Late last Wednesday, I returned from an incredible Pacific Northwest fall vacation. In 5 days we hit up Seattle, Vancouver, Astoria, Cannon Beach, and Bend. And I’ve got ALL the pictures to prove it. #youreohsowelcome 

Early Friday morning, I boarded a plane and headed to Seattle to meet Allison. I was stuck with a window seat (where all the pregnant people want to be) but was #blessed enough to sit next to the sweetest couple who let me out to pee as many times as I needed. Which ended up being three over a 4 hour span. BLESS YOU SWEET COUPLE FROM MCKINNEY.

Anyway, I arrived in Seattle around 9:30, where this girl picked me up and whisked me away to squeeze all the touristy things into our available 4 hour window. 

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First up was Pike Place Market.

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We wandered aimlessly and happily among slabs of *very* fresh meat and even fresher bouquets of flowers.

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And then decided to pick one up for tourism’s sake.

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Then we wandered down to the water, where we grabbed lunch and a quick photoshoot. 

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After a few hours in Seattle, we loaded up the car and were off to Canada!

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Thanks to some bitchin’ traffic, we arrived in Vancouver a little later than anticipated, and were met with the coolest, creepiest, foggy skyline I’ve ever seen. 

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We arrived as the sun was starting to set, but we planned to squeeze in a quick hike to Lighthouse Park. Unfortunately, on the drive to Lighthouse Park, we were greeted by a BLACK BEAR that killed any desire to ever roam the great outdoors again, so we nixed the hike in favor of Canadian Burritos and an early bedtime. 

The next morning, we woke up to chilly rain, but two women in desperate need of coffee and pastries have braved much worse than a little rain for their morning fix. There was a cute coffee shop just two blocks from the house where we were staying, so we threw on our raincoats and headed out, and it was oh-so-worth it.

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My bosses (who just had the SWEETEST baby boy) actually live in Vancouver, so our big event of the day was meeting them for brunch at this great little restaurant called Farmer’s Apprentice. 

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We feasted for hours and enjoyed such sweet conversation that once brunch was over we opted for walking around together all afternoon. We walked around a great neighborhood called Kitsilano and then headed to the beach in the rain because when in Vancouver.

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After a few hours of exploring the rainy city, we headed our separate ways, and Allison and I made our way to Granville Island to do some more typical tourist things.

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We ventured back to our Airbnb for a quick outfit change before heading back out for our fancy dinner. 

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Cardero’s, a great seafood restaurant right on the water in Coal Harbor, had come highly recommended to us. And with a view like that, you can see why.

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We enjoyed an INCREDIBLE seafood dinner where I splurged on buttery scallops.

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And then we opted for just one more quick photoshoot with that killer city view.

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That afternoon, my boss had been talking to us about this place in Vancouver called Float House. Basically it’s a spa-like experience where you sit for 90 minutes in a tank of warm water filled with 800 pounds of dissolved epsom salt. Well, you don’t actually sit – you float. After a full day of walking and no exciting evening plans (hi I’m pregnant) we decided to try it out. And it was CRAZY.


The sessions are 90 minutes, which felt a little bit long for a first timer, but I fell asleep for the entire first hour, and we both left our appointments feeling superrrrr relaxed.

The next morning, we headed back to our favorite local coffee shop for a quick pick-me-up and then packed up our bags and got ready to head out of town.

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Sunday was the first day of our trip that the rain decided to let up, so we grabbed lunch at a cafe and then decided to make a quick stop in Stanley Park before heading back to the states.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE

It was still pretty dark and gloomy, and we had no clue whether the rain would hold off or make a comeback, but it wound up being a gorgeous couple of hours exploring the beach.

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After a little too much time in Stanley park, we finally made our way out of Vancouver and were headed back to the states. Specifically, to Astoria, Oregon.

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 The rain followed us from Vancouver all the way to Astoria, so when we arrived late Sunday it was pitch black and pouring rain. But the next morning was sunny and gorgeous at our little Airbnb. 

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Astoria has some SanFran like hills, but after 6 hours in the car on Sunday, it felt good to hike to our breakfast. Plus, that view.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE IMG_9152PINIMAGE

We grabbed delicious coffee and breakfast sandwiches at Street 14 Coffee before doing a little more sightseeing. 

