Weekend Recap | Day Trips, Weddings, & Crib Naps

Happy Monday! On top of a relaxing weekend, Little Zo gave me 5 straight hours of sleep last night (HALLELUJAH!), so I’m feeling like I can conquer the world this morning. I’ve got my game face on, coffee in hand, and I’m thinking it’s about time for a little weekend recap!

On Friday, Taylor and I decided to hop in the car for a little day trip out to Ennis to check out the bluebonnets.  If you’re local, you know that bluebonnet photos are a totally cheesy but classically Texan thing to do in the Spring. Nonetheless, having a little girl of our own now has made Taylor and I both big softies, and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a little family road trip and baby milestone.

We left around 11 and arrived in Ennis around 12:30, stopped for lunch, and then headed out to explore the wildflowers in the BRIGHT BLAZING heat of the day.

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Zoey slept through almost the entire trip, but we drove through the country while she snoozed and even managed to grab a couple quick photos.

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After our little family adventure, we grabbed a quick frosty in town before heading back home and crashing on the couch. It’s kind of amazing how easily a simple day trip turns into a massively exhausting ordeal with a baby. “Did we grab enough diapers?? What color bow should she wear? How many extra onesies do we have? Am I bad mom for not making her wear socks even though it’s 80 degrees? Dammit, did she just spit up AGAIN?!!” And all of this while still parked in the garage. 

But this little chunk is always worth every bit of trouble. (Oh and PS we had plenty of diapers, her feet were never cold, we went with yellow, and YES – she did spit up again.)

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Saturday morning we slept in (glorious!) and then decided to make the most of another gorgeous Spring day and take Zoey and Max out for a little fresh air. I can guarantee that a 2 mile walk has NEVER in the history of mankind taken so long, but we enjoyed soaking up the sunshine and may have possibly even burned a calorie or two in the process.

Please ignore the look on this little diva’s face. She, much like her mother, is unsure of nature. Because “Dirt, bugs, sweat… why?!”

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After our little nature walk, we headed back home, and this girl took her first nap in her crib! I don’t anticipate moving her to her room anytime soon (she still wakes to eat frequently during the night, and truth be told I just love having her sleep inches away from me) but I was curious to see how she’d do in the crib. I set her down in there when she started acting sleepy, and she just hung out staring at me for a while before falling asleep for about a half an hour and then waking up smiling!  My phone ringing is actually what woke her up, so I’m curious to see how long she’d nap without any interruptions. Only time will tell! But until then, will someone PLEASE tell her to stop getting so big?!

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That evening we had a wedding to attend, our very first as a family of 3! 

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The wedding was actually held at the very same place where Taylor and I said our vows two years ago. Things sure have changed since we were there last!

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On Sunday, my mom came out to visit. We spent the day eating pancakes, trekking through Target, and binge watching Call the Midwife, and I’ve got zero pictures to prove it. But I promise it happened, and it was the perfect way to wrap up a little family-filled weekend.

I’ve filled you in on our weekend, now it’s your turn to tell me about yours! Unless it was boring. In which case I’m not super interested so you can just tell me your favorite Prince song instead. I’M KIDDING. But you should probably tell me both, just to be safe.



  • Brittany

    Your weekend sounds perfect!! Love your updates :)

    We didn’t do much on Saturday… A little shopping on Saturday and dinner with friends. We invited friends over & very early learned we are old, boring people. I guess babies do that to you.

    Sunday we walked to a park for the first time & my 5 month old Princess got to swing in a big girl swing all by herself. I swore up and down she wouldn’t be able to sit in it by herself buuuut she proved me wrong & I had a little anxiety attack realizing my baby is growing up. Make it stop. (Then a friend reminded me that next month my baby will be a half-year old) make it stop. Then we walked to Starbucks & chilled before walking back home.

    A great family weekend.ReplyCancel

  • You got some great pictures!!ReplyCancel

  • heather

    Baby fever is kicking is so bad!! She is just the cutest ever :) Sounds like you all had a nice little family filled weekend which is the best kind….with a little wine of course!ReplyCancel

  • Alexis K

    I am wrapping up my FINAL week as a freshman in college at Indiana University and reading your blogs is my favorite part of finally sitting on my bed in my tiny little dorm and relaxing after jogging from class to class and studying my ass off over here. I know it’s not similar or even comparable, but I have 6 younger brothers and one of them was born around the same time as your little Z, and it is crazy how much they grow. You would think having that many younger brothers makes you not want a baby, but I’m getting baby fever like it’s a real sickness.

    I am so happy for all three of you, and since I grew up on Prince this was the saddest news ever. My favorite song is DEFINITELY Little Red Corvette!ReplyCancel

  • Wooohooooo for a few consecutive hours of sleep!!!ReplyCancel

  • Zoe-Zoe can officially become a politician with those bluebonnet pics… errr… If she wants to! She’s far too pretty for that though. ;)ReplyCancel

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