When it’s all just too much.

I had today’s humpday confessional all ready to go. I was going to talk about Kate Middleton. And my recent quinoa over-usage. And my dog. But then I turned on the news. And I don’t know, it all just feels a little wrong. 

There’s so much senseless shit in the world. So much. I read, and I watch, and I listen, and I just can’t figure it out. I feel that lump start to form in my throat, and I feel helpless. The weight of the world feels particularly heavy. And it hurts. And then I remember these words:


“And you will find rest for your souls.”

Does it fix everything? No. Does it make sense of any of it? Not really. But it gives me a little comfort. It brings me a little peace. It lightens just a little bit of the burden. And it gives rest to my soul. Just as He said it would. 

I don’t get serious too often here. And I rarely, if ever, bring up faith or religion. But today is an exception. Because I doubt I’m the only one who is weary and burdened.

So today, if that’s you, I hope this brings you some comfort. And if it doesn’t, well, that’s okay too. We can still be friends.

Unless you don’t like wine. That’s a deal breaker. 



  • I am with ya. Watching the news really saddens me. I often find myself wondering how things “like this” can happen. Although I am lucky enough to have never suffered the many injustices, acts of terror, or hate in this world, I still wonder how these events can happen in a world that we all live in. And ditto – need a good, full glass of wine after the news some nights!ReplyCancel

  • Thanks for sharing :) Words to remember…ReplyCancel

  • yes, yes, yes… 1000 times over, yes. now why do you live so far away with the wine? because today? i need that wine.ReplyCancel

  • Gosh I needed this. I hate the news but I can’t stop watching it every morning.
    Thank you for the reminder that He has us. He really, truly has us.ReplyCancel

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