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE IMG_9154PINIMAGE Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE

Astoria felt like the small town in every Nicholas Sparks novel ever written. It was perfectly quaint with some of my favorite views of the entire trip.

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After spending the morning in Astoria, we headed off to our next destination – Cannon Beach.

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Allison had an engagement shoot scheduled that evening with an old friend of ours. And can I just say how jealous I am that THIS was their engagement backdrop??

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE

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During the shoot I alternated between reading and relaxing on the beach…

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE

And taking selfies featuring lovebird photobombs. #maturity

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The shoot finished up just in time for the most dreamy beach sunset. 

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And then we were off again! This time, we were headed to Bend and Allison’s little home. 

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After a four hour drive, we arrived a little before midnight on Monday evening, where I passed out COLD. We slept in a bit on Tuesday morning before heading to breakfast at Jackson’s Corner. I had the most incredible biscuit breakfast sandwich with a MAPLE LATTE (pause for reaction). 

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Afterwards, Allison had some work to get done, so we headed to the CUTEST local bookstore to browse and relax. 

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE

I picked up a great YAF book called Jackaby, which I highly recommend! It was a great ready that got me through the long trip home. 

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGESome of us read, some of us slept. Potato, potato. 

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE

Apparently all these Oregonians do is eat, so after our little bookstore rendezvous, we made a pitstop at Mother’s for smoothies.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE

Followed by a full plate of french fries at the food truck park. 

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE

Needless to say, we had a few calories to burn, so we headed out to explore some of the gorgeous but #typical PNW sights. 

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE

Afterwards we were both exhausted and borderline cranky, so we headed back to Allison’s house for a pre-dinner nap. 

After resting up, it was time for dinner. We splurged on some delicious Thai food at one of Allison’s favorite restaurants, Wild Rose

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We finished up dinner just in time to head up to Pilot Butte to catch a killer sunset.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE

And just like that, our trip was over. And after a long, LONG travel day, I arrived home to a fresh bouquet of flowers and some sappy basset hound snuggles.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE

There really is no place like home. 



  • stop it. we just got home from denver and i’m ready to head to seattle STAT.

    also, do you know i have a little free library? because i do and it always makes me squeal a little bit when other people see one because i believe they are the greatest thing ever.ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      I’ve been online stalking them for awhile but have NEVER seen one in real life! It was so precious!ReplyCancel

  • aww i always love seeing my state through someone else’s eye (and gorgeous photo lens)! it’s super true that all we do is drink coffee and eat constantly. so glad you had such a fun time!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Haha – yes! It was just nice for me to go somewhere where it was 99 degrees! :)ReplyCancel

  • Ahhhh I went to Seattle and Vancouver this summer and LOVED THEM! But I had killer weather, so I hope the rain didn’t dampen your trip!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Not at all! I just enjoyed getting away from the crazy Texas heat. I call that a vacation in itself!ReplyCancel

  • Photos galore! Love those baby bump ones, but I think the engagement shoot photo bomb is just too funny to pass up! I’m intrigued by your 90 minute epsom salt experiment…ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      It was so cool/weird/awesome! I definitely recommend at least trying it once if it’s available. The people who worked there told us that they have regular clients who come in for 4-6 hour floats at a TIME. I can’t even imagine!ReplyCancel

  • These pictures are BEAUTIFUL, and also you look ahhhhmazing in red lipstick. I think Little Baby Z likes the Pacific Northwest, because you look so happy in all of these pics. Okay that’s all you’re beautiful I love you wear red lipstick more goodbye.ReplyCancel

  • Okay three things:

    1. You and your little bump are the cutest. ever.

    2. I am SO HUNGRY now, thanks. And I just ate breakfast.

    3. WHAT, pray tell, is a Canadian Burrito? Please don’t tell me it’s just a burrito consumed in Canada. I need more.


    • natalie

      You are so sweet! And constant hunger? My new constant reality.

