort to really rich, hearty, and most likely fatty soups. But dammit – soup we will have! 

Register for Baby Boy

Happy confused excited overwhelmed – insert all the emojis here. But I hear kids need basic things such as clothing, diapers, and a place to sleep. So register we shall. 

Walk 4x a Week

Saying my exercise this pregnancy has been sporadic would be putting it very generously. Some days I’m feeling it, and some days I’m not. But I’m hoping with the cooler weather I’ll be able to prioritize it more. A little pregnant lady walk/jog/waddle around the neighborhood is about all I’m feeling up for these days, but it’s better than nothing! 

Find the Perfect Pair of Winter Boots

My boots from the past two years have officially bit the dust. But two years for a pair of less than $100 boots is a pretty solid lifespan, in my opinion. Now that we are heading into the cooler months, I’m on the lookout for a pair of good tall brown boots to last me another two years, so recommendations are welcome!

Bake 3 New Fall Desserts

Apple, banana, pumpkin – galore! Breads, muffins, cookies, you name it. Accepting recommendations on this one, as well. 

Enjoy Coffee on the Patio Every Morning

Now that coffee is finally enjoyable again, (**cue the angelic hallelujahs**) and the weather has simultaneously turned to perfection, it’s time to combine the two. Our backyard area is a bit of a work in progress, but I really do love it. Sitting under the big pecan trees every day while enjoying a cup of joe sounds like a perfect way to soak up this season. 

And I think that’s enough for one month. So what’s on your fall t0-do list? Any boot/dessert/reading recommendations for me this month?



  • Jana Lloyd

    I know you didn’t ask for baby suggestions, but I am going to give you one anyways!! We absolutely love our rock n play, doesn’t take up a lot of room and its great for traveling. We got one in lieu of a bassinet.ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      YES, YES! I have heard this a million times, seems like a must!ReplyCancel

  • How is it that every time I try to pick up some holiday decor it is SO expensive? I wanted a fake pumpkin at the store the other day and it was 17 dollars… no, just no. Cheers to you making your house look like a home!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      NO I KNOW. It’s ridiculous. I love love an elaborately decorated home, but mine just will never be. I snagged all my little things at Walmart (for shame, I know) because I just can’t justify spending money on things like that! Now Christmas on the other hand…WHOLE different story ;)ReplyCancel

  • SOUP SOUP SOUP. I have a soup recipe that I need to give to you because DELICIOUS. Let me tell you this: it’s spaghetti and meatball soup.

    YOU’RE WELCOME because I know you’re drooling.ReplyCancel

    • natalie


  • Your bump is absolutely adorable!! And now I really need Starbucks and fried oreos…ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Oh you’re so sweet! You are getting SO SO close! Can’t wait to see that sweet girl of yours :) And I think you should treat yourself (and that little girl) to Starbucks and fried Oreos, seems like the perfect way to enjoy the last few weeks of pregnancy!ReplyCancel

  • I’m jealous of your decorations! I’m on the lookout for some cheap fall decorations. I found a gorgeous wreath over the weekend and it was $50! #nothankyou

    We’re soup people! We need to coordinate a soup recipe swap!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      I CANNOT BELIEVE PEOPLE PAY THAT. Honestly, it’s appalling. And yes yes soup! I’m thinking of doing a post with some of my (easy) favorites!ReplyCancel

  • Allie

    Girl. Payless. I just got a brown pair and a black pair of boots and spent $100 all together. This isn’t the first time I’ve bought boots from there. The last pair I bought lasted 2 years and probably could have made it a third. The tops were a little scratched because I cross my feet a lot and they were stretched out because holy big calves… but with the weight I’ve lost I needed to get new ones that didn’t have extended calves. Oh and the usually have either really good BOGO deals or some percentage off.ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      I always forget about Payless! I don’t even where the closest one by me would be, but you can bet Ill look into it! Looks like their boots are on sale right now too!ReplyCancel