      And hahahaha – sorry to kill the illusion! But yes, a Canadian Burrito is just a burrito consumed on Canadian soil. And to be honest it was a BIT disappointing. Definitely not even close to my beloved Chipotle! #getittogethercanadaReplyCancel

  • These pictures make me want to hit the road ASAP. All the food, coffee and beautiful views. The Pac NW is at the top of my list. Looks like you had a blast!ReplyCancel

  • Toi

    Please do a post soon on your maternity clothes. I’m going to be doing the whole maternity thing again hopefully in the next few months. And my heart cries a little over having to do maternity clothes again. But, your clothes make me happy! Especially that striped tunic up there!!! Help out the future pregnant girls of the world!

    And now I want all the pastries and burritos!ReplyCancel

  • Meredith

    Looks like a super fun trip!ReplyCancel

Happy happy Tuesday! I’m fresh off an amazing vacation (photos and recap comin’ at ya tomorrow!) but I couldn’t wait to share our recent exciting news!

Yesterday afternoon we had the big 20 week (halfway WHAT) anatomy scan, where we saw this little babe’s fingers, toes, and sweet little profile. I absolutely MELT at that little button nose. I’m going to try my hardest to get through this post without crying. But y’all…



We hadn’t seen little one since my 8 week appointment, and we opted out of early blood test screening, so that means this sono was also the BIG reveal. The one that my mother has been nagging me about since that little plus sign appeared. 

We had a lot of people ask about plans for a gender reveal party, but just the thought of organizing anything grander than a trip to Target made me want to lie down and take a nap. So instead of a party (time! money!) we opted for inviting just our immediate family (parents and grandparents) over for dinner to share the big news.

On our way back from the appointment, we swung by our local party store and spent a whopping $14 on decorations because parents and grandparents are exceptionally easy to please. 

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE

See how happy they are with their three dollar centerpiece??

We had zero plans for how we were going to do the actual “reveal,” so when we saw these little gender reveal scratch offs, we were sold.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE

And after 20 weeks of anticipation…

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE



Y’all. I desperately desperately wanted a boy. Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I immediately pictured a little boy. So hearing, “It’s a boy!” and seeing Taylor’s eyes light up was one of the top moments of my life. Plus, I’ve been using masculine pronouns for the entire duration of this pregnancy, so really this works out. 

Just lately this little guy has begun kicking and twirling like crazy, so getting to see his little heartbeat, watch him wiggle around, suck on his thumb, and snuggle up inside of me was the sweetest thing I’ve ever, ever  experienced.


He’s growing healthy and strong and measuring right at 12 ounces, which coincidentally, is the exact same amount an ice cold can of Dr. Pepper weighs. #GODTHING

I’ll be 20 weeks tomorrow, which means we are HALFWAY there! And I’m just sitting over here wondering how it is physically possible for me to get any larger. So prayers please that that I somehow have a nice chubby baby while simultaneously transforming into a glorious maternity model.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE



  • Congrats lady! What a fun thing to be able to share with your family and I love the lack of desire to plan a party. You’re growing a human AND wearing pants. Lets not make life any harder!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Thank you thank you! Haha and THANK YOU for understanding the struggle lolReplyCancel


  • Aww! So happy for you guys! I love the intimate reveal with just parents and grandparents.ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Thank you! They were the ones we care about the most, so it just felt right to include them :)ReplyCancel

  • Ah a sweet lil boy!!!! Oh I’m so excited for you! I’m a little biased but boys are just so much fun! Congrats!!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      I KNOWWWW! I’m seriously so so excited for a little man!ReplyCancel

  • Keri

    You are so cute!! Love reading your blogs! And I’m so happy for you! There is something so special about your first little baby! And yay for half way there!!! And I want an ice cold can of Dr Pepper right now!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Thank you so much! And hahah welcome to my entire pregnancy! I hardly ever drink sodas but man nothing sounds better than one these days!ReplyCancel

  • jade

    Huge Congrats!! He is beautiful, and you look amazing!ReplyCancel

  • LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And muahahaha, oh there is a way to get bigger, I thought the same thing!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      You are ALL belly! I don’t understand it! Because I feel like I’m carrying weight in every last inch of my body. Terrified to think of what I will look like in 20 weeks EEEEKReplyCancel

  • Congrats! I love the scratch off idea & I’m glad you’re having a boy like you hoped.ReplyCancel

  • ahhh!!!! Congrats!!! Pretty sure you are already the glam maternity mama!!! So so so cute in the picture with you and dad to be!!!ReplyCancel

Oh fall. Depending on where you call home, the season of all seasons has arrived in all it’s pumpkin-spiced glory. For me, this blessed time of year means just a few things. Starting with the most important…

The Salted Caramel Latte


Which, as of this week, I have perfected at home. BOOM! LIFE CHANGED! STARBUCKS PUT OUT OF BUSINESS!

Really though. This salted caramel goodness is my new all-time favorite. Call me crazy, but I don’t love a PSL. I love lattes (oh, you know I love lattes) and I love pumpkin (I’ll gladly prove it by devouring an entire pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving day) but in my mind, the two should never be married. Pumpkin + coffee? Why? Especially when the world is so full of delicious things – like salted caramel? 

So in my own little #PSLprotest, it’s salted caramel lattes all day err’day. Except I’m using Gevalia decaf (OH THE HORROR!) because abstaining from coffee for most of the first trimester (due to the nausea, not caffeine precautions) means that now a good strong cup of coffee gives me the shakes. I know, I know, it’s embarrassing, and quite frankly, crippling. REGARDLESS – I’m now rocking the salted caramel (decaf) latte most mornings. And don’t even bother asking what the secret is, because it’s sugar. It’s essentially sugar. 

Fall (maternity) Clothes.

One of the very best parts of fall is obviously all the fall clothes. Just ask any basic b*tch. This year’s fall styles will be slightly different from years past, as I am growing more whale-ish by the day. (I figured if I put the word maternity in parentheses up there ^ you might not notice the prominent but very stylish bump on all these here models. Did it work??)

Finding trendy maternity clothes is HARD. Because they don’t exist. Even “cute” maternity clothes aren’t really that cute, they’re just cute in comparison to all the other heinous options on the market. I think the point is if you’re skinny enough, you can get by with going from XS to S without actually having to shell out money for anything other than maternity leggings. But for those of us that are NOT 5″11 and 83 pounds, the whole “remaining cute through pregnancy” thing becomes a bit more challenging. So if anyone finds a bump-friendly, fantastic chambray, please let me know. Until then, I’ll keep wishing and hoping. TWIG LEGS,  BE MINE.



The harsh reality, however, is that I won’t get to even think about rocking my fall duds in Texas for another month or so. But lucky for me, I’m headed out of town tomorrow (!!!) to a place where all my blanket scarf, puffy vest, long sleeve dreams will come true. Which brings me to my FAVORITE part of fall…

Annual Fall Travel(s)


It’s that time of year! Every fall, I go on a trip (or two) with this girl. Last year it was Boston and Bend, the year before that it was NYC, and this year, it’s the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We’ll be hitting up Seattle, Vancouver, and Portland, for an epic road trip before heading back to Bend. Our plans include:

- Donuts
– Fresh air
– Decent (although possibly decaf :/) coffee
– Hiking
– Road trip food
– Epic Instagram pics


So in case you missed that, fall is about warm, sugary drinks, all things plaid, and travel to exotic lands where the leaves actually do change colors. I CAN’T WAIT.




Hi my little internet friends. This seems to be the new norm for me – disappearing and reappearing on a whim, at my leisure. Because I.RUN.THIS.SHOW.

In a total non-jokey, real-life, serious kind of way – what’s up? Though I keep poking my head in and out of the blogosphere, I am very much here. Checking in with my favorite blogs, being too lazy to comment, and WAY too lazy to pen (type) my own thoughts out. So here I sit, blog-less, and alone.

Except I’m not alone because there’s a snoring dog and sleeping husband like two feet from my face. 

Photo on 7-6-15 at 4.54 PMPINIMAGE

The truth is that I have LOTS to blog about. Only most of it revolves around what I’m currently craving (deli sandwiches and gummy LifeSavers), or the little minion growing inside of me (who shall remain both nameless and genderless until the beginning of October), or what YouTube videos I’m currently watching (see as follows and try not to DIE of precious).    





But really is any of that interesting to anyone other than me? I mean even Taylor only halfway pretends to be interested and that’s just because I’M GROWING HIS CHILD.

**Speaking of which – Taylor if you’re reading, pick up milkshakes and mozzarella sticks on the way home**

Anyway. We can talk about what’s going on, I guess. But if you continue reading- I accept no responsibility for your subsequent boredom. Consider that waiver signed

This past weekend, I headed to Dallas to hit up Vintage Loot Market for a little bit of antiquing.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE

I’d consider it a minor success if it weren’t for the fact that 90% of the items purchased by me are in fact edible. I’m looking at you, half a dozen jars of homemade pepper jellies and cream cheese dips. I lied and said, “Oh these would make such great holiday gifts!” Which they would. If I had ANY intention of sharing. 


Haha, no but seriously. Habanero jelly. Jalapeño jelly. Sweet & spicy strawberry jelly. I WANT TO BATHE IN IT ALL. But also please bring crackers. 

The only non-edible item purchased by me that day was a little tiny chair for little No-Name Zambreski. Fun fact, I’ve been so incredibly busy gestating, napping, and eating easy mac that I haven’t purchased a single baby related item. Like not one. (Unless you count pregnancy tests and maternity jeans?) And then this weekend I bought TWO BABY THINGS. 

Precious yellow chair covered in what I am sure is lead based paint from 1943, and a Solly Baby Wrap, which is essentially a fashion statement for me. I know, I know #greatestmotherever award. 


In addition to pepper jelly and little tiny chairs, I also found these precious nuggets of gold…


DON’T WORRY I DIDN’T BUY THEM. Though I desperately, desperately wanted to. 

Walking around the Big D for an entire Saturday was, dare I say – enjoyable (?!) due to this recent cold front we seem to be having. It’s been a crisp 80-90 degrees for the past few days here in the DFW Metroplex, and we’re all – BUST OUT THE TALL BOOTS AND BLANKET SCARVES! Haha, it’d be hilarious if I wasn’t kidding. But I’m not. I’m not kidding. 

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE

Also, since we last spoke – I ate some tacos. They were good tacos (shoutout Wild Salsa), so I took a picture. Though, for the record, I would’ve taken a picture of a bad taco too. 

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE

Taylor worked some serious overtime this past weekend, so I got a taste of what my single life would look like. Let me tell you, it was thrilling.


I kid. It was dull and filled with lots of Call the Midwife and The Mindy Project episodes and I wore the same pair of sweatpants for 48 hours straight. (And if you’re interested in following the mind numbing play-by-play that is my life, you can follow me on Snapchat at nataliezambresk. Because I forgot the “i” on my last name and I don’t know how to change it PLEASE SEND MILLENIALS TO HELP ME.)

Also of note, I’ve recently been going on walks where I even manage to run a teensy weensy bit and while the baby handles it fine my BOOBS DO NOT. Plz send larger sports bras and also saran wrap.

And that’s basically it. Any questions? Comments? Concerns because you really think I might actually let my child used a lead paint covered chair as a chew toy? I’m open to it all, but fair warning – the pregnancy rage is real, so try not to piss me off. 



  • Leslie A

    solly baby wrap is the BEST!!!! Borrowed one from a friend because I wanted one and I’m saving my pennies!ReplyCancel

  • Alisha

    i loooooved call the midwife like the first month of maternity leave, then I went crazy during the end of season two and started imagining all these ridiculous happening to Amelia :/

    And baby wearing is AMAZING!!! You’ll love it!ReplyCancel

  • Everybody needs a lead based chair if you get a good enough deal on it! When we bought our house we had asbestos on asbestos with all our fancy popcorn ceiling- ya know cause that’s exactly what every girl
    Dreams of!ReplyCancel

  • Vintage Playgirls would make much better holiday gifts than jellies. I feel like possible lead poisoning will just make them tougher, no judgement here.ReplyCancel

  • I still need to order a soft baby carrier. I love the Solly’s, but also registered for the K’tan! I feel like I want to come down to Dallas and hug your neck and talk all things pregnancy and wacko cravings. Mexican food was like, the ONE safe food for the first ~20 weeks. No matter what, it always sounded good!!ReplyCancel

  • I love that Smurf ring and I don’t know what this Houston Loot Market is but I want in.ReplyCancel

Hey! Hi! Hello! And greetings! Around here, I do things like say, HEY GUESS WHAT I’M PREGNANT and then presume to fade into internet non-existence…for a month. 

Just keepin’ you on your toes. 

Someone asked me recently why I hadn’t been blogging as much (/not at all). And my honest answer was – because it cuts into my most recent hobby, SLEEPING. And I meant it. But even though I am sleeping something like 10-11 hours a night (I will blame this on the baby until I am blue in the face), I figured I should start poking my head back into the blogosphere. You know, just to see what’s up. 

Oh yeah, and to bitch about pregnancy.

Since I’m now less than 24 hours away from being 17 weeks (Hooray! Hallelujah!), I figured I’d dedicate this post pregnant women everywhere. This is us, giving the first trimester the proverbial bird. 

I was told there would be glowingPINIMAGE


The minute that tiny little plus sign first appeared, everything changed. At first it was in that precious and naive, “A miracle! A new life living inside of me! What a sacred vessel I am!” kind of way. And then exactly two weeks later…in a very different way.  


Now let me quickly clarify – I am stoked about this kid. Beyond stoked. I can’t wait to meet the little nugget, be a mom, and then pop out like a dozen more of ‘em. But that doesn’t change the facts of the first trimester. It blows, y’all. It just blows.

Basic errands like going to the grocery store, in the first trimester, become the equivalent of running a marathon. And I have run two, so I’m actually allowed to say that.

There’s like, so much sleeping. And not the good, restful kind. The kind where you wake up to pee every hour all night long, and then when you finally awake in the morning, dry heave a little bit, sleepwalk into the living room, and crash for another three hours. Then you wake up and it’s time for dinner and bed.


Baby Z Announcement25PINIMAGE

The first trimester really is like one giant non-stop hangover. Things like bean dip and burritos sound amazing but then you have one bite and you’re like OH GOD NO. 

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPINIMAGE

 I thought I would handle everything with such grace and perspective. I didn’t think a Facebook album would cause me to sob uncontrollably. But it did. It totally did. 

Baby Z Announcement1PINIMAGE

Women of corporate America - I don’t know how you do it. I am SO LUCKY that the whole new job gig/working from home thing happened to coincide with that positive pregnancy test. Otherwise I would’ve spent the months of June – August in a very, very dark place. Instead, I spent them in my bed. 

Baby Z Announcement7PINIMAGE

And on my couch. 

Baby Z Announcement18PINIMAGE

I thought exercise would be different, but still generally easy and enjoyable.

Hahahahahahahaha, HEY. If any of you see pre-pregnant Natalie, do me a solid and slap her right in that cocky little face of hers. I had no trouble running the first week after I found out I was pregnant – but then shit hit the fan. And this is what happened the next time I tried to run. 

Baby Z Announcement10PINIMAGE

No lies. No exaggeration. I spent the entire day in bed with the shakes from nausea, vomiting, heat, out of shape and general wimpy-ness. 

The good news is that I have a new best friend! This guy. Who, as I type, is laying at my feet, as close as humanly possible. I am 100000% convinced that he knows I’m pregnant, because he has been my right hand man all summer long. He is now glued to my hip (in a precious, annoying sort of way). I mean, I haven’t peed in months without him busting in to keep me company. He’s my little stage 5 clinger. 


But the BEST news is that the first trimester is followed by this shining beacon of light called, the second trimester. And oh, it is majestic. Energy! Enough to take a shower! Appetite! Enough to eat 5 meals a day! Perspective! Because tiny baby flutters! And it’s all good. It’s all very, very good. And then you wake up one morning, barely 4 months along – and you see THIS.  

Giant, but happy. And only 24 weeks to go:)

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  • I was just thinking this morning…”I wonder when Nat is gonna blog again” and WHOOP, there it is.

    I am so glad you are back to blogging today and I hope you feel like continuing because I miss ya. Glad you have more energy! :)ReplyCancel

  • Oh, how I love this. You captured it perfectly. The first trimester (as overjoyed as I was to finally be pregnant) sucked and it’s all you can do to SURVIVE the day…and the opening of the refrigerator.

    But yes, the 2nd tri rocks your face off. Enjoy it :>ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Haha YOU make “survival” look AMAZING. I don’t know how you do it!ReplyCancel

  • Wow! That running picture… am I a bad person if I said I felt for you and laughed at the same time!?!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Haha no because that’s exactly what Taylor was doing – laughing his ass off and taking pictures of me! It was so freaking miserable.ReplyCancel

  • Precious bump!! Second trimester is by far the best thing ever because soon enough the third trimester hits and you once again feel exhausted 24/7. All definitely worth it though!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Haha – YES. That’s what my midwife said, pregnancy is an exhaustion sandwich! But the middle is the best :)ReplyCancel

  • heather

    Awwww i love ur tiny human bump!! hope the second trimester is easier on ya!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Aw thank you! It doesn’t feel so tiny, but it certainly isn’t getting any smaller :)ReplyCancel

  • Gabriela

    I know exactly how you feel!! When I was pregnant I was a full time college student and also worked part time. I was so tired (and apparently anemic) that I ended up dropping half of my classes because I couldn’t get off the bed/couch to attend and I lived in my bathroom for the first 5 months! Glad to hear you’re doing so much better now!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Oh my goodness, I can’t even IMAGINE. I spent all summer making a permanent Natalie-shaped indention in my couch.ReplyCancel

  • Hi!!! I’m so glad your back and Baby Z is doing well! The first trimester suuucccckkksss! And I am in corporate America and it was a blurry fog of trying to be productive at work and napping like a champ when I got home.

    Also, my dog would lay on top of me! He knew I was pregnant before I did!!!!

    Take care mama!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      You are a ROCKSTAR. I don’t know how I would’ve done it!ReplyCancel

  • Brittany ann

    First I would just like to say that I both laughed AND cried at this. At some times… Simultaneously. Stating that I would also like to say I’m 30 weeks Preggo!! I feel your pain… I felt all of your first trimester feelings. It. Was. Brutal. And running… Yep no way in hell since like week 7. Exercise… I’m trying. Sometimes A 2 mile walk is like a marathon.

    I soooo wish I had a work at home job! Now that I’m in my third trimester the tiredness is sneaking it’s way back. (nooooo!) AND I work third shift. It. Is. Killing. Me. Also… I cry about EVERYTHING. Then I cry more because I feel like an idiot for crying over nothing. And the cycle goes on and on..

    Are you going to find out what you’re having?ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      OMG – Yes. Two miles (or hell, even a lap around my backyard) already has me huffing and puffing…big fat reality check! I feel like my emotions have just recently gotten a little crazy! Random episodes of TV have me in tears! Lol, and yes! We’ll be finding out at our 20 week scan!!ReplyCancel

  • FINALLY! I was worried you had died from first trimester complications! #butreally

    You will laugh in a few weeks when you look back at that picture and think you are huge :)

    I seriously cracked up at all of your first tri. compalints and woes because I could totally relate! So jealous you got to work in BED!! I had to strategically use “I’m sick” or “I have another Dr’s apt” for a couple weeks before finally I said screw it and I told my boss and he let me work from home whenever I told him I was feeling pukey, haha!

    When do you find out if it’s a boy or girl? Are you finding out pre-20 week apt? CAN”T FREAKING WAIT!!!!ReplyCancel

    • natalie

      Haha – I SURVIVED! And I feel like a completely different person!! I feel like I’m getting bigger. Which I guess is how this whole pregnancy thing is supposed to work ;) And seriously, I feel SO lucky I’ve been able to sit on my butt all summer long – no joke.

      We’ll find out gender at the 20 week scan, which is just two weeks away!!!!! :)ReplyCancel

  • 1. Your bump is adorable.
    2. I’m exhausted just reading this. I don’t know how you’re doing it.
    3. You’re basically my hero. Hang in there, love!!ReplyCancel

  • I can totally relate to all these things, the first trimester is tough but all these moments will be a blur once you have that sweet baby in your arms :)ReplyCancel

  • […] failed oh-so-miserably at my Summer reading list. I’m blaming both the hellish first trimester and also my local library for never having anything I wanted to read. But, BUT, I’m hoping to […]ReplyCancel